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Finding a 24 hour food joint isn’t always easy in certain regions of America. If you’re living in a city such as New York or Los Angeles it’s quite a bit easier to find a 24 hour food establishment than it is in rural regions where fast food may be the only option. Still, more and more restaurants are hopping on the 24 hour food trail to help customers get their food fix at any hour of the day.

Are you interested in finding a 24 hour food shop near you? Simply browse 24 hour food near me and find a list of restaurants offering 24 hour food near you. Need a bit more information restaurants and 24 hour establishments? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information!

24 Hour Food Near Me – Find it on the Map

24 Hour Food Near Me – 24 Hour Food Trivia

True or false: 24 hour restaurants have been around since pre-Civil war times.

You might be inclined to think that the 24 hour restaurant was an invention of the modern industrialized America, set on making profit and catering to the strange working hours of the busy man or woman trying to make an honest living. But 24 hour restaurants existed long before the rat race truly took hold in American cities, existing to serve three kinds of customers: those who traveled at night, those who worked at night, and those who play at night. In a pre-Civil War New York City, all night eateries were renowned haunts of “b’hoys” a class of rogue males who were typically firemen or the far more prosperous newsboys. The strange hours of both professions made these restaurants popular and appealing to those who were working and those who chose to stay out all night gambling, drinking, or just enjoy the anonymity that night can bring. These men enjoyed oyster cellars, but one of the most popular 24 hour restaurants of the time was Butter-cake Dick’s. For six cents customers were treated to a generous plate of biscuits with butter and a fresh hot cup of coffee. While many came to associate these all night establishments as a place of rabble rousing and trouble, people working at night outnumbered those seeking pleasures under the cover of darkness. Thomas Edison once recalled that when his machine shop was located on Goerck Street in New York City in the 1880s, he was inclined to grab a bite at 2 or 3 am at a rough little restaurant serving up clam chowder. He recounted his fellow diners as being newspaper printers, trolley conductors, bakers, and factor shift workers. As you search 24 hour food near me, think about how 24 hour food has been in a mainstay in both the working man’s life and the pleasure seekers life since the early days in American history.

24 hour food near me

When searching for food places open 24 hours, fast food is almost always a safe bet.

True or false: McDonald’s began as a hot dog stand.

While searching 24 hour food near me, you’ll likely encounter a laundry list of McDonald’s locations as many of them are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week without fail. Did you know that McDonald’s initially started as a small time hot dog stand in Monrovia, California? Dick and Mac McDonald knew that hot dogs were cost effective and beloved, seeing the hot dog business as a good way to get their foot in the door. They upgraded, but burgers still weren’t their main focus-instead they planned to capitalize on barbecue food. This was a mistake as you may already know. Several years later, they began to notice that burgers were literally the only thing keeping them afloat. They quickly decided to switch to a menu of burgers, shakes and fries.

24 Hour Food Near Me – 24 Hour Food Facts

Secret Menu Items

If you’re searching 24 hour food near me, you may encounter several fast food establishments on your journey. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for plain old ordinary menu items. Many fast food chains including Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell all have secret menu items that can be ordered any time of day, given that you know what to say. Burger King has a number of truly interesting options for all of your off-menu cravings. One of the most popular secret menu options is the “Rodeo Burger.” This is a cheeseburger consisting of onion rings, and barbecue sauce which is typically accompanied by “frings” a combination of onion rings and fries. You can also order the “Quad Stacker” which is also known as the “Suicide Burger.” The burger contains four patties, for slices of cheese, a more than healthy portion of bacon and a special sauce. If burgers aren’t your thing, you can give the “Chicken Club Sandwich” a go, which is a regular chicken sandwich that has been given a hit of bacon, tomato, and cheese to give it that all too upscale club feel. Taco Bell’s secret menu isn’t so much of a secret as it is a total free for all. Staffers admit that they’ll make you just about anything you can think up so long as they have the ingredients for it in house. Almost every Taco Bell item is made of the same few basic items, but you can often make up a new version of any item on the menu. The only real secret menu item at Taco Bell is the unadvertised green chili sauce that reportedly tastes like a gift from the heavens above. How adventurous are you going to get on your next 24 hour food run? The sky might just be the limit!

The 24 Hour Diner

If you’re searching 24 hour food near me, you’ll likely come across your fair share of diners. Since the beginning, diners have been notorious for keeping late hours, with many of them offering 24 hour service. Not only do diners offer freshly cooked up food at a reasonable price, but most also offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day and night. Not only can you order breakfast at 12 am but you could also order a burger. If a real meal isn’t your thing, you can also order up some coffee, pie, cake, or a milkshake to quell your cravings.

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