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Sometimes illness and even life does not abide by the working man’s schedule, meaning that often a 24 hour pharmacy is absolutely necessary. Whether you’re looking for household essentials, a prescription, or even cold medicine; a 24 hour hour pharmacy is certainly your best bet.

Are you interested in finding a 24 hour pharmacy near you? Simply browse 24 hour pharmacy near me on the map below and find a list of 24 hour pharmacies near you. Need a bit more information on pharmacies? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on pharmacies!

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24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me – 24 Hour Pharmacy Trivia

When did apothecaries first become known as pharmacists?

The history of apothecaries dates back long before the time of drive thru pharmacies and online prescription renewals. Consider this as you search 24 hour pharmacy near me. Apothecaries became widely known in the United States as pharmacists nearly 150 years ago. Thanks to the work of Edward Parrish of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Parrish successfully proposed that all members of the national professional organization consider all of the varied members of pharmaceutical practitioners as “pharmacists.” Their field formally identified, pharmacists and made for the expansion of prescriptions, medicines, and medical counseling services. The focus of the pharmacy also began to expand during the 1980s. This is when a professional movement called clinical pharmacy initially gained momentum. They urged pharmacists to take on a vital role in the American health care system by providing medication expertise to ensure patients all properly and safely used their medications. The movement began to gather consider steam by the time federal legislation once again intervened, this time in the form of the 2003 Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization act.

24 hour pharmacy near me

A 24 hour pharmacy is always open for your convenience.

Did apothecaries exist in Ancient Greece?

Both in Ancient Greece and in Rome as well as during the Middle Ages in Europe, the art of healing became recognized as a separation between the duties of a physician and those of an herbalist. The herbalist was tasked with supplying the physician with the raw materials from which one could make medicines. The Arabian influence in Europe during the 8th Century brought about the practice of separate duties for the pharmacist and physician. This lead to specialization which was later reinforced by law in 1683. This forbade physicians to prepare medications for patients, which meant pharmacists suddenly had a much more important task than they previously held. In America, Benjamin Franklin is attributed with taking the pivotal step in keeping the two professions separate when he appointed the first apothecary to the Pennsylvania hospital. As you search 24 hour pharmacy near me, consider how these early apothecaries and herbalists lead to modern pharmacy.

24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me – 24 Hour Pharmacy Facts

The Father of American Pharmacy

While you’re searching 24 hour pharmacy near me, you may come across the father of American pharmacy. But who exactly was the father of American pharmacy? According to historians, William Procter, Jr. is the father of American pharmacy. Procter Jr. graduated from, then taught at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy for more than 20 years. During his time there, he exerted so much influence over the formative years of pharmacy, that he earned the title of being the father of American pharmacy. Procter was successful in arguing for the establishment of a chair of pharmacy for all pharmacist professors at the PCP in 1844. He also wrote the very first American Pharmacy textbook, which came to be known as Mohr, Redwood, and Procter’s guide to Practical Pharmacy. Though the book was not commercially successful , it became a model for all of the subsequent works on pharmacy to come. Procter is also credited with leading the American Journal of Pharmacy for 22 years, and serving more than 30 years on the USP Revision Committee where he made great strides in improving US pharmacies. Without Procter, who knows if pharmacies would be nearly as advanced as they currently are today.

The Two Biggest Drug Store Chains

If you’re searching 24 hour pharmacy near me, you’ll likely find a great deal of CVS and Walgreens locations. This is because CVS and Walgreens are the two biggest drugstore chains in the United States. In fact, CVS and Walgreens together control around 50 and 75 percent of the drugstore market in each of the country’s largest 14 metro areas. This includes Los Angeles, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Riverside, and Detroit. These cities alone are home to more than 100 million American citizens. Walgreen’s alone currently boasts more than 8,200 US locations together with CVS boasting around 7,800 locations. CVS will soon gain an even larger share in US Markets as the company recently announced that they will be purchasing more than 1,660 Target pharmacies spread all across the country. CVS will operate these pharmacies from right within the Big Box retailer.

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