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As the world’s largest convenience store operating in more than 18 countries with a whopping 56,600 stores, it’s no wonder 711 (7-Eleven) has captured the hearts of consumers far and wide. With an amazing selection of house brand foods, low prices on quick eats, and endless slurpee options; 7-Eleven is a convenience store lover’s dream come true.

Are you interested in finding a 7-Eleven near me? Simply browse 711 near me on the map below and find a 7-Eleven in your area. Need a bit more information on 711 (7-Eleven) stores? Read on for facts and trivia on this convenience juggernaut!

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711 Near Me – 711 Trivia

What year did 7-Eleven begin?

The long and storied history of 7-Eleven began in 1927 when Joe Thompson, an employee of the Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas began to expand his store offerings to include eggs, milk, and bread from a makeshift storefront in one of the companies many ice houses. Thanks to the ice that Southland produced these necessities were kept cold and fresh for residents who liked the convenience of avoiding the crowds of a typical grocery store, especially when they only needed one or two things. Eventually Thompson bought the ice company and expanded the stores all over Texas. A short time after the expansion, a worker for the company brought back a small totem pole that he purchased on a trip to Alaska. He set the totem pole in front of one of the busiest locations that they operated and the store soon earned the nickname the “Tote’m Store.” Thompson and the company took the name as their own for awhile, but eventually changed the name of their stores to 7-Eleven in order to reflect their store hours, 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Consider this while searching 7-Eleven (711) near me!

711 near me

All 7-Eleven (711) locations boast the same green, red, orange, and white color scheme.

True or false: A store that was open late at night was unheard of until 7-Eleven.

True! While searching 7-Eleven (711) near me you might be seeking out the comforts of this store late at night. Up until 1962, the idea of a store being open 24/7 was pretty much unheard of. So much so, that many didn’t even consider the possibility of their being demand for stores operating 24 hours a day. That was until one night in Austin, when a local 7-Eleven saw such a mass rush of students following a University of Texas football game that the store had no choice by to stay open until early morning of the next day. 7-Eleven sensed a trend and the store began to stay open all night on the weekends to accommodate students, young people, and overnight workers. Soon even more locations adopted the 24/7. Now it’s almost impossible to imagine a 7-Eleven store that isn’t open until at least midnight or 24 hours a day.

711 Near Me – 711 Facts

The World’s Largest Franchised Company

In your quest to find a 7-Eleven (711) near me, you might be wondering what the largest franchised company in the world is. The answer? 7-Eleven of course! With more than 55,000 locations, 7-Eleven even beat out McDonald’s in 2007 and have since outgrown them by 20,000 stores. Japan has the largest share of 7-Eleven stores with 17,569 locations listed under the name Steven and I Holdings, the parent company of 7-Eleven. America ranks second in terms of locations with 8,124 stores, followed by Thailand and South Korea with 8,334 and 7,327 stores. Despite epic growth, 7-Eleven has no intention of slowing down. A brand new store location opens somewhere in the world every two hours of the day.

The Slurpee Was Actually Invented At Dairy Queen

While the slurpee might now be one of the most iconic offerings at 7-Eleven locations, it was actually invented at Dairy Queen in the late 1950s. When Omar Knedlik of Kansas City (owner of said Dairy Queen) experienced a malfunction with his soda fountain, he improvised by putting a few bottles in the freezer to stay cold. When he popped the top, he realized that the sodas were frozen and slushy. Customers went wild and soon began requesting the frozen soda concoctions rather than the regular stuff. Knedlik saw that he had a true surprise hit on his hands and began developing a specialized machine using the air conditioning unit from a car. The machine cranked out slushy soda by freezing a mixture of flavored syrup, water, and carbon dioxide. He called his invention the ICEE. He licensed to 7-Eleven in 1965 and the rest is history.

The Slurpee Capital of the World

If you’re searching 7-Eleven (711) near me you might be wondering which country sells the most slurpees every year. You might just find the answer surprising. While many would think that either the US or Japan were the obvious slurpee junkies, the slurpee capital of the world is actually Manitoba, Canada. This province has an average of over 188,000 slurpees sold in five regional stores every month. That’s a lot of brain freeze to endure. According to 7-Eleven, America’s number one Slurpee market, Detroit could move into first place within the next few years!

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