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Anything can happen while you’re out on the road. From a flat tire to a dead battery, being stuck on the side of the road without help on the way can make you feel powerless. While many different companies offer roadside assistance to drivers, few boast the reliability, cost effectiveness, or amenities that AAA can offer. With several different membership plans to choose from and discounts on both travel and hotel, signing up for AAA can bring you both peace of mind and a little extra dough in your pocket.

Ready to find a AAA near you? Simply browse AAA near me on the map below and find a list of AAA offices near you. Looking for more before you make your decision? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

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When was AAA founded?

AAA has been giving folks peace of mind while out on the road for decades. In fact, many of us feel just a little bit safer behind the wheel when we know AAA is just a phone call away. But when did this business first emerge? Well, the answer may be more surprising than you think! Consider this as you search AAA near me. The American Automobile Association (aka: AAA), was first founded on March 4, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois. The club was born out of a disdain for the lack of roads and highways that proved suitable for automobiles. A total of nine motor clubs totaling 1,500 members banned together to officially form AAA. Individual motor clubs included the Chicago Automobile Club, Automobile Club of New Jersey, Automobile Club of Buffalo, Automobile Club of America, and five other unique clubs. Augustus Post was the originally founder of AAA and the figurehead for many years. In 1904, the club merged with the American Motor League under Post’s direction. The rest is driving history!

aaa near me

AAA has been protecting folks out on the road for decades!

What does AAA do?

Aside from offering a metaphorical security blanket while out on the road, AAA offers its members a wide breadth of other amenities and perks just for joining and paying the monthly or annual fee. So what does AAA do? Consider this as you search AAA near me. Every AAA member receives 24 hour roadside assistance (including towing, flat tire, etc.), access to AAA auto insurance, member discounts, and vacation planning. Eligible vehicles include all passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. While many car companies boast roadside assistance for their drivers, few include the additional perks that AAA offers even the most basic tier patron. The nice thing about AAA is no matter where you are or what happens with your vehicle, you can call and receive dependable service in very little time. Whether you’ve got a flat tire in rural Alabama or a dead battery in New York City, AAA can send a local towing service or mechanic to help get you back on the road. You’ll find great peace of mind for one low yearly price.

AAA Near Me – AAA Facts

How Much Does A AAA Membership Cost?

Like any type of membership program, AAA offers different tiers of service. These different tiers can vary in cost depending on the part of the country you live in and whether or not you are a student. For example, AAA charges $66 a year for a classic membership in the South, $100 year for a plus, and $126 for a premier. You will also pay an additional charge for adding family members that ranges from $30 to $65 a year. Students can also receive steep discounts as can seniors. All members will receive a discount for their first year. While you might think the cost of AAA is worth the benefits, think again. Most members are tickled to receive hotel discounts, theme park discounts, and even movie discounts, all while enjoying the best roadside assistance you can buy. What’s more important to you, a bit more money in your pocket or true peace of mind? Sound off as you search AAA near me.

How many calls do you get with AAA?

Some businesses offering roadside assistance will actually limit the amount of times you can call for help. Not exactly what you want to hear if your car breaks down for the fifth time that year. Does AAA limit the amount of calls you can make annually? Consider this as you search AAA near me. Unlike some companies, as a member, you may call AAA for help as often as you need to. Every membership year, the other members of the policy who join AAA are allowed four free calls for roadside assistance.

Use Your Benefits Immediately

Is there a waiting period before you’re able to use your benefits at AAA? Not a chance! You can use your roadside assistance benefits just as soon as your membership payment is officially processed. However, there is a seven day wait period for extended PLUS or PREMIER benefit members. A service fee for members waiting to join may apply if they use the membership the same day as signing up. Even though some memberships do boast a short wait time, you’ll find that the benefits far outweigh any set backs that may occur at the beginning.

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