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ABC Stores is a popular chain of convenience stores that are based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Of their 78 store locations, 56 are prominently located in Hawaii, with a the remaining locations finding homes in Marianas and Las Vegas. The company generates more than $150 million in annual profits and employs more than 900 staff members.

Are you interested in finding an ABC Store near you? Simply browse ABC Store near me on the map below and find a list of ABC store locations located within a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on ABC Stores? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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ABC Store Near Me – ABC Store Trivia

When was ABC Store founded?

Every store, big or small, has a history. ABC Store is no exception. As you search ABC Store near me, consider these facts. The chain was initially started by Sidney Kosasa, who opened his very first store in Waikiki in 1964. Originally, the stores went by the name “Mister K.” Later on, Kosasa found the name to be a bit difficult to remember. The name of the stores were officially changed to ABC Stores. The last Mister K was changed to ABC back in 1009. Kosasa was the son of a first generation Japanese immigrant. He was born in the Palolo Valley in Hawaii in December of 1919. His very first experiences in retail began when he worked for his parents at their grocery store in Palolo. In 1949, Mr. and Mrs. K. opened their very first pharmacy and convenience store in Kaimuki, Hawaii known as Thrifty Drugs. Business quickly grew, which lead to a cultivation of business philosophies and the opening of four locations within 10 years. While attending a business convention in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. K noticed all the tourists near large hotels and had a vision to build a chain of resort stores. The very first ABC STore was opened on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki, Hawaii.

abc store near me

A typical ABC Store in Honolulu, Hawaii!

What do ABC Stores sell?

Unlike many traditional convenience stores, ABC Stores don’t just sell gas station fare and convenience store items. ABC Stores sell a large selection of daily needs, beach needs, fine wines and spirits, drugs and cosmetics, souvenirs, gifts, and local apparel. They also have a fresh sandwich shop and deli that can quickly whip up salads, sandwiches, and island inspired entrees. ABC Stores is definitely true to its roots, often selling items that can only be found on the Hawaiian islands and gifts native to the region. This is why many tourists and locals alike love hitting up an ABC Store for all of their Hawaiian needs. As you search ABC Store near me, consider what you might pick up at this authentic Hawaiian convenience store. You may just be surprised at the quality!

ABC Store Near Me – ABC Store Facts

Future Expansion

ABC Stores may already have the handle on the Hawaiian market, but they’re setting their sights on the mainland of the US in the coming years. Sure, they already boast a location in Vegas, but they plan on adding 12 more in the coming years. They’re also looking to expand to Florida. Though expansion is certainly in the cards, the company isn’t in a rush to do so, even though it has the business plan and the capital to make the magic happen. ABC prides itself on only opening stores when they have the right people to staff it. Customer service is the most important factor at every ABC Store. This is why they don’t just pop up a location every few months. They take pride in creating a great customer experience. Currently around 80 to 90 percent of the 900 ABC employees are full time. This is a true rarity in the convenience store industry where most employees work sporadic part time hours. Full time ABC employees get everything from medical benefits and a 401 (k) plan to profit sharing and yearly bonuses. As you search ABC Store near me, consider just how this brand is doing just about everything right.

Saturating the Hawaiian Market

If you’re searching ABC Store near me while visiting Hawaii, you’ll get plenty of hits. According to the brand, there are 37 ABC convenience stores located within a one mile radius of Waikiki. They are often sprinkled amongst the beachside hotels and the Gucci and Prada stores. Tourists consider them havens that offer everything they could possibly need on their trip. Whether you need sunblock and souvenirs, or breakfast and a beverage, you can get what you need to enjoy your day without the high costs that the local hotels will often boast. To many, it seems there is an ABC Store on just about every block in Hawaii’s famous tourist district. Four are clearly visible on the corner of Kalakaua and Seaside Avenue. Despite the saturation of stores, every location has a truly steady stream of customers. Proving that there’s not only a need for ABC Stores, but a true want for them as well.

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