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Are you looking for a change? Does the regular educational system leave you feeling lost, disillusioned and helpless? Well, there are a range of private educational schools available. Each with their own philosophy and approach to the education of children. Take a look at the Academy Near Me Map below. On it, you will find all of the local private educational schools in your area.

Click on a location and you will get the school’s name, address and phone number. You will also find a link to the school’s website and reviews from past families that have worked with the school. After you are done with the map, please feel free to keep reading to find information on the different types of schools in the United States and some of the more revolutionary schools out there.

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Types of Schools in America

America has a long history with education. The first school was opened in Boston in 1635 and still exists today. Since then, various forms of public and private schools have been created and approached education in a wide variety of ways. Generally speaking, you will find 13 different types of schools in the country, 4 public and 9 private.

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e3 Civic High School got to enjoy a nice visit to a naval base.

Public Schools

1. Traditional Public Schools

These are the schools that you will find in your neighborhood that are fully funded by taxpayer money and exist as part of your local school district. They follow the rules of the various government bodies that establish rules on curriculum, school hours and rules.

2. Charter Schools

Charter schools are similar to the public school system as they still get their funding from the state, or in some cases local government body. They are created by a corporation, individual or group of individuals who would like to create a school and apply for a charter to operate. These schools are required to go through regular inspection to check on performance, depending on the body that supervises them. The parents who send their children to such schools normally have to fill out a special form and the teachers at the schools have a bit more flexibility than other schools.

3. Magnet Schools

Magnet Schools are specialized schools operated by a school district that normally offer something special, such as a technology specialization or art. These are often schools for gifted students and tend to have waitlists.

4. Distance or virtual schools

Sometimes students are able to make it to a physical school for various reasons or they just don’t do well in the classroom. Most public school districts offer online, virtual or distance schools for students to complete their school work outside of a regular school at the students own schedule.

Private Schools

Private schools are schools that receive reduced or no funding from governments.

5. Traditional Private School

The basics of a private school is that you have the main source of funding coming from tuition. These schools can come in a wide range of forms, but the money funding is not government based.

6. Boarding School

A boarding school is a private school in which the students live at the school during the school year in a dormitory type setting. Generally, the faculty and staff all live in the schools in an education community type setting.

7. Language Immersion School

These are schools in which the students attend learn a language. This could be students coming to America to learn English or it could be a regular k-12 school in which the academic subjects are taught in a language other than English.

8. Montessori School

These schools are based around an education philosophy of exploration and discovery. Instead of a very direct instruction approach the students get a lot more hands on and exploratory approach to learning. In addition, you have students with the same teacher typically for 3 years instead of 1.

9. Private Special Education School

These schools are designed to help students with learning disabilities of various types. The classes tend to be smaller and the teachers are specialists who have extra education to help them work with students with various learning, emotional and behavioural disabilities.

10. Parochial School

This is a private religious school that is tied to a particular church and receives funding from that church.

11. Religious School

These are private schools with a particular religious affiliation and teach from that religion’s philosophy. Students generally receive classes in the particular religion, attend religious services and some regular content may be modified or exempted if it conflicts with the religion that school follows.

12. Reggio Emilia School

This school style has an educational philosophy that focuses on the emotional and expressive development of the children that attend and place a lot of importance on the development and exploration of the students’ emotional growth.

13. Waldorf Schools

These schools focus on emotional and physical development, primarily through the use of play. Curriculum may vary depending on the teacher and the students. Teachers tend to stay with the same students for the duration of their education.

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Innovative Schools Across America

Are you looking for something truly new and interesting? Well, here are 5 schools that might give you something to think about.

1. Star School in Flagstaff, Arizona

What makes Star School different? Well, some might think that the 99% Navajo population is something new and interesting, but that would only just be touching the surface. The school is 100% off the grid, as in power grid. It is run completely on solar power. The students grow their own food and work on problem solving within their community, such as finding ways to help make clean drinking water. The focus of the school falls into the 4Rs: Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Reasoning. It is a very culture risk environment and has shown a lot of positive growth for both the students and their community.

2. e3 Civic High School in San Diego, California

Let’s start with the fact that this school is inside a Library. This is a relatively new charter school that opened up in 2013. It focuses on their three 3s: educate, empower, and engage. The target students for the school are low income students. The goal is to give them access to opportunities they would not otherwise have like research, study abroad and project-based instruction. The location was chosen to help students who live in the downtown area of San Diego attend a school closer to home, as most had to leave it.

3. Alliance School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This school was purposely started in 2005 with a grant from the Gates Foundation. It was designed to be open, inclusive and develop a safe place without bullying. With the vast majority of its population having disabilities, identifying as LGBT and/or coming from low income housing, the school works around a lot of interpersonal development through group projects, outreach projects to other schools and teaching and practicing inclusiveness. The goal is for everyone to feel safe regardless of who they are.

4. Think Global School – Everywhere

This is a school like no other. It is headquartered in New York, but it has no one campus. Each semester the students in this high school spend it in a different country working on learning the culture, doing community based programs and helping local communities. They study the art, philosophy and literature of the countries they visit and work on becoming better global citizens.

5. Young Women’s Leadership Network in New York, New York

This group of schools, it has 12 affiliate schools around the country, focuses on empowering women to become global leaders and close the gender gaps that exist. The goal is to help women increase their presence in corporate board rooms, science labs and even congress where they are currently under represented.

While these are only a few of the many incredible schools out there, if you see one while searching Academy Near Me be sure to check them out.

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