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No matter where you live or what state you call home, activities abound to help you stay fulfilled, entertained, and connected no matter what time of the year. Whether you’re looking to join a book club, sports team, or volunteer program, there are activities, clubs, festivals, to help you fill your life with joy and new experiences.

Are you interested in finding activities near you? Simply browse activities near me on the map below and find a list of activities that you can partake in. Need a bit more information on activities and their benefits? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Activities Near Me – Activities Trivia

True or false: Partaking in activities can help you ward off depression and anxiety.

Everyone is susceptible to the throes of depression and anxiety, but there are ways to help ward off both afflictions and lead a better quality of life. If you’re searching activities near me, you’re already taking the first step in ensuring a joy filled and happy existence. According to studies, adults who participate in what they believe are meaningful activities, such as volunteering or lending a hand, report feeling far happier and healthier than those who don’t participate in activities. In one of the studies conducted, adults were placed in neighborhood public elementary schools to tutor young children for a total of 15 hours a week. During the 15 hours, volunteers reported a higher degree of personal satisfaction, self worth, and an overall sense of personal well being. According to researchers, the time spent actively volunteering and engaging with others helped to improve the volunteers’ cognitive health and their physical health. Not only did the volunteers respond positively, but the children benefited as well. This study, along with several others concluded that by simply engaging in regular activities, especially those that are deemed meaningful can lower your overall risk of developing disability, dependency, and dementia.

activities near me

Finding new activities can help ward off depression and keep you healthy!

True or false: Activities are best enjoy with a friend.

While one can’t discount the importance of fostering your individuality and independence, there is something to be said about reaching out to a friend for a little company. Not only does it help bolster your experiences, but research suggests it can actually make you happier. Consider this as you search activities near me. According to psychological studies, it’s important to seize new adventure and try new activities as often as is comfortable for you. More importantly, it’s important to share those experiences with others. Those who engage in a positive activity or experience with friends enjoy a more amplified sense of joy and contentment. They are also far more likely to remember the experience in a positive light and gain insight from the activity itself. While you might want to roll solo on your next activity, consider inviting a long a friend or co-worker. Odds are, you’ll both find something enriching about the experience. It might also lead you on a path to true joy!

Activities Near Me – Activities Facts

Happy Emotions=Good Memories

Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, it’s easier not to get outside of our comfort zones and stay in the blissful dome of safety that is our home. While the act of staying and sticking to the script can make you feel comfortable, it won’t lead to long term happiness or growth. According to research, it’s time to stop seeing that national park, learning a new language, attending that festival or running that marathon. The reason? You’re compromising your overall happiness and sense of well being. If you’re searching activities near me, then you know that activities can lead to less depression and illness, but research shows that those who partake in new activities and embark on new experiences are more likely to retain long term positive feelings than those who don’t. And if you’re thinking you’ll have to climb mount everest or run the NYC marathon in order to find this degree of happiness, you’ll have to think again. It’s not only big activities that lead to joy, it’s all activities, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem. Moments such as a spontaneous laugh or a friendly encounter with a dog on the street can lead to long term happiness and good memories. All you have to do is take the first step, be brave, and find an activity that challenges you to experience the unknown!

Change How You View Time!

Do you agree that it seemed like the moment you became an adult that time seemed to speed up? It’s not a glitch in the matrix or a godly intervention from above, but rather your personal perception that can lead to a switch in how you view time. Think about it this way: how many times do you roll through the motions only to find a big event or holiday is suddenly upon you? One minute it’s Halloween, the next, Christmas. Where did all the time go? Well, it went into the daily routine and grind that so many of us face. Want to change how you view time? Consider this as you search activities near me. Researchers suggest that embracing new adventures, joining new activities, and volunteering can all help to interrupt daily flow in the best possible way. When everyday is essentially the same and familiar in almost every way, your brain is writing down less information. The less you’re learning and expanding, the more quickly time seems to pass. By challenging your daily routine, you’re engaging the brain and savoring time in a way you likely haven’t done since childhood. This can almost make it seem as if time has slowed down.

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