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Planning on doing some work on your car? Did something break down and need replacing or maybe you are just treating your ride to a nice oil change. Whatever the reason you are looking for parts for your car, Advance Auto Parts likely has what you need. Just check out the Advance Auto Parts Near Me Map below and it will show you all of the locations for this national chain in your area. Once you have selected a location, it will tell you the address, phone number and hours of operation.

It will also give you a link to the company website and reviews from customers who have been to that branch. Finally, with a few clicks, you are able to get directions to be on your way to enjoying wandering the isles of a fully stocked auto parts store.

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Advance Auto Parts Near Me – Advance Auto Parts Trivia

Advance Auto Parts Hours of Operation

Advance Auto Parts locations are open 7 days a week, with the exception of a few large holidays like Christmas. In addition, they hold similar business hours, with a few minor changes depending upon the location. Monday to Friday stores keep a regular opening of 7:30AM and will close between 8 and 9PM. On Saturdays most stores have reduced hours, opening a bit later and closing a bit earlier, but in some cities, they keep their regular hours on Saturday. Sundays, they almost all will have reduced hours, opening up closer to 9AM and closing as early as 6PM.

advance auto parts near me

Advance Auto Parts is the largest after market auto parts company in North America.

A Quick History of Advance Auto Parts

In 1932, Arthur Taubman purchased Advance Stores Company from Pep Boys. This purchased was of 3 stores. 1 in Lynchburg and 2 in Roanoke, Virginia. The same year he purchased the stores, he closed one of the locations in Roanoke as it was only 3 blocks from the other location. Six years after taking over the company, Taubman opened a new location in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, expanding beyond the home state of Virginia. In the same year, the company started to offer the sales of Toys during the Christmas season.
By the time Arthur Taubman steps down as president in 1969, the company had expanded to 54 locations in 4 different states. His son Nick Taubman takes over as President, while Arthur continues on as company chairman.
In 1974 the company officially changes its name to Advance Auto, showing its new specialization in auto parts and services instead of being the previous variety store that it had been. The company changed its name one last time in 1985, this time to Advance Auto Parts.
In 1989, the company celebrated the opening of its 100th store in Vinton, Virginia. Within 4 years, the company would more than triple its size. In 1993 the company would celebrate its 300th store and finish the year with 352 locations, growing increasingly fast.
In 1995 the company started its next course of growth. In that year alone it purchased 6 nation-wide auto part stores. Over the next two decades, a lot of the growth the company found was in purchasing existing locations and expanding into them. By the end of 1996 the company had 649 locations.
As of today, the company has 5,297 locations, so you are bound to find one when you search Advance Auto Parts Near Me, and the company is the single largest auto parts dealer by both number of locations and annual revenue in all of North America.

Advance Auto Parts Near Me – Advance Auto Parts Facts

Facts and Trivia About Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is a large company that has got some neat little facts about it.

1. The company didn’t always focus on auto parts. In fact, for half of its history this wasn’t the case. For the first 40 years the company was a variety store. It would sell everything under the sun and prided itself in often having the largest toy selection in the towns that it was in during the Christmas season. It wasn’t until it started rebranding itself in the 1970s that the company started its focus on auto parts. The change of focus resulted in the change of name in 1974 to Advance Auto and in 1985 to Advance Auto Parts.

2. Advance Auto Parts supports a lot of charities. The company has specific rules for the charities that it supports. They must be registered 501c3 organizations that work towards helping areas of Health, Education, Serving the Underserved or Disaster Relief. They also support similar charitable and community events. Some recent examples are in 2009 they raised $3.8 million for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and $4.8 million for the same organization the following year.

3. Advance Auto Parts had a monster truck called Grinder. The truck was part of the Monster Jam Circuit. It ran the circuit for 4 years between 2009 and 2013. Grinder was a successful truck and even made it to the World Finals in 2011. While the truck was retired in 2013 it will be resurrected in 2017. During the time that Grinder was competing Advance Auto Parts was also one of the major sponsors for the Monster Jam Circuit.

4. Advance Auto Parts is the largest after market auto parts dealer in all of North America. In October 16, 2013 Advance Auto Parts got into a deal to acquire General Parts International, Ltd. At the time of the purchase, General Parts International had 2,600 locations, 1,200 were company operated and the others were independent. The company operated stores joined under the Advance Auto Parts umbrella’s 4,000 locations, bringing the total up to around 5,200 locations. This deal was made for 2 billion dollars. Thanks to this deal, you are sure to find an Advance Auto Parts location when you search Advance Auto Parts Near Me.

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