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If you live somewhere where air conditioning is a year round must, you know that life without air conditioning can go from okay to really bad in a matter of hours. Even if you’re only using your air conditioner in the summer months, having the unit routinely repaired and serviced can help keep the cool air flowing when temperatures are rising.

Are you interested in finding a qualified air conditioning repair service near you? Simply browse air conditioning repair near me on the map below and find a list of air conditioning repair shops in your area. Need a bit more information on air conditioning and hiring the right repair person for the job? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more! You might just surprise yourself!

Air Conditioning Repair Near Me – Find it on the Map

Air Conditioning Repair Near Me – Air Conditioning Repair Trivia

Who invented the first air conditioner?

In the modern day, air conditioning is the ultimate form of comfort on a hot day. Not only can it help you to climate control a room, but it can help those with health issues to stay safe when temperatures are dangerously high. Though air conditioning is still a luxury for most, it wasn’t initially designed to bring human comfort at all. Who exactly invented the first air conditioner and why? Consider this as you search air conditioning repair near me. The very first air conditioner was developed in 1902 by Willis Carrier. Strangely enough, the first air conditioner was not designed with comfort in mind. In fact, it had a rather practical purpose. Carrier designed the unit because he desperately needed a way to control the humidity in a New York Publishing House. He designed the unit to keep his paper from expanding and contracting, this way ink could dry faster and without any ghastly smudges. So while you might think the first air conditioner was invented because someone was tired of feeling so hot, it was actually created to help ink dry more easily.

air conditioning repair near me

A qualified air conditioning repair person can help keep you cool year round!

What were the first businesses to use air conditioners?

It’s almost impossible to find a major business or retailer today who doesn’t have some form of air conditioning. After all, the major goal of most businesses is to keep customers inside and shopping for as long as possible. If you’re feeling rather hot and uncomfortable, that’s likely not going to happen. What were the first types of businesses to utilize air conditioners? Consider this as you search air conditioning repair near me. While you might think it was department stores or even nursing homes that utilized the air conditioner first, it was actually movie theaters that implemented air conditioning early on. Despite the fact that the Great Depression was in full swing, movie theaters were among the very first businesses to use air conditioning. Since people would flock to the movies in the summertime, these businesses thought it was only logical that they also provide a place where people can cool off. This is why most studios began to release their biggest films during the summer months, since people would flock to theaters to beat the heat. That’s why the term “summer blockbuster” is a thing.

Air Conditioning Repair Near Me – Air Conditioning Repair Facts

Changes To Architecture

Before the invention of air conditioning, buildings had to be designed in a far different manner to help maximize cooling in the summer months. As you search air conditioning repair near me, consider how much has changed in architecture just since the air conditioner was initially invented. According to historians, prior to the invention of air conditioning, most homes and buildings had to implement certain designs in order to keep the building cool. Homes and buildings were most often designed with high ceilings, breezeways, sleeping porches, and landscaping that could help to create large flat shadows. All of these measures were taken to keep a home or building as cool as possible without the need for fans. Once air conditioning was invented and became the norm, most architects stopped building with a cooling effect. This made it harder for individuals to not have air conditioning, thus forcing a higher demand for air conditioners.

Beat the Heat and the Humidity!

One of the reasons why you might be searching air conditioning repair near me is because you simply can’t stand the heat without proper air conditioning. Air conditioning feels so good because it does more than just cool the air. Air conditioners also eradicate the humidity out of the air, which can make the air feel more comfortable and less heavy. To maximize the benefits of your air conditioner, don’t set your thermostat fan to the “on” position all day. Instead, choose to set it on the “auto” position. This means it will only blow air when the cooling system is up and running. When you leave the fan blowing in your house all of the time, moisture will end up being blown back into the house and affect your overall humidity levels. If you live in a place where humidity is an issue, then you’ll definitely want to keep this tip in mind. Given that humidity is often far more uncomfortable than dry heat, knowing how to use your air conditioner to your advantage is an absolute must.

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