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When you need to pick up some groceries, your best bet would be to head to Albertsons. It is the second largest supermarket chain North America and it most likely has all the products you’re looking for. It has locations in twenty-nine U.S. states so you may or may not have one in your area. But it’s best to check if you do because it’s a great supermarket to have near by for your shopping!

If you want to check and see what’s in your area, just search Albertsons near me to find the closest locations.

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How did Albertsons get its start?

On July 21, 1939 in Boise, Idaho, Joe Albertson would go on to open Albertsons. The store was filled with things that were rather brand new at the time such as free parking, a money-back guarantee and an ice cream shop. The store would go on to be quite a success and new stores were opened in neighboring towns before Pearl Harbor in late 1941 but the company still grew steadily in the year following World War II. Albertsons, Inc. became a public company in 1959 and opened its 100th store in Seattle in 1964. The original store that Albertson opened was built onto several times before being demolished in 1979 with a replacement store being built on the same property. There is a brick monument that stands on the northwest corner of 16th and State Streets in downtown Boise that commemorates the original store.

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What would Albertson do when considering a store?

When Albertson was considering putting a new store in town, he would drive around until he found the neighborhoods with lots of children’s clothing hanging on clotheslines because he knew those were the kind of neighborhoods where he would want to build his stores.

Who did Albertsons partner with?

In 1969, Albertsons ended up partnering with Skaggs Drug Centers which was owned by The Skaggs Companies, Inc. in order to create the first combination food/drug store. While it was a very successful partnership, it ended after several years due to the fact that it was getting more difficult to control and neither partner could buy each other out. Skaggs kept stores in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas while Albertsons kept stores in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana as well as some Texas Stores. Albertsons would add three more Skaggs-Alpha Beta stores in Austin within months after entering the market in early 1989 after acquiring six Tom Thumb Food and Pharmacy. In 1992, seventy-four of the remaining Skaggs stores would be added which go on to be a success. If you’re interested in checking out an Albertsons store, just search Albertsons near me in order to find the closest location.

Albertsons Near Me – Albertsons Facts

Albertsons would go on to make its biggest purchase in 1999. Albertsons would go on to acquire American Stores Company which included the chains ACME in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware as well as Lucky in California and Nevada and Jewel and Jewel-Osco in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan as well as two pharmacy chains known as Osco Drug and Sav-on Drugs. This briefly made Albertsons the largest American food and drug operator with over 2,500 stores in 37 states until Kroger acquired Fred Meyer the following month.

When Albertsons was facing losses from its American stores, they would cut 15-20% in 2002 and announced it would close or sell 165 under-preforming stores and then Albertsons exited the San Antonio, Texas market in April 2002 by closing its twenty remaining area stores. Also in 2002, Albertsons shut its Mid-South division by selling its Seessl’s supermarket chain in Memphis to Schnucks and stores in Mississippi to Brookshire’s. Albertsons would also close it’s Houston division by closing its 43 area stores and left them to Kroger and Randalls.

Technology in Albertsons is actually quite advanced and grew pretty quickly with the times. In recent times they have added a “check out while you go” system known as ‘Shop ‘N’ Scan” where you can scan you items and quickly pay and not have to deal with other people. This was tested at Albertsons stores in Texas but this system has since been removed from some stores. Albertsons also offered its customers the option to shop from home via the company’s website. The pickups were arranged at the store or the items were delivered to the customer’s home.

Albertsons used a savings program called “Bonus Buys” prior to introducing the Albertsons Preferred Savings Card in 2001 to all stores. The “Bonus Buys” were available to anyone who shopped at Albertsons. Preferred Savings Cards are issued to all shoppers and allow for customers to actually see the savings and it was also used in a gas savings program in 2009. If you’re interested in shopping there and picking up a few products, just search Albertsons near me to find a location.

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