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An allergy test is an exam that is performed by a trained allergy specialist that can determine whether or not your body has an allergic reaction to a known substance. Allergy tests can be performed in the way of a blood test, skin test, or even an elimination diet. If you suspect you have allergies or have had bad reactions to certain foods or substances, finding a great allergy doctor is your first step on the path to wellness.

Need to figure out your allergies today? Simply browse allergy testing near me on the map below to find a list of allergy doctors in your local area. Need a bit more information on allergies and allergy testing? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more. You’ll find out everything you need to know to live a life of safety and happiness.

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Allergy Testing Near Me – Allergy Testing Trivia

True or false: Asthma affects more than 24 million people in the US.

Allergies are far more common than you think. In fact, it is believed that some 24 million people in the US, including more than 6 million children, are all chronic allergy sufferers. The most common allergies in the US include rhinitis, food allergy, and eczema. If you’re suffering from allergies or searching allergy testing near me, know that you are not alone in dealing with your allergy symptoms.

allergy testing near me

A skin prick allergy test is an easy way to determine common allergies.

True or false: All allergies are hereditary.

Often times when we suffer from allergy symptoms, we look to our parents or loved ones as the root cause. After all, many allergic conditions are hereditary, which means the allergy can be passed down through the genes from parents to their kids. However, just because your parents have allergies doesn’t mean that you’ll have them too and just because you have allergies doesn’t mean your children will also be afflicted. Not all allergies are hereditary. Even if they are, most people don’t inherit a particular allergy, they just have a higher likelihood of developing allergies. Some children or adults even have allergies if no other family member of allergic. If you’re searching allergy testing near me and thinking that you’re allergies are hereditary, you may want to think again!

True or false: Pets cannot cause allergies.

False, pets can in fact cause allergies in many children and adults. Consider how as you search allergy testing near me. Pet allergies aren’t caused by the breed or pet themselves, but rather by pet dander. Pet dander are tiny flakes of shed skin. Allergies can also be caused by animal saliva. When pets lick themselves, their saliva inevitably gets on their fur or feathers. When the saliva eventually dries down, the protein particles in the saliva become airborne and can work their way into fabrics in the home. Additionally, pet urine has been known to cause allergies in the same way. It can become airborne if a pet pees in a given spot and that spot isn’t properly cleaned. Even if you love your pet, you may want to be aware of any allergies they may cause.

Allergy Testing Near Me – Allergy Testing Facts

Mold and Allergies

One common culprit of allergies in the home is the presence of mold. Often times, most of us aren’t even aware of mold growing in the home, yet it can often lurk in damp areas such as basements or closets. How can mold cause allergies? Keep this in mind as you search allergy testing near me. Molds are fungi that can thrive both inside and outside in very warm, moist environments. Outdoors, mold is often found in poor drainage areas, such as in rotting leaves or compost piles. Indoors, mold tends to thrive in very dark or poorly ventilated areas, including bathrooms and basements. Molds can be seasonal, but they can also grow year-round, especially indoors. The presence of mold can trigger the release of substances such as histamine, which can cause itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and other respiratory issues.

Allergy Test Methods

There are many allergy test methods, but some are better than others, especially if you are suffering from a certain type of allergy. What is the best allergy test method? Consider this as you search allergy testing near me. Experts agree that skin tests will often yield the fastest results. They are also quite more cost effective than allergy blood tests. Because of this, they are accessible to a broader range of patients. However, skin tests are not always reliable. Some medicines may interfere with the tests. Also, the skill of the person taking the test may also affect the overall outcome. Every test should performed by someone with lots of training and years of experience. Blood tests are reliable and helpful because they only involve one single needle prick. Medicine does not interfere with blood test results, therefore you will not have to alter your lifestyle in any way to accommodate for the test. The only real drawback of an allergy blood test is that it can take quite a long time to get the results. Depending on the test itself, there may be also be false positives. Blood tests also cost quite a bit more than skin tests. There are also many types of allergy blood tests, which can be confusing to those who are not familiar with their allergy just yet.

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