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For a majority of Americans, a night out most often means a trip to the movies. With AMC being the largest shareholder of theaters in the United States, many individuals end up visiting an AMC location for their dose of entertainment. With comfy seats and the best digital technology, AMC is always a solid choice in movie entertainment.

Are you interested in finding an AMC location near you? Simply browse AMC near me on the map below and find a list of AMC locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on AMC? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on AMC theaters!

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When was AMC officially incorporated?

You may know AMC as the juggernaut movie theater chain they are today, but it wasn’t always that way. AMC was officially incorporated by Stanley H. Durwood in 1968. The business was first started by Durwood’s father in 1920. The elder Durwood began as a struggling actor who worked for a traveling show. Fed up with the entertainment business and the woes of acting, he bailed out of his acting career in 1920 and leased a movie theater in downtown Kansas City. In 1920, Durwood’s wife also gave birth to Stanley, who would eventually grow up to turn the business into a small theater empire. During the 1920s and 1930s, Durwood was driven and successful enough to expand to a few additional theaters in the Kansas City area. He also did well enough to help send his son Stanley to Harvard during the early 1940s. Stanley Durwood eventually graduated in 1943 with a Bachelor of Arts. He joined the Air Force after college and served during World War II. He earned the rank of lieutenant. After the war Stanley moved back to Kansas City, where he joined the family business Durwood Theaters. As you search AMC near me, consider the history of this movie theater chain.

amc near me

AMC is as tech savvy as the modern movie theater can be.

When did AMC introduce the multi-screen theater?

Back in 1963, Stanley Durwood had an amazing idea: create a multi-screen theater that could dazzle moviegoers with multiple cinema options. The concept was largely unheard of at the time and was deemed extravagant by many. Some critics even argued that there was no need for two different screens in a theater. Durwood forged ahead with his idea anyway, and built a multi screen theater in a suburban shopping mall. The theater was a massive runaway success. Durwood quickly took to reconfiguring some of his existing facilities into multiple screen or “multiplex” cinemas. In 1965, still high off of his initial multiplex success, Durwood bought out his brother’s and sister’s shares of ownership interest. In 1968, he officially incorporated the business as the American Multi Cinema INC, which was quickly shortened to AMC. At this time AMC consisted of 12 theaters with a total of 22 screens. AMC boosted that figure significantly in 1969 when it opened its very first six screen theater. Now as you search AMC near me, you can rest assured that every theater is multi-screen affair.

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The Benefits of Multi Screen Theaters

Aside from the obvious benefits of a multi screen theater, Durwood soon recognized a corollary benefit when began building complexes with more than two or three screens. The advent of having multiple screens increased market reach. When Durwood began offering different types of movies, the facility suddenly opened itself up to appealing to several segments of the movie going population. This meant that individuals from all walks of life were catered to, which lead to a greater degree of foot traffic. In addition, AMC sought to maximize profits on selected features by extending the run of movies that were proving to be quite popular. Finally, multiple screens, complemented all of the other AMC technical innovations in the 1970s. This gave the theater some clout with movie lovers and those within the industry. AMC was the first to introduced automated projection systems. In the 1990s, AMC was even the first theater chain to offer moviegoer incentive such as concession rewards and coupons for tickets. As you search AMC near me, consider how you can save a few bucks on your next theater trip.

A Commitment To Culture

Any movie theater can show big box movies and Hollywood blockbusters, but few can commit themselves to independent movies and multicultural films. AMC is not your average movie theater. AMC Theaters has committed itself to showing multi-cultural films to keep diverse populations and communities involved in film. Select locations often show current Indian, Asian-Pacific, and Spanish language flicks. AMC also shows a variety of independent films and even has its own exclusive line of indie movies that you can’t view anywhere else. It’s this commitment to inclusion and artistry that has allowed AMC to flourish as many other theater chains closed down or faced financial difficulty. Is culture important to you? Think about how cultures are often represented at other theater chains as you search AMC near me. If you’re the type of person who values artistry and culture, it may make patronizing AMC that much more important.

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