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Need a bit of indoor/outdoor fun without breaking the bank? It may be time to check out your local amusement center! Amusement centers are great for the family who wants to do it all. Fancy go kart riding, playing skee-ball and then a bit of bowling? An amusement center has you covered. Want to play mini golf followed by bumper boats?

There’s that too! There’s no limit to the fun you can have at an amusement center. Ready to find an amusement center near you? Simply browse amusement center near me on the map below and find a list of the best amusement centers in your local area. Need a bit more information on amusement centers? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Amusement Center Near Me – Find it on the Map

Amusement Center Near Me – Trivia

True or false: Amusement centers often have strict age restrictions.

Can the very young or the very old actually be told “no” at the door of an amusement center? Not a chance! In fact, an amusement center is probably one of the most accommodating spaces there are. While some will have age restrictions on certain rides, most do not check ages at the door. If you’re worried about the age of your little one, use common sense. If you wouldn’t want your child participating out of fear or danger or injury, then the fun center likely won’t let you either. The only age restriction you’ll typically meet is for children under a certain age.

They may be prohibited from go karts or anything else that could lead to injury. What about the very old? Can any age enjoy an amusement center. One hundred percent. You don’t have to be a kid or have a kid to enjoy an amusement center. In fact, many adults like to go with friends to relieve a bit of childhood fun. Amusement centers are also a popular place for teenagers and young adults to take dates or to meet up with friends for a bit of fun. The best thing about searching amusement center near me? Fun for all ages!

Amusement Center Near Me

Arcade games are just one of the many things you’ll find at an amusement center.

True or false: All amusement centers are indoor/outdoor.

Unfortunately, note very amusement center is indoor/outdoor. If you want a bit of both, you’ll have to check with your local amusement center first. Those that are indoor/outdoor may have certain rides or areas of the center closed off during certain parts of the year. For example, a mini golf course won’t likely be open in Mid-January up in Boston. In warm weather states such as Florida, Texas, or California, expect to find mostly indoor/outdoor amusement centers due to the nice weather year round.

In those that experience harsh winters, don’t be surprised if your amusement center is indoor only or closed for the season. Remember that as you search amusement center near me, no two amusement centers will ever be exactly alike or even offer the same rides. Know a bit about the area and the climate of the place you live. Don’t be bummed out if you’ll have to wait to get in on some go karting or mini-golfing until spring!

Amusement Center Near Me – Facts

Dress for the Occasion

Want to know what to wear to an amusement center? You’re certainly not alone. Many people make the mistake of wearing inappropriate attire after searching amusement center near me. Inappropriate clothing not only takes fun out of the experience, but it can put you at risk for injury. What should you wear on your trip to the amusement center? Start by dressing in casual comfortable clothes. While you may be tempted to wear a dress or skirt, you’ll likely be more comfortable in jeans or shorts. Leave the heels and wedges at home. Instead opt for sneakers, sandals, or flats.

Comfort is key to enjoying yourself and staying safe. When it comes to jewelry, wear only minimal jewelry and only things you wouldn’t be bummed out if you lost. Since many amusement center rides/activities involve a lot of physical activity, you don’t want to risk losing an expensive piece of jewelry or something irreplaceable.

A shirt must be worn at all times in an amusement center unless specifically partaking in a water ride. Some centers won’t shy away from kicking you out if you can’t play by the rules! The general rule of thumb- dress as you would for a regular amusement park or carnival. Don’t wear anything that could inhibit physical activity and leave the fancy jewelry/accessories at home.

Amusement Center Costs

Wondering what you’ll have to pay for a day of fun at your local amusement center? Odds are, not as much as you think! One of the most appealing things about an amusement center is the overall cost and affordability. Unlike a traditional amusement park that charges admission just for stepping through the gate, amusement centers typically do not charge an upfront cost. Instead, you pay to play. If you want to play mini-golf or ride the bumper cars, you can buy tickets or passes to do so. Typically they’ll only be a few bucks. Want to play some games? You can purchase tokens or tickets for that too.

Food is also something you’ll want to consider if you’re spending the day at the amusement center. While most are very accommodating, not all will allow outside food, which means you may have to plunk down some cash for chicken fingers and pizza! Just about how much can you expect to spend per person at an amusement center?

Plan for around $15-$20 per person. That can be more or less based on your budget and what you or your family members would like to do! As you search amusement center near me, consider the actual cost of your day at the center.

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