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For many thrill seekers, there’s no greater thrill on earth than a spine tingling spin on a roller coaster or amusement park ride. Luckily, there are state of the art amusement parks located all over the world. It’s now easier than ever for ride enthusiasts to get their adrenaline fix no matter where they live or roam.

Are you interested in finding amusement parks in your area? Simply browse amusement parks near me on the map below and find a list of amusement parks in your area. Need a bit more information on amusement parks? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history!

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Amusement Parks Near Me – Amusement Parks Trivia

What’s the oldest continuously operating amusement park in the US?

If you’re a thrill seeker or simply a traveler in need of a rush, you may be wondering where the oldest continuously operating amusement park is in the US. Consider these facts while searching amusement parks near me. According to historians, the oldest continuously operating amusement park in the country is Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. This park first got its start as a picnic park in 1846. At the time of its inception, mechanized amusement rides such as roller coasters did not exist. In 1895, a railway company made the smart decision of adding a station at Lake Compounce. It remains to this day one of the few remaining tolley parks in the US. Like so many historical parks in the world, Lake Compounce doesn’t get hung up on the past. While it does embrace the nostalgic Americana that the park boasts due to its long and storied history, it has also migrated into the future by adding many contemporary elements. Of course, older attractions such as the 1927 Wildcat roller coaster and the 1898 built Antique carousel offer tangible ways for individuals relive the past. Aside from its history, Lake Compounce is also known for boasting a few of the country’s best wooden roller coasters along with Crocodile Cove, a full waterpark that that is included with price of admission into the theme park itself.

amusement parks near me

Amusement parks offer a great deal of entertainment for one low price!

What name did Six flags originally go by?

If you’re searching amusement parks near me, you might be considering a trip to one of America’s most famous theme parks: Six Flags. Prior to the 1800s, there wasn’t a single Six Flags park in the United States. Six Flags began in New England as a small park known as Gallup’s Grove. In time, Gallup’s Grove evolved into the Riverside Amusement Park. In 1912, the park introduced its first roller coaster, The Giant Dip. Thrill seekers gave the coaster rave reviews, citing the Dip as a true adrenaline rush. Riverside Amusement Park officially adopted the name Six Flags and brand in 2000. Despite its rich history, little of the past still exists in Six Flags New England. Aside from the Thunderbolt coaster from 1941, few pieces of the past can still be found within the confines of the park. There isn’t much nostalgia to be had, instead, there is a focus on innovation and forward motion. Six Flags New England is now known for its immense coasters such as the Bizarro and Wicked Cyclone, and its commitment to offering new and more thrilling rides each and every year. The various Six Flags locations in the world are known for offering some of the greatest coasters on earth.

Amusement Parks Near Me – Amusement Parks Facts

The Birthplace of the Modern Amusement Park

Like any business, Amusement parks had to start somewhere. According to most historians, the birthplace of the modern Amusement park is Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. Not only did Coney Island set the precedent for modern parks, but they introduced the first roller coaster, the Gravity Pleasure Switch Back Railway which first opened in 1884. Coney Island is still chugging along, granting visitors a glimpse into the past with potent reminders including the 1927 Cyclone Coaster. The Cyclone is regarded as one of the world’s most famous roller coasters. Coney Island also boasts the iconic Wonder Wheel, which first opened in 1920. Not only is Coney Island known for its nostalgic rides, but it is home to some of the nation’s best Amusement park grub, including Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Though Coney Island is steeped in the past, the introduction of rides such as the 2014 Thunderbolt Coaster have lent a new life to this legendary amusement park. Consider a trip to Coney Island as you search amusement parks near me.

Once a Fish Hatchery, Now An Amusement Park

As history shows, many amusement parks didn’t begin as parks at all. In fact, many were something else entirely before converting to amusement parks. A perfect example of Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. Though Dorney is now revered as a world class amusement park and water park, it originally began as a fish hatchery. It wasn’t until 1884, that Solomon Dorney decided to convert his land into an attraction. Dorney initially offered a zoo, refreshment stands, and a petty nice hotel. From there, the park evolved into a troll park and the owners added the Scenic Railway coaster, a large ferris wheel, and a dance pavilion. In other words, the park quickly evolved from a simple fish hatchery into a truly astounding amusement park. Today, the park is known for its wild roller coasters, including Steel Force. Of course, if you’re looking for a glimpse into the past, visitors can still ride the trolley park era ThunderHawk wooden coaster. If you’re searching amusement parks near me, try giving Dorney Park a go. Impress your friends with your knowledge on old amusement parks!

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