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Since 1866, animals who were abandoned, subject to abuse, or simply homeless have found a place in shelters throughout the US. These shelters have provided care, homes, and unconditional love to animals who would never know the feeling of comfort otherwise.

Are you interested in finding an animal shelter near you? Simply browse animal shelter near me on the map below and find a list of animal shelters in your area! Whether you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity or your next four legged companion you’ll find a wonderful shelter that suits all of your needs. Need a bit more information on shelters before making your decision? Read on for facts and trivia on animal shelters!

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Animal Shelter Near Me – Animal Shelter Trivia

Where was the first animal shelter founded?

If you’re searching animal shelter near me, then you’re likely a love of animals and interested in the history behind the prevention of animal cruelty. The ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was founded in 1866 in New York City. Initially the organization’s focus was on the mistreatment of horses, not dogs or cats. After the initial organization was founded, several other humane organizations popped up in other major cities. The entire concept of the animal shelter soon swept the nation and dog licenses were issued as a source of funding for these programs. The women’s branch of the ASPCA the SPCA was founded in 1874 in Philadelphia and was the first branch to solely focus on the humane treatment of shelter animals.

animal shelter near me

A majority of pet owners in America adopt their four legged companions from shelters or rescue sanctuary’s.

How many animals enter shelters every year?

Every year, around 8-12 million dogs and cats (amongst other companion animals) enter shelters every year throughout the United States. Some of these are taken into no-kill shelters and some are taken into kill shelters depending on the location. According to statistics, shelter intakes are evenly divided between those given up or relinquished by their owners and those picked up off the streets by animal control. The rate of no kill shelters is quickly rising, with adoption rates for abandoned animals reaching record highs in the US.

What are the three main types of shelters?

If you’re searching animal shelter near me, you might be wondering what the three main types of shelters you encounter are. There are three main types of shelters you’ll encounter on your quest to find the perfect shelter in the US. They are: municipal shelters, private shelters, and rescue groups. Municipal shelters are those under municipal control are funded by local taxes, dog license programs, and specialized programs. Private shelters are not for profit corporations that raise funds from the public to provide services. These types of shelters are typically no kill shelters that will foster out animals who can’t find good homes. Rescue groups will most often focus on a specific breed of species of animal and have programs that work with larger shelters to find homes for animals within their guidelines and range.

Animal Shelter Near Me – Animal Shelter Facts

The No Kill Movement

While searching animal shelter near me consider that the no kill movement didn’t begin until 1989 when Richard Avanzino started the first no kill shelter in San Francisco. At this time the San Francisco SPCA began working with the San Francisco municipal animal control agency to end the euthanasia and killing of any adoptable animals. This single action changed the entire animal welfare movement and caused many other shelters to follow suit. While this initially lead to a heated debate amongst those who favored euthanasia over a more philosophical approach, in the long run no kill shelters gained favor and no-kill shelters garnered a stigma amongst many American.

Fewer Puppies and Kittens

In searching animal shelter near me you might be looking for puppies and kittens. While puppies and kittens are still highly adoptable most animals relinquished to shelters in 2016 are adolescent or older pets. In fact, many shelters in the northeast have experienced a true shortage of adoptable puppies. This is said to be attributed to aggressive neutering efforts in many towns and cities. While there is a shortage of puppies in the northeast, their is said to be an oversupply over puppies in the South and southeast.

Fast Facts about Pet Ownership

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Not only do pets prove loyal and affectionate companions, but they’re actually proven stress reducers that can prolong your lifespan. From reducing stress to giving some much needed affection, a pet is truly man’s best friend. Read on for five fast facts about owning a pet in the US!

1. 60% of all US households have at least one pet.

2. About 65% of all pets were adopted from shelters or acquired for free.

3. Spaying or neutering a pet cost less than the price of raising puppies or kittens for one year.

4. The average cost of food, veterinary care, and supplies for a dog or cat is round $500-$700 a year.

5. At least 20% of all cats in the United States are acquired as strays from the street or found abandoned.

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