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Looking for a place close to work? Now about cheaper rent? Aren’t ready to purchase a house yet perhaps? Whatever your needs are in regards to a place to live, you can be sure there’s a place nearby to fit your style and budget.

Apartment renting is refreshingly affordable and convenient for anyone who may not be interested in the huge commitment of owning a home. If you’re curious about affordable apartments in your town or city, try searching for “Apartments for rent near me” and start packing!

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What city is known as the “Manhattan of the desert?”

If you are familiar with the United Nation’s nominated city Shibam in Yemen, then you know they have some of the oldest urban high rise style apartments in the world. Made of mud, these structures have existed since the 16th century though the city is much older. Looking for an apartment? Search for “Apartments for rent near me!”

apartments for rent near me

An apartment complex in Portland, Oregon

Did you know?

The penthouse of a high rise building in New York today is sought after by the wealthiest people. In roman times however, the lower level of a roman apartment, or insula, housed many shops as well as the fabulously wealthy. Some of these buildings had over 200 stairs to climb! Yikes!

The famous New York City Co-op building, the Dakota has a rich history, but most notably has housed a lot of influential celebrities and artists. Lauren Bacall, Leonard Bernstein, Rosemary Clooney, and so many others lived in this complex for a time. John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono also stayed here, and this was also the scene of the crime were he got shot as well. Looking to find your own little paradise? Check out “Apartments for rent near me” and have a place to call home in no time!

A group called the Hakka people of China live in some very interesting houses called tulou. Like insulae, the bottom floor of a tulou housed livestock and other things, while the top floor was a living space. They are shaped interestingly in a round exterior, and many American soldiers thought the tulous were missile silos because of their shape during the cold war.

NYC wasn’t always so glamorous in apartment style living. Many buildings called tenement apartments housed some of the poorest people in the city, mainly immigrants and labor workers, and in the worst possible conditions. It wasn’t until the New York State Tenement House Act in 1901, that conditions in these buildings began to improve. Later on in the 1940s, President Truman also rallied to improve the apartment conditions of that time as well.

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There are a lot of perks about apartment living, but one such perk is the added advantage of security. If you live in a high rise or mid rise, many of these buildings have security cameras, intercoms, and even doormen. Some also feature keycards that have to be scanned to be able to enter the building.

Another great thing about apartment renting is not having to deal with landscaping, trash pick up fees, and snow clean up in select areas where this weather is common.

Tenement homes have a different name no matter where you go. In the US, they are called slums, subsidized housing, or HUD housing. In India they are called Chawls, in Brazil they are called guetos, and in Germany they are called Mietskasernes. The conditions in some countries are worse than others.

Loft apartments are pretty popular, but did you also know they are useful? Many buildings that were once factories or had some industrial purpose are changed into some pretty trendy living spaces, but they also preserve and improve the original historical building. They allow open space like a studio, but the bedroom is upstairs in an open floor plan as well, which allows a little ore seclusion than a studio.

A bedsit is an interesting style of living that is smaller than a studio. it’s essentially a small room to sleep in and you share a kitchen and bathroom with other bedsitters. This is pretty popular in the UK, and it’s great for people that would rather pay more money for travel expenses. These are not to be confused with boarding homes.

With the grand scale economy of the 1920s, came the luxury penthouse style apartment. The first one in New York was made for publishing magnate Cone Montrose Nast, founding father of Vanity Fair and many other notable publications. One of the best things about penthouses is the amenities of an apartment like security and a doorman, but they are styled like a house and are also the size of one sometimes. Looking for a great place to live? Try searching for “Apartments for rent near me.”

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