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Looking for something fun to do with the entire family? An apple orchard is a great opportunity to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and take home some farm fresh apples. Not only do many apple orchards allow patrons the opportunity to pick their own fruit right from the tree, but many also offer fun games, ciders, and other apple products for purchase.

Are you interested in finding an apple orchard near you? Simply browse apple orchards near me on the map below and find a list of apple orchards in your region. Looking for a bit more information on apples and apple orchards? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Apple Orchards Near Me – Apple Orchards Trivia

Are apple’s America’s favorite fruit?

There’s no question that Americans love a good apple, but is it actually the most popular fruit in the country? Consider this as you search apple orchards near me. Though the United States is said to grow some 2,500 varieties of apples every year, apples aren’t exactly the most popular fruit in the country. What are Americans craving more than apples? Bananas! When it comes down to popular fruits, bananas always take the prize. Despite this, apples come in a close second. They might not be the most popular fruit year round, but they most definitely take the prize come autumn. In the cooler months, apples reign supreme, being used in everything from pies and cider to turnovers and salad. In terms of apple varieties, red delicious are the most widely grown of all the apple types in the US. Golden delicious and granny smith are other popular varieties amongst apple eaters.

apple orchards near me

A visit to the apple orchard is good for the entire family!

Where did apple trees first originate?

Nothing seems more American than a crisp red apple. After all, apple pie is practically the unofficial dessert of the United States. It has become a highly regarded patriotic symbol and true taste of American patriotism. Despite the overall popularity of apples in the United States, this beloved fruit did not originate in this half of the world. Where did apple trees first originate? Consider this as you search apple orchards near me. According to historians, the very first apple tree first originated millions of years ago in Central Asia. Apples are grown in all 50 states, but there’s only one type of apple that’s actually native to the US. The crab apple is currently the only apple type that wasn’t brought from another country. It’s the very small and tart cousin to the traditional apple.

What are the best apples for baking?

Looking to bake a pie with your bounty after searching apple orchards near me? You might be wondering exactly which type of apple works best in a pie. Despite the long held belief that granny smith and crispin apple are the best of the bunch, chefs and bakes alike have stated that any hard firm apple will bake up to perfection in an an apple pie. The major exception to this rule is the Red Delicious apple. Despite being a firm apple, the texture and the flavor of this type do not hold up well after being heated.

Apple Orchards Near Me – Apple Orchards Facts

How Long Do Apples Last

As you search apple orchards near me, you may be wondering exactly how long the fruit will last after you bring it home. After all, you don’t want to bring home several bushels of apples only to find that they may rot or expire within a few days. According to experts, apples can easily last for months in a refrigerator or cold environment. They will only last a few days if left out on a kitchen countertop at room temperature. Scientifically speaking, apples can ripen six to ten times faster at room temperature then if kept very cold. Part of why apples ripen far slower than many fruits has to do with the wax applied to their skin. Apples boast a shiny appearance due to an edible (and perfectly safe) type of wax that is applied after harvesting to make them look appealing. The wax doesn’t just work to make the apple look nice, it also helps to block bacteria and slows down the overall ripening process. This allows for apples to last longer and hold their fresh flavor.

Can you eat an entire apple?

Sometimes an apple just tastes so good that you’ll want to eat the whole thing right down to the core! The question is, can you actually eat an entire apple including the core? Consider this as you search apple orchards near me. The fact of the matter is that you can eat an entire apple and experts agree that you should do just that. Next time you try having an apple, attempt to eat it from the top down. This makes it much easier to eat the edible core and the seeds. While it’s up to you how you eat your apple and just how much of it you eat, every bite counts when it comes to this sweet fruit. Throwing away the core of an apple means wasting up to 30% of the entire fruit. By eating the whole thing, you’re not wasting any part of the fruit and you’re helping to eliminate food waste in your community.

Apples Are Good For Your Health!

Visiting an apple orchard and picking some fruit isn’t just good for family bonding, it’s also highly beneficial to your overall health. Apples famously contain a soluble fiber known as pectin. They also contain healthy flavonoids that can help to lower your overall cholesterol score and clear nasty plaque build up out the arteries. This means apples are good for your heart and can potentially reduce your risk of developing serious heart related issues. Thanks to the presence of boron, apples are also a great way to improve your overall mental alertness and increase overall bone strength. Apples might just be the perfect fruit!

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