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Apple Inc. is an American technology company, founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company is most famous for its iPhone and iPod range of cellphones and digital music players. The company is highly successful, being the largest technology company in the world by revenue and also total assets, the first American company to be worth over $700 billion, and the largest publicly traded corporation in the world.

The company develops both hardware and software, and also sells music and apps for the iPhone via its iTunes software. The company also has bricks-and-mortar stores to sell its computers and portable devices, and also to offer technical support and assistance. You can find an Apple Store near you, just by searching for “Apple Store near me”.

Apple Store Near Me – Find it on the Map

Apple Store Near Me – Apple Store Trivia

How many Apple Stores are there?

Apple Inc. operates 487 stores in twenty different countries around the world. In America alone, there are 268 stores. There are 39 in the United Kingdom, and 36 in China. Most of the stores are in shopping centres and malls, but there are also several larger flagship stores in more prominent locations around the world, including Beijing, Berlin, Mexico City, New York, Sydney and Tokyo.

apple store near me

Most Apple stores have a sleek and modern look to them.

How large is Apple Store?

Apple Store employs thirty thousand of the forty-three thousand employees of Apple Inc. in the United States. In 2011, Apple Store had global sales of over $16 billion. Apple Store leads the retail market in the United States, in terms of sales per unit area of floor space.

What is the history of the Apple Store?

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned as the CEO of Apple Inc., following a power struggle in the 1980s that forced him to leave the company. Once he returned, he began a campaign to improve the retail presentation of the Macintosh line of computers. The company, at the time, relied on consumer electronics stores for most of their sales. The company did not like the fact that these stores’ salespersons had no particular experience with Apple, and did not have loyalty to the Apple brand. In fact, the trend in some stores was towards their own in-house brand of PC, which was cheaper to construct, and thus improved profits. Jobs began to cut ties with most of the big box retailers. Between 1997 and 2000, the number of authorized resellers dropped from twenty thousand to ten thousand. In 1998, Steve Jobs contracted a company to design retail stores for them, and in 1999 he hired Millard Drexler, CEO of Gap, Inc., to serve on Apple’s board. Drexler suggested that the retail and development teams begin to make mockups for an Apple Store.

Where was the first Apple Store?

On May 15th, 2001, Jobs hosted a press conference at the very first Apple Store, in the Tysons Corner Center mall, in Virginia. The mall is located in Fairfax County, which at the time was the richest county in the United States. This store, along with a second location in the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California, opened to the public on May 19th, 2001. Almost eight thousand people visited the first two stores in the opening weekend. They spent a total of almost $600 thousand at the stores.

What is the Genius Bar?

All Apple Stores have a Genius Bar in them. This is where customers can receive technical support or advice, and help to set up or repair their products. They officially support Mac OS X, and hardware that is not obsolete or vintage, however they often attempt to assist with older hardware too. Some stores feature a dedicated iPod Bar, which is separate to the Genius Bar, and was created to support demand for iPod technical support. These bars were originally in the Tokyo and New York City stores, but are also featuring in newly built stores too.

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Apple Store Near Me – Apple Store Facts

The largest Genius Bar in the world is located in the Amsterdam Apple Store. The bar is 82 feet long! The Amsterdam store is also the largest store in the world in terms of the number of products on display.

Prior to February 2002, customers who visited the Genius Bars were offered free Evian water.

The first Apple Stores outside of the United States were opened in Japan, in 2003.

Most stores feature glass heavily in their architecture. Many of them feature glass staircases, which were designed to encourage customers to visit the upper floors. Some feature glass bridges, too. These glass details were said to be the result of Steve Jobs’ great attention to detail. In fact, the store on New York’s Fifth Avenue features a 32 foot glass cube at the front. The store display benches are all made from maple wood, based on the workbenches at the industrial design studios at Apple’s headquarters.

The Apple Store on Regent Street in London was the first European store. Today it is the most profitable store in London, taking in approximately £2 thousand per square foot. This makes it the store with the highest sales per area in London.

The largest Apple Store in the world by area is the store in Covent Garden, London. It features 40 thousand square feet of retail space, making it only a bit smaller than an American football field. The tallest store, however, is in Tokyo, Japan, and has three levels of retail space. It also has another floor dedicated to training rooms. At the other end of the scale, the smallest Apple Store is located in the Santa Rosa Plaza, in California. This tiny store measures just 540 square feet!

The store in Sydney, Australia, has live Fiscus trees growing inside it! Four other Apple Stores do have rooftop gardens, however. Two of these are in Chicago, and the other two are in Boston and Minneapolis.

Only 6 states still do not have Apple Stores: Montana, Vermont, Wyoming, West Virginia, and North and South Dakota.

The busiest stores in terms of foot traffic are all in China. The busiest of them all is the store in Shanghai, China. On average, Apple Stores have about 16 thousand visitors per week. In 2014, current CEO Tim Cook said that Apple Stores worldwide received over one million customers per day.

The average revenue per store is about $50 million per year.

When designing the earliest stores, Steve Jobs was said to have made the executives spend thirty minutes deciding what shade of gray to paint the employee toilets in.

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