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Been on Instagram lately? You may have noticed the burgeoning trend of jungle like interiors, chock full of greenery and plantlife. That’s right- house plants are definitely having a moment. Unfortunately, not all of us lead the type of lifestyles conducive to taking care of dozens of plants. This makes artificial plants an amazing alternative. Less responsibility, but all of the aesthetics that a real plant can bring to the home.

Whether you’re looking for artificial flowers or artifical houseplants, there are plenty of stores dedicated to bringing you the best selection. Simply browse artificial plants near me and find the best artificial plant stores near you. Need more information on choosing the best artificial plants? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! After all, no two artificial plants are created equal. Lets us help you suss out the best.

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Artificial Plants Near Me – Artificial Plants Trivia

What are artificial plants made from?

A great artificial plant should look convincing at a distance. Up close, it will be easier to discern whether or not the plant is real or fake. The materials used in creating an artificial plant can dictate whether or not the plant itself will take on realistic qualities. What is the average artificial plant made from in the modern day? Keep this in mind as you search artificial plants near me. Modern techniques for creating artificial plants involve carved or formed soap, nylon netting over wire frames, clay, and mass-produced injection plastic.

Most artificial house plants are made from a type of plastic. Artificial flowers are typically crafted from polyester, which has been the main material for creating artificial flowers since the early 1970’s. Generally, the artificial flowers purchased in a store today are made from a polyester fabric. Do you have a preference when it comes to artificial plant material? Some are more discerning than others.

Artificial succulents look almost like the real thing!

artificial plants near me

Which generation is bringing artificial plants back from the dead?

Prior to the early 1990’s, many people deemed the artificial plant or flower to be somewhat tacky. Sales hit an all time low in the early and mid thousands when the fares were seen as a geriatric holdover form our grandparents. Nowadays, artificial plants and flowers are surging in popularity. This is largely thanks to the millennial generation.

Millennial’s are reinvigorating the artificial plant market and forcing companies to create better and more realistic artificial plants. Gone are the days of flowers so fake you could spot them from a mile away. Start ups dedicated to creating realistic and safe artificial plants are more popular than ever. Look at any home decor site or social media page and you’ll likely find an abundance of artificial plants. The most popular types being succulents and fiddle leaf trees. While searching artificial plants near me, think about how this trend is back and likely here to stay for quite some time!

Artificial Plants Near Me – Artificial Plants Facts

Plastic Vs. Fabric Plants

When it comes to buying artificial plants, should you go plastic or fabric? This decision can truly determine whether or not the plants you buy last and look real or are somewhat more fake looking. Here’s the good news- technology has come a long way. Fake plants now have realistic texture, color, and even reflective properties. This is especially true when it comes to plastic plants. Plastic plants are often created using a mold of real plants. This can help designers to achieve the exact look of a real plant and a similar texture. Many are even filled with a type of foam for a realistic textile quality when touched.

Plastic plants are also more convincing because most of the trendiest plants in home decor tend to look a bit plastic anyway. For example, succulents, which are wildly popular, already look kind of fake in appearance. Plastic succulents look just like the real thing. Most people can’t even tell the difference between a plastic succulent and a real one from a distance. Up close, it is still mighty hard to discern.

Fabric plants are cost effective but are definitely prone to wear and tear. They are also dust collectors that can be hard to clean, especially if you have pets. Speaking of pets, they are more apt to munch on the fabric leaves than those made of plastic. Fabric leaves can also fade or become bleached by the sun, a dead giveaway to those wondering whether or not your plants are fake.
When it comes down to quality and bang for the buck- go plastic! Which will you choose after searching artificial plants near me?

The Best Fake Plants

When searching artificial plants near me, you want to pick up plants that already naturally look a little bit fake. By sticking to plant types that are already a bit plastic looking in nature, you can definitely achieve the look of the real thing without all of the upkeep.What are the top plants to buy fake? Start with plants such as aloe, fiddle leaf figs, air plants, banana trees, snake plants, and lotus leafs. If you want a bit more variety, feel free to add in plants such as monster leaves, succulents, bird of paradise planters, and philodendrons. These are all solid picks because they already look a bit fake in their natural state. Modern technology has made it almost impossible to tell one from the other, meaning you get your jungle like environment without all of the difficult upkeep’

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