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Sometimes you’re in the mood for something a little different than your traditional fare. You can’t help but sometimes get the craving for some delicious Asian food. The salty and sweet mix together well and they know how to put just enough sour in it to leave you wanting more.

You’re probably a huge fan of Asian food and you can probably leave rave reviews about it. That or you’ve never tried it in your life but you’re interested in tasting in to see what it’s all about. If you’re interested in finding some Asian restaurants around by you, just search Asian food near me.

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Asian Food Near Me – Asian Food Trivia

Does Chinese food have the most variety of flavors?

Believe it or not, Chinese food actually does have the widest variety of flavors to offer. Chinese food has five key flavors that must be balanced according to Traditional Chinese medicine. The five flavors are sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. These flavors vary considerably across China though. For example, Hong Kong cuisine is known for sweet and savory, Sichuan cuisine is known for quite a mouth-numbing heat, northern cuisine is salty and southern minority cuisine is sour.

asian food near me

There is a wide variety of Asian food for you to try out there!

How does the north and south eat their rice and wheat in China?

There is actually quite a difference in the way rice is eaten in the north and south in China. Because of the cold and dryness of the area, the north favors wheat production so the northerners usually eat dumplings, wheat noodles, steamed buns and stuffed buns. The south very occasionally eats wheat so they usually bowls of rice or rice noodles with every meal.

What are some unique things you can find in Chinese dishes?

You’d actually be quite by some of the things you’ll find in Chinese dishes. There are some things in these dishes that may make foreigners squeamish. These ingredients can be things such as dog hotpot, scorpions, snakes, insects, pig’s ears, heads, organs, boiled blood and a whole bunch of other things. You may feel freaked out by just thinking about it but each culture has different delicacies. Just because it’s not common to you or you’ve never had it doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. If you’re curious in trying out the different types of food, just search Asian food near me to find your nearest location.

How many Chopsticks are used in China in a year?

The Chinese actually use quite a few chopsticks yearly. It’s estimated that China uses about forty-five billion pairs of chopsticks a year. With its 1.4 billion population, that’s only about two to three pairs a month but it still equals out to quite a bit. The government has even imposed a disposable chopstick tax so they can try and reduce usage. Most disposable chopsticks are made out of softwood or bamboo so that’s quite a few trees cut down yearly.

Asian Food Near Me – Asian Food Facts

There are about three different types of Asian dietary cultures that have developed throughout the centuries. Even though we only focused on Chinese cuisine in the trivia, there are a whole wide variety of countries and cuisines that make up Asian food as a whole.

The first category is known as southwest style and it includes cuisines from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Burma. Some common staples in this dietary culture happen to be things like hot peppers, black peppers, cloves and other strong spices. Rice and chapati which is made from wheat or barley, also play quite a strong role in meals.

The second category is northeast tradition which comprises of China, Korea and Japan. This tradition has developed to include and encourage the use of fats, oils and sauces in cooking. Food has also become associated with many religious traditions. Many northeast cultures frequently use food as symbolic offerings to worship their ancestors.

Chinese cuisine is the most prominent of all Asian styles of cooking with varieties based on region.
The third dietary culture of Asia is southeast style which includes Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. This type of cooking focuses on the more aromatic and lightly-prepared food. They use a delicate balance of quick stir-frying, steaming and/or boiling. They supplement this cooking with discrete spices and seasonings that include citrus juices and herbs such as basil or mint.

If you’re interested in trying out one of these categories of cooking, just search Asian food near me to find your nearest location.

Some common tools used in Asian cuisine are items such as the wok or cleaver. The wok is probably most used in southeast Asia and China. Traditional Asian households did not have resources to make or buy several pans for different types of cooking so the traditional wok with a unique rounded bottom provided a range of cooking temperatures so that it became a staple in all Asian households.
The cleaver also became useful as it was a versatile cooking instrument that could be used to preform all functions of an entire set of cooking knives and utensils common in the average western kitchen.

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