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Don’t discount AT&T as being your ordinary run of the mill wireless provider. While this brand is known for quality wireless services, the history of AT&T stretches back long before the advent of the cell phone. Of course, if you’re searching AT&T near me you’re likely looking for some quality wireless service at a good price.

Are you currently interested in finding an AT&T store in your area? You’re in luck! Simply browse AT&T near me on the map below and find the nearest AT&T store to your current location. Need a bit more information on this wireless company? Read on for interesting and informative facts and trivia on this innovative phone company.

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AT&T Near Me – AT&T Trivia

When did AT&T first begin?

Unlike many of the other wireless companies, the history of AT&T dates back to the invention of the telephone itself. While Verizon and other wireless companies are more recent in their inception, AT&T boasts ties to the very foundation of phone communication. AT&T began as the Bell Telephone company that was established in 1879 by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Bell also established the American Telephone and Telegraph company in 1885, which eventually came to acquire the Bell Telephone Company and became the primary and preferred phone company in the US at the time. Because of this, the brand maintained a monopoly on telephone service in the US until 1982 when antitrust regulators split the company in 1982. AT&T corporation was eventually purchased by one of its Baby Bell Providers and became known as AT&T inc in 2005.

at&t near me

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True or false: AT&T played a critical role in bringing the telephone overseas.

This fact is true! If you’re searching AT&T near me, then you know that this telephone company has had a lasting and amazing impression on the history of the telephone and wireless communications. At&T is largely credited with increasing American influence overseas and spreading phone service across the globe. Bell Labs invented the transistor radio in 1948. The inventors- William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain- won the 1950 Nobel Prize for Physics for doing so. Bell Labs also developed wireless technology in 1947, computer modems in 1957, lasers in 1958 and communications satellites in 1962. They are also credited with creating the electronic switching systems that AT&T installed in 1965. This paved the way with the information age and largely credited with enabling the internet to exist today.

True or false: AT&T helps support the intelligence community.

If you’re searching AT&T near me, you may be interested in knowing just how influential AT&T truly is. This brand carries such clout, that they even help to support the US intelligence community. There are thousands of AT&T staff members who possess a security clearance. This provides extensive experience in supporting many classified projects for DoD and US intelligence. That’s using innovation to create a true American safety net!

AT&T Near Me – AT&T Facts

The Best of the Best

Sure, AT&T may slip behind Verizon in terms of popularity, but this brand is far from inferior to Verizon Wireless. Consider this while searching AT&T near me. AT&T offers 4G LTE broadband across a highly extensive network. With many of their handset subsidies gone, it never charges customers for using their own phones or buying phones from a second party such as eBay or Apple. While the service may not be quite as fast as Verizon, third party tests prove that it is certainly as reliable. Tests also indicate that what you get from AT&T is far better than what you will get from Sprint or T-mobile. AT&T Is also the most logical choice if you tend to burn through more than 5GB of data per month due to their appealing plans and wide variety of data options. IF you get your TV from DirectTV or U-Verse you’re also eligible to make arrangements for a $100 unlimited data plan. That means you’ll never have to worry about overage charges or data throttling like you will at many other Wireless carriers. While searching AT&T near me, consider your wireless needs and talk to a representative at your local store. They can help you to receive the best level of coverage and the best plan for your individual desires.

Covering Most Americans

If you’re searching AT&T near me and live in a rural area, fret not, AT&T has likely got you covered. According to AT&T, they currently cover more than 99% of the US population with their wireless network. For the 1% of individuals who not covered due to their location, AT&T is working tirelessly to build thousands of small cells to the network in order to expand coverage and make performance even better. When you start a call or text on AT&T you can expect your call to stay connected and for your text to send without pause. You’ll also get pretty stellar bang for your buck with the AT&T Next program. The Next program allows you to get the newest smartphones for $0 down and no annual service contract. On the plan you can share data on up to 10 devices and utilize unlimited talk and text.This means you’ll have more options, no annual contract, and the very best in customer service.

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