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One of the largest cell phone providers in the world happens to actually be AT&T. When you look at all the choices for phone companies, it can be quite daunting to figure out which one you should go with. After all, there is so many risks that can go with picking the wrong phone company.

If you want to go with a phone company that you know won’t do you wrong, your best bet would be to go with AT&T. If you are interested in checking out a store, search AT&T Store near me to find the closet location.

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Is AT&T the biggest provider?

If you were paying any attention to the introduction paragraph, you may know that AT&t is one of the biggest cellphone but providers in the world but is it the largest? It is actually the biggest provider of fixed telephones and the second biggest provider of mobile telephones in the U.S. but it’s only about the 23rd largest company in the world. It does happen to be however, the largest company in Texas. One place AT&T can’t compete in is in the social media world. AT&T is known for trying to compete with Verizon but according to social media, Verizon still leads all other telecommunications companies. Verizon happen to receive a social media index score of 719 in 2011, while AT&T only had a score of 682. The only place AT&T has is that it’s still beating sprint who only has a score of 674.

at&t store near me

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What do they want to focus on?

One thing that AT&T wants to focus on is that they want to cut 2G and focus on 4G. AT&T currently still has millions of customers who are on the 2G network and that’s mostly because those people are still on their old flip phones. When December 31, 2016 comes around, AT&T will shut down their 2G network to open up megahertz and they want to move that over right into LTE. If they choose to focus on 4G, it will allow the company to improve network reliability, increase service speeds and decrease cost per megabit of date that is delivered. If you’re still interested in checking them out, search AT&T Store near me.

Where can AT&T trace it’s origin back to?

AT&T can actually trace its origin back to the original Bell Telephone Company founded by Alexander Graham Bell after his invention of the telephone. One of that company’s subsidiaries was known by the name of American Telephone and Telegraph Company or otherwise known as AT&T which was established in 1885 and acquired the Bell Company on December 31, 1899 and that in turn left AT&T as the min company. AT&T established a network of subsidiaries in the United States and Canada and that held a government-authorized phone service monopoly which was formalized by Kingsbury Commitment throughout most of the twentieth century.

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In the past AT&T had announced that it was considering a sale of its rural landlines which were not wired for AT&T U-verse service but also stated that it may keep the business after all. AT&T stated that it would declare the intentions for its rural landlines on November 7, 2012. AT&T was actually not the first to sell off their rural landlines. Ameritech sold some of its Wisconsin lines to CenturyTel in 1998; BellSouth sold some of its lines to MebTel in the 2000s; U S WEST sold many historically Bell landlines to Lynch Communications and Pacific Telecom in the 1990s; Verizon sold many of its New England lines to FairPoint in 2008 and its West Virginia operations to Frontier Communications in 2010 and so on and so forth.

Frontier Communications took over control of the AT&T landline network in Connecticut after being approved by state utility regulators on October 25, 2014. This deal was actually worth about $2 billion and included Frontier inheriting about 2,500 of AT&T’s employees and many of AT&T’s buildings.
AT&T happens to be the second-largest donor to United States political campaigns and the top American corporate donor. They have contributed more than $47.7 million since 1990 and 56% of that went to Republicans and 44% went to Democrats. During the period of 1998 to 2010, the company actually expanded $130 million on lobbying in the United States. If this has made you curious at all to check out your closest AT&T, just search AT&T store near me.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation lodged a class action lawsuit known as Hepting v. AT&T in 2006. This lawsuit alleged that AT&T had allowed agents from the National Security Agency or the NSA, to monitor phone and internet communications of AT&T without warrants. Mark Klein who was a former AT&T technician, told Keith Olbermann of MSNBC on November 8, 2001, that all internet traffic passing over AT&T lines were copied into a locked room at the company’s San Francisco office. This was a room that only employees with the National Security Agency clearance could access. While AT&T keeps records of who text messages to whom and the date and time for five to seven years, they don’t actually have the content of the messages.

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