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Looking for a little off road fun? Rent an ATV and get off the beaten path for a day of adrenaline and freedom that can’t be found in the confines of home. Whether you’re looking to do an off road hunt or simply take the ride of your life, renting an ATV is often far more cost effective than plunking down the thousands of dollars for one of your very own.

Looking for an ATV rental agency near you? Simply browse ATV rental near me on the map below and find a list of excellent ATV rental places near you. Need a bit more information on ATVs and renting? Keep reading for facts, trivia, and more. You’ll be hitting the dirt road in no time at all!

Atv Rental Near Me – Find it on the Map

Atv Rental Near Me – Trivia

Who invented the ATV?

The ATV is one of america’s favorite off road vehicles, but when was this fun filled ride first invented? Believe it or not, the life of this invention dates all the way back to the 1960s. That’s right, the swinging 60s helped to birth the idea of ATV. The ATV as we know it today first emerged as a three wheeler. Designed in 1967, the Sperry Rand Tricart wasn’t an instant hit. In fact, it took some time for the concept of the ATV to find any traction amongst outdoor enthusiasts.

It wasn’t until Honda introduced the ATC that 3-wheelers first became a household name. This all set the path for what we know as the ATV in the modern day. By the time 1970 rolled around, Honda introduced their US90 or ATC 90, which then allowed the ATV to become an even bigger household name. As you search ATV rental near me, think about how far the ATV has come since its inception back in the 1960s.

Atv Rental Near Me

Renting an ATV can be a great alternative to buying one outright.

True or false: Early ATVs did not have any brake lights.

Imagine rolling down a steep path in a wooded lane behind another ATV. Suddenly, that ATV comes to a dead stop without warning. You’re left to make an abrupt stop or face down the inevitability of an ATV accident. While this scene may not play out in the modern day, back in the 60s, ATVs did not have any brake lights! In fact, brake lights were not required on these vehicles until 1998.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that people started realizing that ATVs were great work vehicles and started to show up on farms and construction sites all of the country. Because of this, there became a necessity to add brake lights as an essential safety features. While searching ATV rental near me, think of how difficult it would be to use an ATV without any brake lights.

True or false: You need to wear protective clothing while riding an ATV.

Riding an ATV is a lot of fun, but as a new rider it is imperative to wear the right clothing. Before you search ATV rental near me, you may want to invest in some protective clothing and gear. What do you really need to protect yourself on an ATV? Start with a protective jacket and boots that go above your ankle.

Then you’ll want to buy a helmet, goggles, and gloves. Some rental companies may also allow you to rent these items for the day if you’re not looking to invest long term. If you’re thinking about going on a more challenging ride, add a chest protector and shin guards. This will ensure you don’t sustain any injuries on your joyride!

Atv Rental Near Me – Facts

Find Your ATV Footing

One of the fun parts of searching ATV rental near me is getting to know the fun of riding an ATV. Without the hefty investment up front, you can really get a feel for how you’re liking the experience of riding an ATV. As a new rider, you’ll want to find your footing on an ATV as soon as possible- literally.

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to focus on your feet. With heel guards and nerf bars, you won’t need to worry much about stability or what your feet are doing. Nerf bars act as giant foot pegs. They keep your feet planted during the ride. Heel guards also keep your feet right where you want them. This gives you more control over your vehicle while riding.

Now, when it comes to your feet you’ll want to go easy on the gas. It can be tempting to go all out, but the accelerator on an ATV is actually a thumb throttle. You’ll press that down as you go. Getting a feel for the throttle isn’t easy, but it is highly important for new riders.

In order to build confidence, work on the overall feel of the throttle and what accelerating feels like in general. Go slow at first. Resist the urge to slam the accelerator. Giving it too much gas all at once can cause the ATV to pop up. This can be dangerous if you’re not experienced. Go easy on the throttle and straddle the line between having fun and being stable.

Why is it important to practice riding your ATV?

Searching ATV rental near me? Now’s the time to log in some practice hours on an ATV. Whether you’re trying to figure out whether or not you should buy, or simply looking to have a good time- practice most definitely makes perfect. While an ATV has handlebars, much like a dirt bike, the steering is quite different. In order to distribute weight, you’re going to want to use your body.

The major difference is, you will not lean into a curve with your body as you would on a dirt bike. Instead, you’ll lean to the opposite side of the momentum. For example, if you’re turning right, you’ll feel pushed to the left and to compensate you’ll want to lean right. This can help to keep you stable on the ATV. If you’re on a flat trail or simply enjoying the scenery, there is no need to stand up. In fact, go ahead and sit down. If you’re on a more intense track or looking to go fast, you’ll want to stand up.

Standing up gives you good visibility and can make you a better rider. Just make sure you stand correctly by hovering just above the seat with your elbows out wide and your knees in a slight bend. Whether standing or sitting, have your terrain in mind. Every trail or track can have bumps and dips that come out of nowhere. Don’t lock your elbows. Keep your knees nice and lose and your elbows free. This will help you to absorb movement along the trail.

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