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Auto parts stores are businesses that sell replacement parts, and can also offer services for cars and other vehicles. Some stores carry products specific to certain makes of car, while others sell items suited for all vehicles. Auto parts stores may offer services, such as helping install customers’ new parts into their car for them, or they may simply sell the items.

Auto parts stores can be found all over the world, and in fact in recent times, online auto parts stores have started to appear, where historically the stores have had physical locations. To find an auto parts store near your area, just search for “Auto parts store near me”.

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What items do auto parts stores sell?

One very commonly needed auto part is tires. Many auto parts stores will sell tires suitable for cars, and some will also sell motorbike or even ATV tires too. Some stores will offer to fit the tires for the customer, or the customer can change the tires themself. Another common item that needs changing is the car’s battery. The store may also sell battery-related accessories, such as jumper cables, battery chemicals and battery testers and chargers. Stores also sell accessories such as seat covers, mats and other aesthetic items. Auto parts stores will usually sell car fluids such as oil, brake and transmission fluids.

auto parts store near me

Auto parts stores sell thousands of different parts.

What are some auto parts stores?

There are many different brands of auto parts stores that operate in the United States. One well known store is Pep Boys. Four friends, three of whom make up the Pep Boys logo, met in 1921 and paid $200 each to start an auto parts store. By the 1930s, the business had forty stores in Philadelphia. The business began to expand to the west coast by the end of the 30s. In 1946 the company went public, with one of the founders serving as president until his death in 1959. Another founder took over until 1973. The company still operates in over eight hundred locations today, with its headquarters remaining in Philadelphia. Another very popular store is the National Automotive Parts Association, founded in 1925. Today there are over six thousand locations in America, with a company owned by the same parent also operating in Australia and New Zealand too. NAPA is an official sponsor of NASCAR, and carries accessories, tools, equipment and paint and finishing supplies.

What are the most commonly replaced auto parts?

The various filters in cars need frequent replacements in order for optimum performance. Windshield wiper blades are typically replaced every year or two. Some items must be replaced based on the number of miles driven, such as spark plugs or timing belts, while others need to be replaced frequently regardless of use, such as the car battery. Batteries have a limited shelf life, and their degradation usually doesn’t depend on mileage. The life of some parts depends more on how well the car is driven than for how long it is driven. Cars with manual transmissions require their clutches to be replaced regularly. Inexperienced drivers will tend to “ride the clutch” in vehicles with manual transmission and operate it somewhat more clumsily, which leads to it wearing out more quickly, and thus needing more frequent replacements.

To find your closest auto parts stores, search for “Auto parts store near me”.

Auto Parts Store Near Me – Auto Parts Store Facts

There are over one billion cars in use in the world today. About 160 thousand new cars are produced every day.

The average car has around thirty thousand individual parts. Some of these parts are easy for the owner to replace, such as a headlight or fuse. Some require specialized mechanical skills to replace, for example the brakes. Other parts are not possible to replace, and if they break then the entire car is usually replaced. An example is the chassis of the car, which is very large and central to the whole car. Up to 80% of the average car is made of parts that can be recycled.

One group of parts that is often replaced in a car is the sound system. Some reasons for replacements include higher quality speakers, or a more powerful amplifier. When the car radio was first introduced in America, some states wanted to ban it. It was believed that the radio would be too distracting for the driver, and would cause accidents. The first car radio was introduced in 1922 by Chevrolet. It cost $200, required an extremely large antenna that covered most of the roof, and needed special batteries that would barely fit under the seats. By the 1930s, radios started to become less unwieldy, and became standard for some car models. The invention of the transistor in the 1950s led to more compact electronics inside the radios, and by the 1960s, fifty million cars had radios. This represented over 60% of the number of cars in the US at the time.

Prior to 2014, all car drivers in Turkmenistan were entitled to 31 gallons of free gasoline per month. Drivers of trucks and buses could get 52 gallons, and motorcycle drivers were entitled to 11 gallons. In America, however, each driver spends about $329 each year, and uses approximately five hundred gallons of gasoline per year. The first cars did not use gasoline. In 1900, 40% of American cars ran on steam engines, 38% were electric, and just 22% used gasoline-powered engines.

Cruise control is a feature that is common to modern vehicles. It was invented by Ralph Teetor, a blind inventor and mechanic. He was riding in a car one day and noticed that as the driver was talking to him, the car tended to speed up and slow down, and so he was inspired to create a speed regulating device. In 1945 he received his first patent for the device. It wasn’t used in cars until 1958, however, when Chrysler first introduced it into its models.

Owning a car can be very expensive, not just in terms of the price of the car. It costs over $8 thousand to own and maintain a car per year in America.

There are many auto parts stores in your area. You can find the nearest locations just by searching for “Auto parts store near me”.

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