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In 1979, J.R. “Pitt” Hyde III had a simple vision: open an automotive parts store that would allow the average consumer to perform upkeep on their vehicles without consulting a mechanic or dealer. The result was Autozone. Clean, well organized stores that offer great customer assistance and accessible products to the American in need of a variety of car parts, cleaners, and tools.

Are you interested in finding an Autozone location near you? Browse Autozone near me on the map below and find the Autozone locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Autozone? Read on for facts, statistics, and history on America’s favorite car care center.

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What was Autozone originally named?

While you may be searching Autozone near me, the brand didn’t always bear its common namesake. When J.R. Hyde III founded the company in 1979, he originally dubbed the business Auto Shack. The Forrest City, Arkansas location employed a total of 25 people, who all sought to make Hyde’s vision of automotive ease a reality. The brand quickly expanded and shortly after launch, Hyde opened a 12,000 square foot warehouse in Memphis, TN. By the end of Auto Shack’s first year in business, they had expanded to include seven more stores in Arkansas and Tennessee.

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The average Autozone is a large warehouse style building in the iconic orange, red, white, and gray color scheme.

How many locations did Auto Zone open during its second year in business?

The first year was good to Auto Shack (now Auto Zone), but the second year was much much better. In their second year of operation, Auto Shack added a mind boggling 23 more stores in states such as Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Texas. The company was hitting its stride, opening a new store every week for its first 10 years in business. Every time the company was about to open a new outlet, Auto Shack employed research analysts to consider appropriate sites and the potential customer base. The customer knew that their customer base should include lower and middle income males between the ages of 18 to 49. The ideal customer was also both a hobbyist and liked to work on his car for more than just maintenance reasons.

True or false: Autozone offers a lifetime warranty on over 42,000 different parts.

This is true! In searching Autozone near me, you can rest assured in knowing that the brand offers a lifetime warranty on over 42,000 different parts offered in their locations. The company made the decision as to which products would be covered under warranty by conducting research into what customers wanted and needed. For certain goods Auto Zone stocks a wide variety of nationally known brands that customers had a strong preference for. For example, most customers were more willing to drop a higher premium on oils than wiper fluid. Other items were sold at the lowest possible price as customer’s went through these necessities quickly.

Autozone Near Me – Autozone Facts

The 4,000th Store

Autozone made history by opening its 4,000th store in Houston, Texas in 2008. It was at this point in time that the company was boasting sales of over $6.8 billion a year. Even though the market was growing increasingly more competitive, Autozone kept pace by quickly implementing new technology, innovative products, and the Duralast tool line. Duralast is a line loved by mechanics and hobbyists all over the globe. If you find yourself in Houston while searching Autozone near me, give this store a look!

AutoAnything Acquisition

In December of 2012, Autozone acquired the automotive e-commerce store Up until that point, AutoAnything had proved a stiff competitor to Autozone, who was striving to keep up with consumerism in an increasingly digital based world. But never one to shy away from a challenge, Autozone upped its digital footprint and now includes a flourishing e-commerce site.

Autozone Fast Facts

Keep these fast facts in mind while searching Autozone near me and you’ll be an automotive expert in no time. If you’re looking to impress your friends, this might just be the best way to do it!

There are currently over 5,300 Autozone stores across the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.

2. Autozone does not consider itself to be a franchise, but rather a retail outlet.

3. Autozone’s slogan has always been “What it takes to do the job right!”

4. Autozone only employs individuals with a vast knowledge on automotive needs and conditions to provide the best possible customer experience.

5. The brand currently rakes in a whopping $9.8 billion in sales annually.

6. At the beginning, Autozone frequently looked to stores such as Walmart for inspiration on how to operate.

7. The current CEO of AutoZone is William C. Rhoades. He took the helm in 2005 and has been running the show ever since.

8. Autozone’s biggest competitor is quickly becoming

9. The company’s second biggest competitor Advanced Auto.

10. Autozone is on an upswing, with an increasing number of stores in Mexico.

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