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Chewy, crisp and altogether satisfying. Few things can beat that first bite of a freshly baked bagel. Whether you want something tradition or a flavor that’s a bit more adventurous, bagel shops around the US are doing their part to keep the tradition of the bagel alive. Ready to find a great bagel shop near you?

Simply browse bagel shop near me on the map below to find a list of the best rated bagel shops in your local area. Need a bit more information on this round doughy delight? Read on for facts, trivia and more! You’ll get to know the bagel as you never have before.

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Bagel Shop Near Me – Trivia

What is the purpose of the hole in a bagel?

If you were describing a bagel to someone, one of the first things you would mention is the iconic hole in the center. Without the hole, a bagel is just another roll. What is the exact purpose of the hole in the bagel? Does it have a purpose at all? Keep reading as you search bagel shop near me. The hole baked into the center of every bagel is far from a mistake. In fact, bagels were purposely baked with a hole so that vendors could slide them onto dowel rods. This made them easier to transport to wherever they happened to be selling their bagels that day.

Bagel Shop Near Me

A great bagel can hold any number of toppings!

True or false: A bagel is boiled before it is baked.

What makes a bagel a bagel? Many things- but the baking process is probably what truly sets this doughy wonder apart from the pack. Unlike most dough based breads, bagels are actually boiled before they are baked. This makes them the only bread that goes through a double cooking process. Traditional breads are simply left to rise and then baked in the oven. Bagels need to be boiled in order to achieve the texture and outer shell that makes them so darn good. As you search bagel shop near me, consider how a boiling dough is what truly makes a bagel!

How many people did it used to take to make a bagel?

Nowadays, bagel shops have all kinds of machinery to help assist with the bagel making process. This wasn’t always the case, nor was making bagels so simple. How many people were once required to make bagels at a bagel shop? Consider this as you search bagel shop near me. Back before technology and modern machinery gave bakers the power to produce bagels in mass quantity, it was a job that required a lot of manpower.

In fact, bagel shops used to employ at least four people to make just bagels for the day. Two people would work to make the dough and shape the bagels. One person would boil the bagels and the fourth person would bake the bagels. Once the bagels were baked, they were removed from the racks and set out for sale. This is when another person would take on the task of actually selling the bagels to the hungry masses!

Bagel Shop Near Me – Facts

The Most Popular Bagel Toppings

What’s a bagel without the right toppings? Just a bagel of course! Since the beginning, bagels have served as a vessel for any number of delicious toppings. Ever wondered which bagel topping reigns supreme? Keep reading for the answer as you search bagel shop near me. According to research conducted by Thomas’ (of bagel fame), the most popular bagel topping is still the traditional cream cheese. Of course, now there are many types of cream cheese, making this topping all the more adventurous. Second to cream cheese is butter, proving that simplicity is still in vogue with bagel lovers. Next comes, fruit spreads and jams, followed by eggs. Rounding out the top five is deli meat!

Are bagels healthy?

Bagels often get a bad reputation for being chock full of carbohydrates. However, if you’re not watching your carbs and plan on having a pretty active day, a bagel isn’t all that bad for you. Nutrition statistics show that aside from carbohydrates, the average bagel boasts no cholesterol or fat. This makes them a far healthier choice than a muffin or pastry, specially if you’re someone who craves a food with bread texture first thing in the morning. Where bagels often fail is keeping you full. If you want your bagel to help you stay productive in the morning, opt for a whole grain or wheat bagel rather than one of the more traditional options. As you search bagel shop near me, know that enjoying a bagel in moderation isn’t bad for your health!

Who brought bagels to the US?

Can you imagine visiting New York City without picking up a bagel? Well, at a certain point in time the bagel simply didn’t play a part in the US. Who first brought the now beloved bagel to the United States. Consider this as you search bagel shop near me. According to historians, bagels were first brought to the United States by immigrant Polish Jews. They first established their bagel backing practices in New York City, a thriving business that was controlled for several decades thanks to the Bagel Bakers Local 338 union. Today, bagels can be enjoyed in nearly every country of the world!

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