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Is there anything quite as sweet or satisfying as a trip to the local bakery? From the aroma that fills the air to the smiling faces and fresh baked goodies, a trip to the bakery can be an experience in and of itself. Bakeries have maintained a place in history for thousands of years, and it’s no wonder. Bakeries possess the ultimate human comfort foods.

Are you interested in finding bakeries in your area? You’re in luck! Simply browse bakeries near me on the map below and find a list of bakeries near your location. Need a bit more information on bakeries? Read on for sweet facts, trivia, and a list of the top three bakeries in the United States!

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Bakeries Near Me – Bakeries Trivia

When was baking first mentioned in history?

Like most things involving food, baking is nothing new in terms of human development. In fact, some historians estimate that the history of baking and bakeries goes all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians (and likely long before actual recorded history). Records indicate that in the years 2600-2100 BC that bread was baked by Egyptians who learned the skill from the Ancient Babylonians. It is believed that the royal bakery of Ramses featured breads and cakes that were often shaped in the form of animals that were typically used for sacrifices. Additional early records show the existence of honey flans and patterned torts in Ancient Greece. According to Greek scholar Aristophanes, the Ancient Greeks also had a type of donut that was made from crude flour and honey called “dispyrus.” it was a ring cake that was initially submerged in wine and consumed hot.

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Bakeries can very often reflect the region they are a part of with culturally relevant treats and goodies.

True or false: Chocolate chips were invented after the chocolate chip cookie.

True! While searching bakeries near me, consider this bizarre fact. Chocolate chip cookies preceded the chocolate chips. Chocolate chips were actually created in response to the cookie’s incredible popularity. Rather than the cookie being designed as a vessel to house the chips, the chips were created to make the Chocolate Chip cookie all the better. The first chocolate chip cookies were actually made by mistake. The story goes that baker Ruth Wakefield tried to add chopped chocolate to cookie dough in hopes that it would be a kind of shortcut for making a chocolate cookie. Her thought was that the chips would melt as the cookie baked. The effect would’ve been a chocolate cookie or a marbled cookie. Luckily, it didn’t turn out that way. The melty bits studded the cookies but never fully melted. The result was so good that even Wakefield declared the cookie to be a new classic. The popularity of this accident went on to spur the production of ready made chocolate chips a few years after the advent of the cookie. This meant no more chopping and lots more cookie eating.

Bakeries Near Me – Bakeries Facts

Unusual Baking Facts

Take these unusual baking facts in while searching bakeries near me. Not only will you be prepared with a wealth of knowledge long before your next bakery trip, but you’ll have something to share with all of your friends. While you might think baking is cut and dry, these facts may leave you scratching your head. Prepare to discredit so much of what you were taught!

1. German Chocolate Cake isn’t German

It’s a long held belief by many that German chocolate cake is of German origin (as the name would imply). What many people don’t know is that this cake wasn’t named for the country. The “German” of German chocolate cake fame is actually a man named Samuel German who worked at the American Chocolate Company. While Samuel German didn’t invent the cake, he is the one who developed the sweet baking chocolate that goes into the cake.

2. Croissants Weren’t Invented In France

Is there anything quite as satisfying (or French) than a flaky croissant? Not really! Contrary to popular belief croissants weren’t invented by the French. Despite the French association that most of us have come to know, croissants are actually an Austrian creation. Croissants were preceded by a flaky pastry known as “kipferl” which is a simpler version of the croissant that was developed in Austria.

3. Girl Scout Cookies Were Originally Homemade

While most Americans have come to know the delight that exists in a box of Girl Scout cookies, that’s not how these cookies were originally packaged and sold. At the beginning, the cookie baking was an at home activity and the cookies were sold as a fundraiser at bake sales.

Top Three Bakeries in the Us

If you’re search for bakeries near me brings you to one of these top bakeries, consider yourself lucky. Not only will you be chowing down on some of the best baked treats in the country, but you’ll be visiting true American institutions. Read on for the top bakeries in the US.

1. Levain Bakery, New York, NY

One taste of the moist and decadent cookies at Levain, will turn you into a true fan. In classic flavors such as oatmeal raisin and dark peanut butter chip, these cookies may just be better than your Moms. Just don’t tell her that! This bakery is also known for other in house goods such as French style breads, baguettes, and country boules.

2.Flour bakery + Cafe, Boston, MA

Sure you can find all of the traditional baked goods at this joint, but you can also find some spectacular pastries, treats, and bread. All made from scratch and prepared with the utmost care.

3. Tartine Bakery, San Francisco, CA

Not only does Tartine only utilize the finest organic ingredients to craft its spectacular baked goods, but they also try to locally source every ingredient that they can. That’s doing good to make good!

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