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Looking for a banker that you can trust with your money? Need access to reliable, plentiful ATM machines? Bank of America has been in the business since 1904 and has been one of the most trusted and highly rated banks ever since then. With over 16,200 ATMs, mobile and online banking options, around the clock customer service, and over 5,100 locations nationwide, Bank of America has you covered just about anywhere in the country (and even in 40 other countries).

Bank of America is one of the four “super banks” known as the “Big Four”. Boasting about 50 million consumers and small businesses being served, you can see why Bank of America earns that title. What are you waiting for? Let Bank of America protect your money and have it accessible to you wherever and whenever you need it. Are you interested in finding Bank of America ATM near you? Simply browse Bank of America ATM near me on the map and find a list of Bank of America ATMs in your area.

Bank of America ATM Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bank of America ATM Near Me – Bank of America ATM Trivia

How can I find an ATM in a squeeze? What if I’m in a different state or country and need cash?

With over 16,200 ATMs, Bank of America has you covered just about anywhere you need your money. All you need to do is look up Bank of America banks or ATM locations on your smartphone or computer and chances are that you won’t have to go far to get your hands on your hard earned cash. If it so happens that you can’t locate a Bank of America ATM near you, you can use any ATM machine in the United States at a fee of only $2.50 from Bank of America in addition to the fee set by the owner of the ATM machine. If you happen to be outside of the United States, a fee of $5 will be charged, as well as 3 percent of your withdrawal amount. Additionally, if you are a customer of a different bank and not Bank of America, you will be charged a $3 fee to use a Bank of America ATM.

bank of america atm near me

There’s an ATM at every Bank Of America for you to use!

What features do Bank of America’s ATMs offer?

Bank of America’s ATMs are all talking ATMs(provided that you use headphones) that offer withdrawals, deposits(check or cash), transfers between bank accounts, bill payment options, and the option to check your balance. Using the talking feature is an option implemented specifically for those who are visually impaired, but available to all. Bank of America will supply a mini-plug headset free of charge to its customers upon request. There are ATMs outside every Bank of America banking center, some also having ATMs inside. Certain locations offer the option of drive-through ATMs. To find a drive-through ATM location near you, simply utilize the Bank of America website and use their search tool to find one.

What are the advantages of using an ATM rather than going inside the banking center?

With an ATM, your transaction is quick and easy. You get straight to the point, whether it’s a withdrawal, deposit, transfer, payment, etc. Bank of America’s ATMs offer different languages that can be configured to your preference so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a translation. ATMs also let you skip the lines that can sometimes get long inside the banks. They are also always availabe, any time of the day, any day of the year. If you’re interested in finding Bank of America ATM, make sure to search Bank of America ATM near me.

Bank of America ATM Near Me – Bank of America ATM Facts

Bank of America is a part of the Global ATM Alliance.

The Global ATM Alliance is a joint venture founded in between many large international banks that allowed customers of the banks to use ATMs of the other banks in the Global ATM Alliance free of charge, internationally. Since 2013, however, there has been a 3% charge on withdrawals overseas for Bank of America customers, however the usual $5 charge for international transactions is waived if the ATM used belongs to a bank that participates in the Global ATM Alliance in certain coverage areas. Additionally, exclusive to Bank of America, customers can use ATMs in China that are owned by China Construction Bank with no fees. Banks included in the Global ATM Alliance include Barclays, Scotiabank, Ukrsibbank, Santander Serfin, Westpac, Deutsche Bank, China Construction Bank, and BNP Paribas. Some of the international ATMs may require Smart Cards, and the benefits of the Global ATM Alliance only applies to Debit/ATM cards.

Bank of America’s fraud prevention and coverage is world class.

If you so choose, you can have your photo printed on the front of your Bank of America card for an added layer of security if your card ends up in the wrong hands. Additionally, this feature known as Photo Security may also be used as a form of photo ID. If you’re interested in this feature, ask your banker while you are signing up for your account or visit a banking center and get your picture taken to get your new Photo Security debit card mailed to you. Though Bank of America has excellent fraud protection and constant monitoring, you should still be careful with your card and your personal information regarding your Bank of America account. Be aware of your surroundings when using an ATM. Make sure to take your card with you after using the ATM. Keep a close eye on your balance and notifications, as you can never be 100% protected. If your account is to be compromised, Bank of America will lock it and almost always reimburse your losses and investigate the situation for you. Search for Bank of America ATM Near Me to find the closed ATM location.

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    No help. Searching for a Bank of America ATM means we want one which has no fees for BOA customer. This page does not tell you where to find such ATMs, but rather just give you all ATM near you. The URL even says bank-of-america-atm-near-me . Bogus website.