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Under the general leadership and guidance of founder, A.P. Giannini, Bank of America has always played a pivotal role in America’s banking history. Not only did the bank play a fundamental role in the development of the entire west coast, but the bank transformed the way banks operated and financed public works in addition to private enterprises. These deals not only fueled the development of the west, but it enabled California to grow at a much faster rate than nearby states. Today, Bank of America still serves as one of America’s most innovative and competitive banking institutions.

Are you interested in finding a Bank of America location near you? Simply browse Bank of America locations near me on the map below and find a list of Bank of America locations near you. Need a bit more information on Bank of America? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

Bank Of America Locations Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bank Of America Locations Near Me – Bank Of America Locations Trivia

What was Bank of America’s strategy for success?

Like every business in the US, Bank of America upheld a strategy that lead it into the modern day with ease and great success. But what exactly was Bank of America’s strategy for enduring success? Consider these facts as you search Bank of America locations near me. According to bank historians, Bank of America’s strategy throughout much of the 1900s was to acquire as many banking and retail properties as possible. Due to interstate banking laws that were established in the 1980s and 1990s, the concept of merging and consolidation became more popular than ever. This forced predecessors of Bank of America to join forces and merge in order to remain relevant in a newly changing banking landscape. After acquiring new properties, the strategy became one of integration and brand development. This meant running humorous ads, taking on sponsorship spots, and deepening customer relationships through marketing, increasing market shares, and improving customer satisfaction. It wasn’t always easy, but Bank of America quickly proved that with gusto and intelligence, consistent growth is possible.

bank of america locations near me

Bank of America is one of Americas largest and most competitive banking chains.

How many Bank of America branches are there in the United States?

Odds are if you’re searching Bank of America locations near me, you’re looking to stop by at one of this bank’s thousands of national retail locations. Bank of America currently operates as the third largest bank in the US. It is the first bank to have operated coast to coast operations within the lower 48 states. With more than 4,400 retail banking locations and 13,000 ATM locations, Bank of America is ranked as number one in terms of deposit market shares in most key banking markets. Bank of America currently operates under four main business segments: consumer and commercial banking, global corporate and investment banking, equity investments, and asset management. With these segments in tow, Bank of America can provide services, solutions, and product options to individuals in 48 states and 38 countries throughout the world.

Bank Of America Locations Near Me – Bank Of America Locations Facts

Steeped in History

Like many popular US banks, Bank of America is steeped in a rich history that spans hundreds of years. According to historians, Bank of America’s history first began in 1904 with the creation of the Bank of Italy in California. The Bank of Italy was first founded by an Italian immigrant named Amadeo Peter Giannini. In order to make a name of itself, the Bank of Italy began lending money to average citizens, rather than big corporations. This was a practice that was largely unheard of in the early 1900s. With a reputation for helping the average Joe, the bank began expanding in 1909 when a branch in San Jose, California was officially purchased. The bank continued to grow throughout the 1920s. By 1927, operations were officially consolidated into the Bank of America of California. Continuing its practice of helping individuals rather than solely helping businesses and corporations, Bank of America grew to be the fourth largest bank in the United States by 1936. At this time, the bank boasted assets of more than $2.1 billion. The company continued its breakneck growth right through the post war years when it became known for big time innovations such as student loans, computerized record keeping, and the first predecessor to the credit card, the BankAmericard. As you search Bank of America locations near me, consider how this bank has made a name for itself by helping the average Joe. Do you think this eye on customer service still helps the brand grow in the modern day?

A Global Presence

Not only is Bank of America one of the biggest banking chains in the United States, it also holds a firm grasp in many countries abroad. Consider these facts as you search Bank of America locations near me. Bank of America’s global activities are a major part of the brand’s corporate investment banking and equity investments segments. Currently, international operations are grouped into three distinct regions: Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Due to turbulent economic times and a drastically changing population, Bank of America tries to limit its exposure in each region and constantly monitors the economic stability of the countries in which it chooses to operate. This helps the brand to maintain stability in even as global economies take a tumble.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    where is a walk in bank of america near 73099. I have called and called and can’t get anyone.

  2. Pam Stallard says:

    What is the Southern most check cashing bank location you have to the Beech Grove or Greenwood area?

  3. Angie Orthwein says:

    All I wanted was the phone number for the branch nearest me – which has all my money – but this website wouldn’t give it to me. Why can’t you just post the phone numbers with each branch location?

  4. Jimmy Eason says:

    I am hearing impaired and would rather communicate via e-mail, my wife and I have several accounts with B O A and merrill lynch, and I cannot find and email address to contact, calling BOA and going through the auto system leaves me in a fit of rage which is not good for my bp, so I can’t do that. Recently, BOA moved our rewards from platinum honors to platinum explaining the three month average did not meet the threshold. My audit of the accounts revealed my wife’s’ IRA has been omitted from the calculation, and if included, would have met the threshold easily. All our other accounts except the IRAs are held jointly. My IRA was included and her’s’ not. Seems to be discriminatory?
    Hope whoever reads this can route it to the proper source.

  5. Roy Johnson says:

    Is bank of America open today in pawpaw Michigan?