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If it’s a casual and laid back dining experience you crave, few places can beat the thrill of visiting a truly well run bar and grill. With comforting foods, low lighting, free entertainment, and interesting digs, a bar and grill is a perfect spot to spend some time with friends and family without the hassle of dressing up or feeling uptight.

Are you interested in finding a bar and grill near you? Simply browse bar and grill near me on the map below and find a list of bar and grills located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on finding the right bar and grill? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Bar and Grill Near Me – Bar and Grill Trivia

What’s the one constant of every bar in history?

Bars have always held a special place in history, especially in countries such as Britain and America where bars served to be more than just places of drinking and actually places of public discourse. Consider this as you search bar and grill near me. Since the early days in American history, the one constant at every bar, tavern, pub, and grill has been the discourse. Bars have almost always been place where people have gathered in order to share news and discuss it with others. In colonial times, bars were used as public meeting places where issues such as politics and rights could be thoroughly discussed over a cold beer. There is also an unknown unwritten code amongst all neighborhood bars that one must check their degrees and their privilege at the door. For most of modern history, you can find a lawyer, a professor, and dishwasher all talking about politics or current events and no one is pulling rank or putting themselves above anyone else. Perhaps that’s why bars have always had such an aura of comfort and welcoming. No one is above anyone else as soon as they step into the joint.

bar and grill near me

Finding a good bar and grill is easier than ever!

True or false: In Colonial America, bars could also be churches.

In the modern day, if you search bar and grill near me you’ll find a slew of great bars, dining establishments, and even a few chain restaurants. What you won’t find is a church or government office. This was all pretty different back in Colonial America. During this time, there was a general lack of infrastructure and a means to keep building, this meant that the local tavern had to wear many hats and pinch hit in for other social functions. It wasn’t unusual back in colonial America to find a preacher giving a sermon in a bar or a government meeting being held over a round of lager. Sure, a tavern was a great place to grab a drink and unwind, but it was also an official meeting house until proper buildings were put into place to house churches, government business, and legal discourse.

Bar and Grill Near Me – Bar and Grill Facts

How To Find The Best Bar And Grill While Traveling

If you’re searching bar and grill near me in a new town or city, you likely understand the frustration that can often accompany trying to find a specific type of restaurant in a new place. Afterall, how does a non-native discern the good from the bad? According to bartenders and restaurant workers from across the country, your first step to finding good food on the go is to canvas your social networks. Put out a blast on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for recommendations when it comes to dining out in a particular city. You’ll likely be met back with a lot of feedback from both friends, family, and strangers. The second thing you should do is avoid sites such as Yelp! While they can offer a bit of insight, most bartenders admit that you shouldn’t put too much stock into those reviews. People are naturally finicky and some of the faults they might find with a restaurant might be the things you see as strengths. For example, one Yelp reviewer cut down an otherwise well reviewed bar in San Diego for not having fancy soap in the bathrooms. Take online reviews with a grain of salt. If you’re looking for a dive bar with a pool table and a good beer list, expect there to be some harsh reviews from patrons who stumbled in wanting something more. If you’re traveling in a city that is walkable, take to the streets and walk around. Often times you could discover your next favorite bar and grill by simply following your intuition and going with your gut. If a place looks inviting, smells great, and seems to be pretty full, odds are you’ve got a winner on your hands.

The Best Bar Food In The Us

If you find yourself in Portland, Oregon while traveling or searching bar and grill near me, count your lucky stars. In this eccentric city you will find one of the best bar and grills in the country in the form of Duane Sorenson’s tavern. In addition to a long list of smoked charcuterie, the menu at this beloved tavern includes 14 different rotating taps, several speciality cocktails, and the warm ambiance almost everyone is looking for in a low key tavern spot. Looking for a more sports centric bar in Portland? Try Radar! This soccer centric sports bar is known for serving up delicious small plates such as pork and cotija grits and cocktails such as the beloved Radar Standard. With an open kitchen (so you can see all of the action), low lighting and a highly energized sports centric atmosphere. This bar and grill could top the list of even the most discerning bar lovers!

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