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Few things are more American than a great barbecue restaurant. Whether you’re going for a tender brisket sandwich or some kickin’ vinegar based pulled pork, there’s often a barbecue restaurant that can kick your barbecue cravings to the curb! Ready to find a great barbecue restaurant near you?

Simply browse barbecue restaurant near me on the map below and find a list of the best barbecue joints in your local area? Need a bit more information on barbecue? How about tips for weeding through the options? Keep reading for facts, trivia, and more. You won’t get burnt by these barbecue facts.

Barbecue Restaurant Near Me – Find it on the Map

Barbecue Restaurant Near Me – Trivia

True or false: Brisket came about thanks to cowboys in the 1800s.

When you think of old school barbecue, what do you see? Cowboys cooking in cast iron over an open flame? That’s not far off from the truth! Thanks to some stingy late 1800s cowboys and their cattle baron counterparts, slow-cooked tender brisket is now a thing we can still enjoy at a great barbecue joint.

As the story goes, cattle barons didn’t want to feed their cowboys any of the good meat. Instead, they threw them the brisket and enjoyed the better cuts for themselves. It didn’t take long for the cowboys to figure out that cooking the brisket low and slow created a delicious melt in your mouth meal that even the rich would enjoy. Will you order a brisket after searching barbecue restaurant near me?

Barbecue Restaurant Near Me

In the US, great barbecue is easy to find!

When was barbecue first mentioned in American history?

As you know, barbecue is largely seen as an American delicacy. Something enjoyed from coast to coast. But when was barbecue first mentioned in US history? According to historians, the first mention of “barbecue” in America dates all the way back to 1733. This is when Benjamin Lynde of Salem, Massachusetts, wrote about a great barbecue meal in his diary. Speaking of barbecue history, back in pre-Civil war times, it is reported that Southerners ate around 5 pounds of pork to every pound of beef. The reason? Pigs were easier to raise than cattle and could be let loose when they became too expensive to keep on the farm. Also, barbecue pork is truly delicious!

True or false: Barbecuing is a White House tradition.

This meaty barbecue tid-bit is true! According to historians, barbecues have been a regular White House tradition since the days of Thomas Jefferson. It is believed that Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States hosted the first formal barbecue that featured Texas style ribs. The most popular holidays for barbecue both in the White House and in the US are July 4th, Memorial Day, and then Labor Day. Chew on that as you search barbecue restaurant near me.

Barbecue Restaurant Near Me – Facts

Can the type of wood affect the taste of barbecue?

As you search barbecue restaurant near me, you might want to read up on how the type of wood used at your local barbecue joint might just affect the flavor. How can the type of wood affect the taste of barbecue? Read on for the answer. Anyone who is anyone in barbecue knows that you can’t just chopped own any tree and use the wood for smoke. In fact, some trees are better suited to a great barbecue than others.

Generally speaking, hardwoods such as hickory, oak, mesquite, and pecan are used for pork and beef. They impart a strong smoky flavor that is often found on more traditional barbecue. Fruit woods such as apple, cherry, and pear tend to impart a much sweeter, milder taste and is often used in smoking more tender meats such as fish or poultry.

How many different barbecue styles can be found in the Carolinas?

Did you know that no two regions does barbecue exactly the same? This is especially true if you’re searching barbecue restaurant near me in the Carolinas. If you’re searching in this region of the US, expect to find 6 different regional barbecue styles. In the Carolinas, barbecue is all about pork, whether pulled, chopped, or shredded. In the eastern part of North Carolina, the “whole hog” is effectively slow-smoked and then chopped up together with a very thin vinegar based sauce. In Western North Carolina, only the shoulder is used. They then implement a vinegar and tomato based sauce.

In Western South Carolina, pork is topped with a pepper based tomato-sauce with a kick. In the Midlands, a sauce known as “Carolina Gold” reigns supreme. This is a sauce made with mustard, vinegar, brown sugar, and spices. Over by the coast, the whole hog is topped with a very thinned out spicy sauce. Remember, that the type of barbecue will vary in the Carolinas and in other regions of the US. The barbecue you get in Texas will differ greatly from the barbecue found in Kansas City. The same can be said for barbecue found in Memphis and in other heavy hitters in the barbecue game.

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