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Is your head getting a bit shaggy? Need a trim? Or are you looking for a new style? Well, you will find a lot of options for places to go with the Barber Shop Near You Map below. On the map you will find the locations of the different barber shops near you.

Simply click on a location, and you will get the business name, address, phone numbers and the business hours. You will also find reviews from people who have gone there. If the place happens to have a website, the link will also be present. Finally, with a few quick clicks you will be able to get directions, so you will be on your way to a lighter head.

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Hours of Operation

Barber Shops have a wide variety of operating hours and many depend upon if the shop is independent or part of a chain. Independent barber shops will often be closed on Sundays and often open between 8AM and 9AM and close around 6 or 7PM; however, chains are often open 7 days a week unless it is a major holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. If the shop is located within a mall, the barber shop will normally be open the same hours of the other shops in the mall.

barber shop near me

The distinctive red, white and blue barber pole has been a staple of barber shops for hundreds of years connecting it to its history when barbers served as surgeons.

Cost of a Hair Cut

One thing that you will notice if you compare barber shops is the difference in price. Prices can vary from cheaper shops offering a haircut for $10 to higher costs of $50 and even more if you are looking at top end and famous stylists. In general, the average cost for a haircut sits around $20-25. It is also customary to tip your barber in addition to a cut. So, when selecting the barber shop with Barber Shop Near Me, check out the reviews of the shop, they will give you a good idea of the price you will be looking at for that location. Unless it is a chain, it is uncommon for barber shops to have a website, but some do and that can also help you be an informed customer.

A Very Brief History of Barber Shops

One of the oldest professions also has one of the most interesting histories. This is only a very brief introduction, and if you like it, be sure to learn more.
Barbers can link their profession back to at least ancient Egypt, over 6000 years ago. While they may not have used the same tools we would see today, they still were a part of society.
Jumping to around 1200 years ago, we start to see barbers closer to how they were today. They cut and styled hair. They also could give you a nice shave, but that wasn’t all. Your local barber also acted as your local surgeon, doctor and dentist. These barber-surgeons first started to organize and form professional organizations about 1000 years ago.

Around 700 years ago, the barbers and surgeons started to divide their work into distinct groups, and it was formalized by law in England in 1450; however, your barber was still your local dentist. In that time, dentistry was mostly the pulling of teeth and not the careful teeth maintenance that we know today.

During the 19th century, barbers started to become a lot more organized, forming unions and schools to recognize the industry. It was the changes that happened during this century that barber shops have come to be as we know them today. They still keep the distinctive red, white and blue pole, a symbol from the time in which they acted as surgeons. Red for blood, white for bandages and blue for veins.

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Best and Most Interesting Barber Shops in America

You might be surprised at the wide variety of barber shops there are in America, but with 440,000 barber shops across the country there are a great number of different places to visit and some are rather unique.

1.Birds Barbershop in Austin, Texas. This barber shop is the ultimate place it seems for those who need a haircut and just want to relax and hang out. The barber shop offers a beer to its customers. They can also find arcade games and even DJs. With five locations throughout the city, and a haircut going for only $19, it is a great place to go. With those kinds of attractions, why wait for your head to get shaggy before visiting?

2.Rudy’s Barbershop in Seattle, Washington. While Rudy’s started in Seattle, it now has 21 locations in Washington State, California, Oregon and even New York. This shop was founded in Seattle during the time of the grunge explosion and keeps that cultural history in its design. Grunge, Rock and bikes you can find them all as part of the influences that make up Rudy’s Barbershop.

3.The Blind Barber, New York, New York. This very traditionally set up barber shop has a nice secret to it. Once you have finished getting your cut or shave, you can visit their bar. That is right, bar. They have a 1920s style speakeasy to enjoy a nice complimentary drink after your hair cut. Also, if you want a bit of fun, their signature drink is named the Sweeny Todd, after the character that was part of the Jonny Depp movie.

4.The Gents Place Fine Grooming, Leawood, Kansas. This barber shop, as its name would suggest, is a bit fancy. It goes well beyond a standard barber shop. With its main shop in Kansas and three branches in Texas, it is slowly growing. They offer franchising options, if you are interested. They have several services that go above and beyond the standard cut and shave. If you are interested they also offer skin care and massages; however, some may find it a bit pricy with the cheapest cut for an adult being $45 and $30 for a child.

5.Barbershop Lounge, Boston, Massachusetts . Barbershop Lounge is another barber shop that offers everything you could want, in a man-cave. It has got a flat screen TV, pool table a full bar. You may never want to go home once you stop in here.

While this is a short list, as you can see there are many interesting and fun places to get your hair cut. If you want to get more out of your next haircut than just a quick in and out service, just hunt around. There may be a place that will offer you more of an experience in the process of getting your mop tidied up. Just search Barber Shop Near Me and hunt around at all of the choices in your area.

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