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Looking for a little fun out on the town? The local bar might be all you need if you want to score a drink and meet up with some friends. Whether you’re interested in a game of pool or some wicked good food, bars across the country are keen on making you feel like every hour is happy hour!

Interested in finding a bar open near you? Simply browse bars open near me on the map below and find a list of bars open in your local area. Need a bit more information on bars and alcohol? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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What’s the difference between a bar and a pub?

Bars and pubs might seem like one in the same, but did you know that there are a few key differences between these two establishments? As you search bars open near me, consider how a bar actually differs from a pub. Bars are popular establishments that serve drinks for consumption on site. A pub is generally a place where locals hang out, eat, and drink. The term “bar” actually comes from the counter where the drinks are served up by the bartender. The term “pub” is derived from “public house,” which is a drinking establishment that is also a type of bar. When it comes to the type of folks who patronize each of these establishments, bars tend to have a much younger crowd. People often go to bars to get drunk, let loose, and just have a good time. They tend to serve a wide variety of beverages, including beer, wine, cocktails, and mocktails. Most bars only offer a limited food menu that is mostly comprised of appetizers. Bars also tend to offer up entertainment such as singers or live bands. In contrast, pubs tend to attract an older and more established crowd. Gone are the days of drinking until the point of blacking out. Pubs also offer up a full food menu and can even offer up some truly iconic eats. Unlike a pub, children are not allowed to enter a bar unless they are 21. Pubs will generally permit children to eat with parents or adults prior to a certain time of night.

bars open near me

Whether you’re looking for a small dive bar or a big chain, there are plenty of bars to choose from!

What is the official drink of the US?

While there is some debate regarding the official drink of the US, there is one beverage that tends to reign supreme when the question is put to the test. What is the official drink of the US? Consider this as you search bars open near me. According to an act of congress in 1964, bourbon is the official native liquor of the US. This made many people think it was declared the official spirit of the US. This was finally pushed forth into a formal resolution in 2008. Want to feel like a true American? Then you’ll want to indulge in this spirit!

Bars Open Near Me – Bars Open Facts

An Explorer’s Drink Of Choice

Long before you or your ancestors were even a thing- explorers such as Magellan and Columbus were journey far across the Atlantic in hopes of finding new lands and bringing back spices to countries such as Spain. But on those long and tiresome journeys, odds are, these explorers likely wanted a drink. What was the drink of choice for these iconic explorers? Consider this as you search bars open near me. According to historical records, Sherry was the alcohol of choice for both of these top travelers. In fact, Magellan is said to have liked sherry so much that he spent more money stockpiling the alcoholic beverage then he spent on weapons or other provisions for the trip itself. Seems like alcohol was more than a vice to this adventurer. If you were to take a trip across the ocean today, what would be your drink of choice? Are you a sherry kind of person or would you prefer the official beverage of the US?

The Roman Guide To Hangovers

We get it, no one wants to skip a night out at the bar simply because there may be a hangover the very next day. While hangover cures pepper the internet from top to bottom, few have touched on how our ancient ancestors may have addressed hangovers. Want to know how the Ancient Romans dealt with their drinking woes? Consider this as you search bars open near me. Ancient Romans believed that the best way to curb a hangover was to eat a fried canary. They believed this would take care of any and all hangover symptoms. No Gatorade or Pepto necessary (as if they had that back then). The Ancient Greeks proved that eating cabbage could cure a hangover and would eat it much like one would eat an apple in the modern day. Sure, these cures sound pretty silly, but even today people are still trying to find the perfect cure for a hangover. In France, they put salt into a very strong cup of coffee. In Puerto Rico, drinkers actually lift their drinking arm up and rub half a lemon underneath it. Do any of these cures actually take away hangover symptoms? Probably not. But as long as folks love to hit the bar, they’ll also love inventing new cures for the morning after. What’s your perfect remedy for a hangover? Hopefully it doesn’t involve any canaries or cabbage!

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