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If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Bass Pro Shops is a modern day mecca. Aisles and aisles of hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping equipment abound, all at prices any individual can easily afford. A trip to Bass Pro Shops is never a chore, it’s an experience. Their unique store layout, atmosphere and overall ambiance makes Bass Pro Shops a destination in its own right.

Are you interested in finding a Bass Pro Shop near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse Bass Pro Shop near me on the map below and find a list of Bass Pro Shop locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on this brand? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history!

Bass Pro Shop Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bass Pro Shop Near Me – Bass Pro Shop Trivia

When was Bass Pro Shops founded?

The Bass Pro Shops adventure began in 1971 when avid angler, Johnny Morris started a career in sporting goods with a fishing section located in the back of a Brown Derby liquor store owned by his father in in Springfield, MO. Finding luck in his father’s shop, Morris took his show on the road to Table Rock Lake and Branson, Missouri. The small fishing department sold homemade bait and worms. They quickly grew in popularity and Bass Pro Shops was officially incorporated in 1971. These homemade baits were so popular that many anglers wanted to be able to buy them whenever they needed instead of just when visiting Morris’s little shop or when he passed through. This is where the first Bass Pro Shops catalog started. Morris began mailing it out in 1974 and soon became the world’s largest mail order sporting goods store. In order to meet high demand for Bass Pro Shops products, American Rod and Gun was established in 1975.Acting as a separate wholesale entity, ARG served more than 7,000 independently owned stores worldwide. In 1977, Bass Pro Shops introduced the first fish ready complete boat motor that was included with the trailer package for the Bass Tracker. In 1984, construction began on the Outdoor World Catalog Showroom in Springfield, MO. The Outdoor World Catalog Showroom opened in Springfield, MO in 1988. Consider these facts while searching Bass Pro Shop near me!

bass pro shop near me

The Bass Pro Shops flagship store located in Springfield, Missouri.

How many Bass Pro Shops retail stores are there?

If you’re searching Bass Pro Shop near me, you’re in luck, the brand has expanded to include 94 locations in the United States and Canada. The stores range in size from 20,000 square feet up to 535,000 square feet. The largest stores are dubbed Outdoor World Stores. In these stores, decor often includes taxidermy mounts native to the local area. Every store also houses an indoor water feature that seeks to showcase fish species and underwater life that is indigenous to the area in which the store is located. The fish located within the tanks are game fish of prize worthy size. In many of the stores, professional anglers and staff members actually hold demonstrations showing the efficacy of artificial bait. They catch the fish within the tank to show how the bait works. Outdoor World Stores are also known for providing skills workshops that can teach everything from fly fishing to dutch oven cooking. Many stores have also taken to demonstrating archery and GPS navigation while hunting.

Bass Pro Shop Near Me – Bass Pro Shop Facts

One Source Blog

Any outdoor enthusiast knows that knowledge is truly power when it comes to bringing your best to the outdoor arena. In order to ensure that every Bass Pro Shops customer has all of their bases covered, Bass Pro Shops currently offers an online blog on their website called One Source. The One Source blog offers advice, expert tips, and even location based insights on hunting, fishing, archery, hiking, and even boating. Whether you’re looking for tips on cold water fishing, a little insight on buck hunting, or information on maintaining your boat, the One Source Blog could be your greatest insight into the outdoor world. Every blog is written by experts with a great deal of insight into the subject at hand. With such a muddled web of people on the web claiming to be experts in a given field, knowing what you’re getting up front through the One Source blog can be a comfort. If you’re searching Bass Pro Shop near me, consider visiting the One Source blog for some information and insight before you visit the store. The list of things you need may just grow!

The Braggin’ Board

Finally caught that elusive prize winning fish? Hike more miles than you’ve ever hiked before? Bass Pro Shops wants you to brag about it with like minded individuals who will not only appreciate your victories, but will you to go even bigger next time! The Bass Pro Shops online Braggin’ Board asks community members to share their stories and successes with people who understand just how great your accomplishment really is. Not only does the Braggin’ Board build a sense of community within Bass Pro Shops customers, but it can be a truly insightful and fun way to learn something new and gather new knowledge on a topic you may be passionate about. Instead of posting to Facebook or Twitter, spend a little time on the Braggin’ Board while searching Bass Pro Shop near me. Not only will you learn something new, but it may be just the hit of inspiration you need to set new outdoor goals and push your skills to the limit!

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