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In a technology driven world, it’s more important than ever to properly care for our electronics, vehicles, and home energy requirements. Finding the right batteries and lightbulbs isn’t always simple, especially with the advent of green and eco friendly options. Luckily Batteries Plus exists to help people from all walks of life navigate the perils of bulbs and batteries. As the nation’s largest and fastest growing battery, light bulb and smartphone/tablet repair franchise, you’ll have no trouble finding a Batteries Plus location to suit your needs.

Ready to find a Batteries Plus near you? Simply browse Batteries Plus near me on the map below and find a list of Batteries Plus locations in a close proximity to your point on the map. Need a bit more information on Batteries Plus? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more.

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Batteries Plus Near Me – Batteries Plus Trivia

When was Batteries Plus first established?

Like so many small businesses that forged tremendous growth in the 1990s, Batteries Plus sought to fill a need that wasn’t being met by many other companies. While there were stores selling batteries to the masses, Batteries Plus was the very first organization to respond to the changing needs of the replacement battery market. As technology grew and evolved, so did the need for batteries. Batteries Plus was first established in 1988 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The brand saw that there were many holes in the battery market, especially when it came to customer service and overall customer experience. After establishing their first store, Batteries Plus was met with both excitement and success. They began to franchise stores out in 1992, opening their very first franchise owned store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The franchise not only allowed Batteries Plus to extend their reach outside of Wisconsin, but it allowed for them to build a reputation. As demand for “specialty batteries” and replacement batteries grew, so did the brand’s reputation for solving complex and off the wall battery problems all while providing helpful and efficient customer service. The combination of these factors lead to rapid success and expansion. Throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s, the business boomed and soon found itself toying with the idea of cell phones and tablets. When the first smartphones were introduced in 2007, Batteries Plus saw an opportunity. In 2010, Batteries Plus did an overhaul of its product model and added light bulbs to the product line. In 2014, they launched smartphone and tablet repair services, which provided in sore repairs for cracked screens, fried batteries, and so much more. Odds are if you’re searching Batteries Plus near me, you’ll find all of the guidance and help you need when it comes to batteries, bulbs, and smartphone repair. Rather than fixing your own tech, always trust an expert who knows what they’re doing. Batteries Plus will go easy on the budget all while giving you the expertise you deserve.

batteries plus near me

Batteries Plus is a one stop shop for all of your battery and bulb needs!

Batteries Plus Near Me – Batteries Plus Facts

Retail Brands

If you’re searching Batteries Plus near me, then odds are you’re facing some issues regarding your laptop, cell phone, or vehicle. These problems can be frustrating and difficult to resolve on your own. Batteries plus offers battery products that cover every application and brand of laptop, cell phone, and car. They can also help to find batteries for military equipment, heavy duty construction equipment, and business applications. If it’s not batteries you require, but light bulbs, you’ll find every type of lightbulb imagionale at Batteries Plus. The brand boasts everything from common bulbs that are used in light fixtures and table lamps, to speciality fixtures that are used in aquariums and healthcare equipment. Batteries Plus also offers bulbs for projectors and cars. Whether you’re looking to go eco-friendly or looking to light up a room, the experts at Batteries Plus can help you to navigate the often confusing world of batteries and bulbs.

Broken Phone? No Problem!

In the digital age, nearly everyone you encounter will own a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It’s just the way of the modern world. Unfortunately, with the rise of smartphones also came broken screens, fried batteries, water damage, and so much more. These things can’t often be fixed by novice tinkerers and often require far more expertise than most of us can boast. While there’s certainly no shortage of phone repair places in the country, most will charge outrageous fees and do subpar work. Every Batteries Plus store is equipped to handle every type of issue that one can encounter with a modern technology. They offer in store repairs on every Apple device, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Most also offer in store services on Samsung and LG devices. This includes repairs to battery pack design and overall efficiency. Batteries Plus also offers a wealth of services for many applications including cars/trucks, remote starters, smart watches and battery recycling. As you search Batteries Plus near me, consider your exact needs and how a Batteries Plus location might just help you achieve your goals.

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