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Ah, the beach, is there anything better in the world? There’s no place that touts the relaxation, beauty, and simple pleasures that the beach does. From unplugging and enjoying nature to gathering with friends. The beach is a great place to recharge your batteries and getaway from work driven realities.

Are you interested in finding a beach in your area? Simply browse beach near me on the map below and find a list of beaches located near you. Need a bit more information on the beach? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top 3 beaches in the US!

Beach Near Me – Find it on the Map

Beach Near Me – Beach Trivia

What are sandy beaches mostly made of?

If you’re on a quest to find a beach near me, you may be wondering what makes soft sandy beaches feel the way that they do. Sandy beaches are mostly made up for silica (SiO2) in the form of the mineral quartz. Depending on the type of sediment that makes up the sand, beaches can often come in many different colors, including: gray, white, gold-yellow, brown, red and black. Beaches first became popular tourist destinations during the 18th century. Nowadays, beach side towns and resort areas are known as magnets for tourists looking to swim, stroll the beach, surf, body board, sunbathe, and build sandcastles.

beach near me

Florida beaches are truly a sight to behold in the United States.

What are the two major parts of a beach?

Every beach is comprised of two major parts: the foreshore and the backshore. The foreshore, which is also known as the beach face, is the intertidal seaward portion. The backshore, or berm, is the part above high tide line. It is covered by water only during storms or when there are unusually high spring tides coming in. The slope of the foreshore is steep, whereas the backshore is nearly flat to the earth.

What’s a healthy reason to go to the beach?

One reason you may be searching beach near me is is to get yourself some well deserved Vitamin D. Sure, you can drink milk that is fortified with Vitamin D, but the truth is that most people get about 80 to 90 percent of their daily dose from sun exposure alone. According to Harvard Medical School, the most natural and substantial source of Vitamin D depends on how much UVB light gets through to you. That light reacts with a cholesterol related compound with then metabolized into vitamin D. This is essential for bone health, healthy skin, and may even improve mental health.

True or false: The size of sediment can be very telling of a beach

True! If you’re searching beach near me, consider these facts. The size of the sediment found on the beach is an excellent indication of the wave and wind energy in that particular area. Shorelines that are more protected from waves and wind typically have a finer sediment than beaches with exposed coastlines where small sediment is suspended by turbulent waters.

Beach Near Me – Beach Facts

The Rejuvenating Nature of Sand

Have you ever wondered why it feels so darn good to take a walk on the sand? No it’s not the sand itself squishing in between your toes, it’s the fact that your feet contain 3,000-7,000 nerve endings each. These nerve endings are stimulated by the tiny grains on the beach. Wet sand acts as a natural exfoliant and peels off dead skin cells from your feet (and really anywhere else on your body that you choose to pay attention to). This leaves them feeling renewed and much softer! To take full advantage of these rejuvenating qualities, take a walk near the water where sand tends to be much looser and can wash over your feet. If you’re thinking exfoliation is a luxury rather than a health essential , think again. Your skin sheds about 50,000 skin cells every minute and sometimes they stay attached to your body!

The Beach Can Help With Rheumatoid arthritis

Believe it or not, while you’re searching beach near me, you may have found the answer to any arthritis pain you’re currently in. The minerals in the ocean have been proven to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. According to one study, patients who used bath salts made from dead sea minerals also experienced fewer symptoms, like morning stiffness and trouble with hand gripping.

Top Three Beaches in the US

Not every beach in the United States is spectacular, but these three boast all of the rejuvenating and relaxing proprieties that one could possibly want. While searching beach near me, consider these three idyllic and family friendly beaches for your next vacation. You won’t be disappointed in where your beach journey takes you!

1. Beachwalker Park, South Carolina

Beachwalker Park is one of the few unspoiled beaches still left in the US. With 11 miles of unspoiled ocean front, a beautiful historic boardwalk, and gentle surf: Beachwalker is a great escape if you’re looking for a beach that promises natural splendor.

2. Grayton Beach State Park, Florida

With sugar white beaches and crystal waters, Grayton Beach State Park is as unspoiled and untouched as a modern beach can possibly be. Spend your day frolicking in the Florida sun and taking in all of nature’s beauty.

3. Siesta Beach, Sarasota, Florida

With the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico calling your name, how could you say no to a trip to Siesta Beach? With soft cool beaches and luxurious amenities, this resort haven has all of the splendor of an island getaway right here in the states.

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