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Beaches are great places to relax and unwind and are one of natures best tourist attractions. Beaches in the US have a great deal of things around them for the purpose of bringing in vacationers, such as the boardwalks, rides, stores, hotels, and casinos.

The beaches here also have man made additions like a lifeguard stand, ramps, and stall showers for sandy feet, but many wild beaches and some man made urban beaches are set up quite differently. Since beaches exist all over the world, there should be no issues finding one. Check out “Beaches near me”.

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There are several different colored sand beaches, from the black volcanic ash filled beaches of Hawaii, to the purple sands of Big Sur, there are tons of different sand colors all effected by organisms, rare minerals, or lava. Puerto Rico has pink and white sand beaches, while certain Mediterranean beaches have a peculiar orange shade, brought about by a rare limestone mixed in the sand. There is even a rainbow beach in Australia that is amazing! The appearance of the sand is layered with almost every color imaginable.

beaches near me

A picture of the beautiful white sand beach of Boracay Island in the Phillipines.

It’s a very good thing that lifeguard stations are placed strategically on the beaches in the US. 1 out of 3 beach goers here can’t swim! Yikes!

There are two types of tides and he occur in cycles about 6 hours apart. High tide and low tide effect the ocean life that washes up on the beach as well.

Don’t mix up shore and coast! These two words are actually describing two different things. The shore is any body of land surrounded by different bodies of water like lakes, for example. The coast, is the end of a shore that is only surrounded by the ocean. Got it?

The current drift brings things from the ocean or sea to the shore, like shells and sea life. The rip tide dies just the opposite, and pulls things in. Some would also call this the undertow, so be careful, as the undertow is a powerful current that can pull someone under and drown them.

Some would say that a Tsunami is actually a big wave caused by extreme currents, but that is simply not true. Tsunamis occur because of epic earthquakes under the ocean. Since fault lines exist on the ocean floor, it is easy to assess the seismic impact of an earthquake and it’s correlation to a Tsunami.

The regular cleaning process on beaches involves heavy machinery, and though the machines help clean up litter, they also strip the beach of kelp and other beach grasses that are important to the beach dwelling organisms and insects that have to lay eggs and eat the grass.

Though rare, wild beaches are some of the most beautiful untapped resources. If your lucky enough to find one, like the Limantour Beach in Point Reyes California, don’t disturb the bird habitat there! Need to get away? Just look up “beaches near me”.

Beaches Near Me – Beaches Facts

There are actually four zones of a beach. The berm is the farthest away from the ocean, the wrack line where organisms are washed up to by the drift, then the beach face where you are most likely to find the sludgy wet sand, and then the swash zone, which is most effected by the ocean currents.

The hills of sand you most likely see and complain about walking on with all of your beach gear is called a dune. A dune is either created by ocean waves, or just like in the desert, they are created by strong winds.

One of the first resort towns that were using beaches for pleasure was Scarborough in England. It’s important to note, that more wealthy people went to beaches at this time until about the mid 1800s, when railways were introduced.

Monaco became quite a hotspot in Europe for beach fun in the 1800s. One resort area, Monte Carlo, had hotels and casinos just waiting for tourists to enjoy.

No one was ever more prudish in Europe than Victorians. Besides the rather cloak like bathing suits that both men and women wore, they had carts called bathing machines tat would cover them while they changed into their suits so no one would see them in their bathing suits too long before entering the water. Also, men and women were separated on the beach so they wouldn’t see each other in their suits.

Surfing became a majorly popular sport and hobby around the 60s here, even though it started earlier in Australia. Hawaii is one of the top states besides California that surf regularly and for competition. Want to surf or catch some sun? Check out “Beaches near me”!

Some beaches are not naturally made, but are rather created for the pleasure of sitting on sand and relaxing in the same manner. They are called urban beaches, and there are actually a bunch of the in all different cities around the world. Paris has them, New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong are some places where you would be able to find them. Some stores and restaurants are even built in close proximity to the urban beaches so people can eat and relax on the beach, without getting wet from swimming.

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