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If it’s selection, value, and bulk that you crave, a trip to the local beer store can be a great way to stock up on all of your favorites without the high cost of grocery stores and gas stations. Not only do beer stores sell cases of beer and kegs, but they also sell a variety of wine coolers, malt beverages, and beer varieties.

Are you interested in finding a beer store near you? Simply browse beer store near me on the map below and find a list of beer stores located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on beer stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and more on beers stores.

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Beer Store Near Me – Beer Store Trivia

What was the first modern IPA?

You may think of IPAS as being a fairly recent invention, especially given their sudden surge in popularity within the past 10 years, but history states otherwise. As you search beer store near me, consider these facts. According to beer historians (yes, they’re real), the first modern American IPA was Anchor Liberty Ale. It was a single hopped, dry hopped, West Coast Style IPA before there even was such a thing as a West Coast IPA. Invented in 1975, Anchor’s liberty Ale is still around and kicking today with cascade hops still featured as the prominent ingredient. The only thing that’s changed about this IPA in the past 40 years is that is now available in cans rather than just bottles. The beer was recently selected as one of America’s most essential IPAs, an honor we’re sure nearly any beer brand or IPA company is yearning to acquire.

beer store near me

Beer stores offer plenty of selection without the hassle!

When did the beer can first debut?

Just like soda, early beer was served in a glass bottle rather than an aluminum can. To this day, some people still prefer the taste and overall experience of drinking from a glass bottle rather than a can. The major difference being that beer in a can is often slightly cheaper than beer sold in bottles. While bottled beer has existed for many years, cans are far more recent, though not as recent as you may think. According to historians, beer made its debut in a can back in 1933. Long before Krueger was a name associated with horror movies and Halloween, it was the name of a brewery in Newark, NJ. At this point in time, the brewery teamed up with a canning company to package Krueger Special Beer in aluminum cans rather than bottles. This was the first beer to be served in such a manner. The beer had a 3.2% ABV, which is around 7% lower than the standard ABV sold in most beers today. Back then, this was the maximum amount allowed by the law. Nowadays, even fancier upscale beer brands are beginning to package their beer in aluminum cans. Not only does it keep costs down for customers, but it can be easier to dispose of. As you search beer store near me, ask yourself if you’d rather drink beer out of a can or a bottle. Do you taste a difference?

Beer Store Near Me – Beer Store Facts

The Booziest State in the US

If you had to guess which state in the US consumed the most beer, which would you choose? Would you guess California due to population? How about Nevada due to Las Vegas? A lot of factors go into what makes one state drink more than other, but the answer to the aforementioned question may just shock you. It seems almost impossible that any state could outdrink Nevada, given the proclivity towards alcohol in Las Vegas and the outlying areas, but nevada ranked seventh. Many of the states you would peg as heavy drinking states didn’t make the list at all. So which US state consumes more alcohol than any other? North Dakota! According to statistics this state drinks more per person than any other. In fact, each resident drank 43.6 gallons of beer in 2013 alone. New Hampshire and Montana came in second and third place, respectively. What’s with the high level of drinking in rural state such as North Dakota and Montana? According to some residents, it has everything to do with the fact that there’s simply not much else to do. Couple that with long winters, hot summers, and fewer urban areas with bars (lots of home drinking) and you’ve got a recipe for beer haven. Where are you located while searching beer store near me?

America’s Largest Craft Brewery

What do you think is America’s largest craft brewery? First, let’s define what a craft brewery actually is. A craft brewery typically boasts an annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less and are highly independent. This means that less than 25 percent of the craft brewery itself is owned and controlled by an alcohol industry member that is not in and of itself a craft brewer. So what is America’s largest craft brewery? Yuengling! This beer brand has been a staple of east coast drinkers since 1829, making it one of America’s oldest breweries as well as the largest craft brewer in America. Rounding out the top five are the brewers Boston Beer (Sam Adams), Sierra Nevada, NEw Belgium, and Gambrinus. If you’re searching beer store near me, try and give one of these craft brews a try. You may just find a new favorite or rekindle your love for an an old brew!

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