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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know the roots of this beloved daily meal? Breakfast can get any day started off on the right foot, but finding the best breakfast in your area isn’t always simple.

Are you interested in finding the best breakfast spot near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse best breakfast near me on the map below and find a list of the best breakfast joints in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information this meal? Read on for epic facts, trivia, and information on breakfast!

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When did breakfast emerge historically?

Breakfast is now considered the most important meal of the day, but it wasn’t this way in every ancient civilization. While ancient Egyptians were known to partake in breakfast, it wasn’t until Ancient Greece that historical texts relaying breakfast were written. In Greek literature, Homer makes many mentions of a meal known as Artison, a meal that was to be taken not long after sunrise. The Iliad notes this meal with regard to labor weary woodsman eager to start the day, preparing breakfast even as they ached with exhaustion. The opening prose in the 16th century book The Odyssey also mentions breakfast as the meal being first prepared in the morning, before one was to attend to chores. Eventually ariston was moved to around noontime and the meal known as breakfast was formerly introduced. Though breakfast existed during this time, the Middle Ages saw a relative dark period for breakfast. Breakfast was not considered a necessary and important meal and was pretty much nonexistent during the early medieval period. At this time, Monarchs and their entourages would spend lots of time sitting around a table for meals. Because of this, only two formal meals were eaten per day- one at mid-day and one in the evening. Exact meal times varied by period and region. This two meal system remained consistent throughout much of the middle ages. The literal meaning of breakfast is “breaking the fast” of nighttime slumber. In many written accounts in the medieval period, eating first thing in the morning is seemingly seen as negative and was reprimanded. Luckily, if you’re searching best breakfast near me today, you won’t face any negative backlash.

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When did breakfast become socially acceptable?

Breakfast was technically socially and morally frowned upon until the 17th century with the reformation of the church. Queen Elizabeth is largely credited with helping the morning meal become more acceptable throughout Europe, where she dined on breakfasts of chocolate, coffee, and tea. When the industrial revolution came around, people were experiencing a drop in energy and needed more food to complete their daily tasks. At this point in history, many individuals were simply eating whatever they could find for breakfast, whether it was last night’s leftovers or just some simple bread and cheese. The sudden excess in calories consumed lead to an increase in cases of indigestion, which lead toward a shift in mentality as to what people should eat for breakfast. This turned many into lighter fare. People such as John Harvey Kellogg (yes that Kellogg) were strong proponents of lighter vegetarian breakfasts with a focus on whole grains. If you’re searching best breakfast near me today, you’re just one of millions looking to score a great morning meal.

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Breakfast Times

If you’re searching best breakfast near me, you may be wondering when most Americans sit down to eat. So when does the average American sit down to eat breakfast? According to statistics, the average person sits down to eat breakfast at 7:31 AM during the week and at 8:28 AM on the weekends. And just what do most Americans consume? The nation’s favorite breakfast is cooked breakfast, often consisting of eggs, bacon, and hash browns or toast. Second in the chain of comes breakfast cereal and then simply toast. Most individuals choose to eat breakfast at home at the table, either alone, or with their families. Many have also admitted to eating breakfast on the sofa while taking in some morning television. The most important factor for many Americans when choosing breakfast is the taste and the speed of preparation. Many also consider the health benefits and calories of their breakfast choices. What do you look for in a breakfast?

The Yogurt Phenomenon

According to recent studies, yogurt is becoming the breakfast food of choice.Consider these facts as you search best breakfast near me. Some reports cite that this food first gained a bump of popularity in the 1980s, when the low fat options came to the market just in time to catch the low fat diet craze. The meteoric rise of Greek yogurt as of late has also resulted in a spike in popularity amongst health conscious breakfast eaters. Fage, an extremely popular Greek yogurt company based in Greece began distributing in the US in 1998. According to Food navigator, in 2007 Greek Yogurt made up less than 1% of the total US yogurt market. Today it accounts for over half of all dollar sales in the yogurt category. Some even blame great yogurt sales for a decline in cereal sales, citing that many are opting to feed their children and loved ones yogurt for a fast alternative to cereal. Many are also using yogurt to prepare other breakfast foods such as waffles and pancakes for added health benefits to each.

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