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Want to get in a bike ride without shelling out the cash or space for a bike of your own? Bike sharing makes it possible for people from all walks of life to bike to and from a destination or simply take a jaunt around town. Whether you’re looking to get to work or just explore your surroundings, a bike sharing program makes a bike ride possible no matter where you are!

Ready to find a great bike sharing program near you? Simply browse bike sharing near me on the map below and find a list of the best bike sharing programs in your local area. Need a bit more information on bike sharing? How about tips on getting the most from your ride? Read on for all the best facts, information and so much more!

Bike Sharing Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bike Sharing Near Me – Bike Sharing Trivia

How many cities offer bike sharing programs?

Bike sharing programs are more popular than ever! Thanks to a rise in environmental conservation and saving money on gas, biking has become a go-to method of transportation for folks young and old. Just how many cities currently offer bike sharing programs? As of 2014, more than 600 cities in 52 countries began offering advanced bike-sharing programs. Altogether, there are 570,000 bikes available for rental worldwide. What does this mean for you as you search bike sharing near me? It means you should be able to rent two wheels in pretty much any city you find yourself standing in!

bike sharing near me

Bike sharing programs make it easy to rent a bike for the day or just for an hour.

Which country offers the most bike share programs?

You might think a large and diverse country like the United States would lead the world in bike sharing programs. On the contrary! So which country actually leads the world in bicycle sharing? Spain! According to statistics, Spain leads with 132 separate bike share programs. Much of this has to do with the moderate climate in Spain and their large tourism draws. Coming in second is Italy with 104 bike sharing programs. Italy is very bike friendly and might actually best enjoyed on two wheels. Rounding out the top three is Germany with 43. Germany has placed a lot of focus in recent years on being more environmentally friendly and cutting back on emissions, something every country should strive to do. As you search bike sharing near me, ponder taking a trip to one of these great bike friendly nations!

How much does bike-sharing cost per year?

One of the thing that makes bike sharing so attractive to those living in urban areas is the cost of rental. How much does bike-sharing cost per year? While you are more than welcome to rent by the day or hour, many choose to bike-share by paying an annual fee. This means they can rent a bike as many times a year as they want. Just how much is an annual membership? Consider this as you search bike sharing near me. Statistics show that annual bike-share memberships in most cities are well below $100 annually. Compare this to the cost of driving, which AAA estimates is some $7,800 per year to own and drive. If you live in an urban area and are strapped for cash, try bike sharing. Not only will you stay in shape and help the environment, but you’ll save thousands on car ownership fees

Bike Sharing Near Me – Bike Sharing Facts

How Does A Bike Sharing Program Work?

Bike sharing is a fairly straight forward concept, but it is not well known to those living in rural or more suburban areas. How exactly does a bike sharing program work? In most places, a bike share system works by allowing people to borrow a bike from a dock. You’ll typically pay at the dock with a card at a kiosk. You can then return the bike to any other dock belonging to the same brand or system. For example, say you borrow a bike from the Upper West Side in Manhattan and spend the day biking the island.

You don’t have to trek back up to the Upper West Side to return. Instead, you can dock the bike at any location anywhere on the island. All you have to do is enter your payment information and the computer will unlock a bike. When you return the bike and place it in the dock, the computer will lock the bike back into place. You don’t have to deal with rental agencies or actually representatives, just the computers at the docking locations. In this way, renting is easy, fast, and convenient. While you search bike sharing near me, consider a docking program.

Most Bike Friendly Cities

As you search bike sharing near me, consider heading to one of these bike friendly cities! Not every US city is built with bikers in mind. Some don’t have bike lanes and others lack shoulders. Many don’t have protections for bikers in place. However, these bike friendly cities are conducive to cyclists of all types. So what is the most bike friendly city in the US? According to rankings by Bicycle Magazine, Seattle is currently America’s most bike friendly city. Not only are there many bike sharing programs in Seattle, but the city boasts impressive bike lanes built with attention to detail.

Seattle’s bike lanes sport concrete buffers, which are basically the gold standard for protected lanes. At intersections, riders have the option of leaning on lean rails as they wait for a very cycle specific signal to change. Thanks to all of these safety measures, Seattle offers bikers a safe place to ride without all of the headaches that urban riding can often bring. Other notable bike friendly cities to consider include: Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; New York, New York, and Chicago, Illinois.

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