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In the realm of transportation, bikes have to be one of man’s earliest and most reliable forms of getting from point A to point B. With several health benefits, low costs, and the ability to take in your environment: riding a bike is not only good for your body, it’s good for the soul as well.

Are you interested in finding a bike shop in your area? Simply browse bike shops near me on the map below and find a list of bike shops near your current location. Need a bit more information on bikes and the history of bike shops? Read on for facts, trivia, and a wealth of good information on bike shops!

Bike Shops Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bike Shops Near Me – Bike Shops Trivia

Who created the first human powered bicycle?

While browsing bike shops near me, consider just how ancient the act of riding a bike truly is. According to historians, the first human powered bicycle first appeared in 1418. The invention is credited to Giovanni Fontana. Though this is largely assumed to be the first bike, the term bike or bicycle didn’t garner any usage until the mid a1860s in France. Up until this point what we now refer to as a bike was known as a human powered land vehicle.These bicycles looked incredibly different from the bikes we know and love today. Strangely enough, what we know now as the mountain bike was invented until 1977. Though bicycles have a long and storied history, the modern bike that we know and love in the present day is a fairly recent development.

bike shops near me

Bike shops often feature speciality bike brands that cannot be found at big box stores.

What is the greatest threat to the modern bike shop?

While searching bicycles near me, consider this fact. Small bicycle shops are fighting a constant battle against convenience. Not convenience in bikes or in equipment, but the convenience in buying a bicycle from a box store. For at least 120 years, bicycle retailers have been tasked with fighting against the sellers of cheap bicycles. At the beginning, small shops had to compete with catalogs such as Sears who could sell a bike for a fraction of the cost (often compromising quality). Nowadays, it is Target and Wal-Mart that bring about the most concern for small scale bike shops. While specialized and channel brands can protect independent dealers, they cannot compete with the sheer volume of bikes that Target or Wal-Mart can sell at prices an independent shop simply couldn’t afford to sell a bike for. With that said, buying your bike from a shop means you’re never compromising quality. Not only do you benefit from having professionals assemble your bike, but they can help to tailor your bike to your specific needs. Visiting a bike shop will also allow you to choose a bike based on your style of riding. While a box store may offer many generic options, a bike shop will boast speciality bikes for certain types of terrain, riding styles, and comfort levels.

Bike Shops Near Me – Bike Shops Facts

Record Setting Bikes

Bikes have always had a fascinating history that spans hundreds of years. In that time, bikes have dramatically changed in looks and convenience. What hasn’t changed is the bike enthusiast’s constant need for innovation. From innovation, often comes world record setting bikes. While you’re searching bike shops near me, consider these random facts. The longest tandem bike ever created was almost 67 feet long and could seat at least 35 people. OF course you’d have to know 35 people who are all willing to work together and ride a bike at the same time. That may be easier said than done. The smallest ever adult bicycle was crafted from wheels made of silver dollars. That means the wheels on this bike could easily fit into the palm of your hand with relative ease. The fastest speed ever recorded on a bicycle was attained by American cyclist and Ironman triathlon competitor John Howard when he reached a whopping 152.2 miles per hour back in 1985. Here’s hoping you’re never tasked with going quite that fast!

Bicycles Around the World

There’s a reason you’ll find a bevy of bike shops while searching bike shops near me. According to recent statistics there are roughly one billion bicycles in the world today. That means that there are twice as many bikes on the road than motor vehicles. This is because many countries still rely heavily on bike transportation to get around. Tight areas, green cities, and developing nations often rely on bikes as their chosen mode of transportation. Statistics also show that there around 130 million bicycles were produced worldwide in 2007. Comparatively only 52 million cars were produced that same year. Currently there are around 400 bicycle clubs in the US, some ranging in size from 10 to 4,000 members. That’s a lot of bike enthusiasts!

Always Wear Your Helmet

If you’re searching bike shops near me, consider dropping some money on a great bike helmet. While many adults may deem bikes to be for kids only or “less attractive” than going sans helmet, a study found that almost three quarters of fatal crashes in NYC involved a head injury. Nearly all bicyclists who died from a bike related crash were not wearing a helmet. Some experts say that helmets are 85% effective in preventing major head injuries in the event of a collision. Go ahead and compromise your hair, your head might thank you later!

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