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Having your blood tested is a quick and fairly painless way for doctors to diagnose health issues or pinpoint things such as high cholesterol. Though many people fear getting blood drawn, the whole process often takes less than a minute. Little pain is felt and then you can go own your way.

Blood testing services specialize in drawing blood and reading results. The results are then sent to your doctor for further interpretation. Looking to have your blood drawn? Simply browse blood testing service near me on the map below and find a list of blood testing services in your local area. Need a bit more information on having your blood taken? Keep reading for tips, facts, and trivia!

Blood Testing Service Near Me – Find it on the Map

Blood Testing Service Near Me – Trivia

Do you have to fast before a blood test?

One thing that can skew the results of a blood test is food, yet not every blood test will require you to fast before hand. However, some blood tests do. When a blood test requires fasting your doctor or nurse will tell you when to stop eating and if any beverages can be consumed beforehand. Though fasting affects the results of very few blood tests, any test that measures glucose, triglycerides, or other types of cholesterol will require you to fast. You will likely also have to fast before a CBC (complete blood count). When fasting, your doctor will typically ask you to refrain from eating for at least 8 hours before having blood drawn. Others will ask that you not eat anything after midnight the night before.

Water is typically okay, but beverages such as coffee, soda or juice will be off limits. What is the point of fasting? On certain blood tests, concentrations of fatty particles can remain in the bloodstream for hours after a meal. This can skew test results and won’t give you an accurate idea of what’s actually going on in your body. While searching blood testing service near me, make sure you know whether or not your blood test is a fasting blood test.

Blood Testing Service Near Me

A blood test is an easy way to figure out a variety of health issues.

True or false: You should always drink water before a blood draw.

Even if you are asked to fast before a blood test, you should still try to maintain hydration and drink lots of water. Why is it important to drink water before a blood draw? Well for one, every nurse or phlebotomist highly recommends doing so. When you are well-hydrated your veins are full and easier for the person who draws your blood to find.

Being well hydrated also allows for the blood to flow more easily, making for a quicker and less painful draw overall. Some nurses also cite that eating salty foods such as pretzels or popcorn the night before your blood test can make the test less painful. Of course, that only applies if you are not required to fast beforehand. Remember, even though blood tests can be intimidating, they are relatively painless and over in a pinch! As you search blood testing service near me, try and gulp some water.

Blood Testing Service Near Me – Facts

Hard To Find Veins

One of the main reasons people hate getting blood drawn is because they have hard to find veins. When a good vein is hard to find, the phlebotomist can struggle to draw blood in one pinch, forcing them to stick you multiple times before finding a vein. While you’re born with the veins you are born with, there are ways to make blood draws easier. If you know it typically takes the nurse or phlebotomist a few tries to find a decent vein, alert the person drawing your blood that you have notoriously hard to find veins. When you give your provider a heads up, they can prepare accordingly.

This will allow them to jump straight to techniques that can make finding the vein easier, such as tying a band around your arm to control blood flow or having you squeeze your hand into a fist. These kind of tactics can save you some pain and a bit of time. If you have very small veins, you may request that your provider use a butterfly needle. These needles are smaller and typically designed for children.

This will make the test itself less painful and will likely result in a good stick the first time around. As you search blood testing service near me, make sure you let your provider know if you have small or difficult to find veins.

Strive To Be Warm

If you’re searching blood testing service near me, then blood work may be in the near future. This can cause some anxiety to those who detest the very idea of getting stuck with a needle. Want a tip for making blood work less painful? Make sure you dress warmly. Even if it is warm outside, bring a long a sweater or jacket if you’ll be stuck in chilly air condition. The reason? When you’re really could your veins can constrict. This makes it very tough for your nurse to find a vein. When your veins go into hiding, the entire ordeal of having blood drawn is prolonged. It may also result in multiple sticks. Wearing warm clothes can keep veins for constricting, thus making them easier to find.

If you didn’t wear warm clothes and are feeling quite chilly, don’t hesitate to ask your provider if they have a heat pack that can be applied to find the vein more easily. Don’t feel embarrassed if you need a bit of extra help in getting through your blood test. Your phlebotomist or nurse deals with patients day in and day out. They’ve seen it all and they know what to expect. Remember, at the end of the day, your comfort and wellness is what matters most.

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