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Choosing to charter a boat can offer you the unique opportunity to explore a new kind of boating and to try out every type of boat before buying one of your own. Whether you choose to charger with a crew or take the helm at your own command, chartering can allow you to hone your boat skills and get to know the hobby of boating in no time.

Ready to charter your very own boat? Simply browse boat charters near me on the map below and find a list of boat charter companies in your local area! Need a bit more information on boat charting? Read on for facts, trivia, and more. We’ll also touch base on cost and safety concerns when chartering a boat. Remember, being prepared is the first big step in boating!

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What’s the average price of a boat charter?

Boat chartering can be relatively expensive- especially if you’re working with a fixed budget or have never charted a boat before. Before you go ahead and search boat charters near me, know your specific price. After you have a price in mind, you’ll want to keep timing in mind. The average price to charter a boat is around $4,000. This price can vary dramatically depending on which of the three chartering seasons you’ll be boating in. Most regions boast three seasons. The season itself will depend on the area. For example, in the Caribbean, the most expensive boating season is from December-January and the least expensive is from June-November. This is because many tourists go to the Caribbean in the winter months to escape the colder temperatures of the US. This would be totally different in Massachusetts where the most expensive time to rent a boat is in the summer. Know your area and know your seasons. Once you have a set season in mind, budgeting must be done. Before you can set a budget, ask yourself how much of the chartering you would like to do for yourself, what size boat you’d like, and the age of the boat. If you’re going to hire a crew to charter the boat, your cost will be much higher than if you are capable of doing the work yourself.

boat charters near me

Chartering a boat can be the adventure of a lifetime!

True or false: Boat rentals and charters are two different things.

To the novice boater, renting and chartering might seem like two sides of the same coin. In reality, boat rentals and charters are two different things. As you search boat charters near me, consider the differences. Boats that are for charter are generally bigger sailing boats and motor yachts. They are equipped for longer and more comfortable stays, which means you could easily live on one for a week more more. Boat rentals are far smaller and are typically only for daily use. There are three general types of boat charters: bareboat, cabin, and crewed charter. A bareboat charter is similar to a boat rental as no provisions are included. A cabin charter is the type of charter where you are part of the crew which hire a skipper to operate the boat. Meals and necessary operations are all provide. A crewed charter, allows you to decide and manage who will be in your crew. This means you hire a skipper and other boat staff like cooks and maids to service the boat.

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What To Bring On A Boat Charter

Before you charter a boat, you’ll want to be prepared for a day at sea. Perhaps, even a few weeks at sea should you choose to go on a true adventure! While searching boat charters near me, make sure you bring along these essential items before setting sail. One of the first major must haves before stepping foot on a charter boat is a good pair of rubber-soled shoes. Coming into contact with water is inevitable, which means you’ll want a pair of rubber soled shoes that are flat and won’t get ruined if exposed to moisture. You’ll also want to bring a bathing suit or two and sun protection. Since you’ll be in the middle of the ocean, your risk of sunburn is even higher than it would be while at the beach. Next, you’ll want to bring some breezy slacks, a sundress for evenings and some loose-fitting cotton clothes for when it is warm. You may also want a wind-breaker or light jacket for the mornings. Of course, each place you visit will bring its own variations. The clothes and items you bring on a Mediterranean charter will differ greatly from the supplies you would want to bring along on an Icelandic charter. Keep your environment in mind and pack smart.

Boat Charter Tips

If this is your first time searching boat charters near me, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your first boat charter goes smoothly. To start, let the boat owner or charter company help you in creating an itinerary that can suit your travel needs and wishes. This may be something you want to do on your own, but their expertise can help you to discover where to safely anchor, find supplies, find privacy, or even just find a bit of company. Next, choose a charter company that allows you to radio or cell phone to ask questions and get advice while out at sea. Even if you’ve helmed a boat before, there are scenarios in which things can go wrong and you may require a bit of assistance. When in doubt, find a company that allows you to get peace of mind through contact when necessary. Additionally, find a company that allows you to have a professional skipper monitor your first date. This can help you to get more familiar with the boat and its operations before getting too far from the shore. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help or going with a slight learning curve. Lastly, bring along some friends to share your charter. Not only will this be helpful should things go wrong, but it will also reduce the overall cost of the charter and grant you some good company!

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