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Spending a day boating, fishing, or simply relaxing on a lake with some friends are some of life’s greatest pleasures. Of course, buying a boat outright can be a costly and time consuming experience. This makes boat rental the most ideal way to get out on the water without footing the bill for boat insurance, gasoline, and maintenance.

Are you interested in finding boat rentals near you? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse boat rentals near me on the map below and find a list of boat rental agencies nearest you. Looking for a bit more information on boat rentals? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Boat Rentals Near Me – Boat Rentals Trivia

When was the first boat built?

Boats have always played a prominent role in history, proving a reliable source of transportation and a means to trade for thousands of years. So when exactly was the first boat built? Consider this as you search boat rentals near me. According to historians, the oldest recovered boat in the world is the Pesse Canoe. The canoe was dugout and made from the hollowed out tree trunk of a Pinus sylvestris and was constructed sometime between 8200 and 7600 BC. The canoe is currently being exhibited at the Drents Museum in Assen, Netherlands. Other very old dugout boats have also been recovered from around the same time period.

boat rentals near me

Renting boats has never been more fun or more affordable.

How many boat owners in the US?

From the early colonists to more modern seafarers, Americans have always had a necessary love affair with boats. Just how many boat owners are currently registered in the US? According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), there are a total of 12.5 million registered boats in the United States. This slightly down from the 12.7 million boats that were registered in the year prior. As you search boat rentals near me, consider both the benefits and the risks of owning a boat. Do you think that renting is truly the way to go? Residents in California certainly don’t. California currently boasts the most boat registrations of any state in the US. Michigan has the second highest number of boat registrations in the US.

How many boat accidents are there in a year?

According to the US coast guard, there are reportedly more than 4,158 accidents involving boats in the United States every year. That’s a total of 626 deaths, 2,613 injuries and approximately $42 million dollars of property damage. The fatality rate was 5.3 deaths per 100,000 registered boats. If you’re searching boat rentals near me, be cognizant of your safety and always practice proper safety precautions when operating a boat. Boats can be a great deal of fun, but when you’re not a responsible boater, things can inevitably go wrong.

Boat Rentals Near Me – Boat Rentals Facts

The Boating Lifestyle

Is boating still as popular as it once was? According to statistics, it’s enjoying just as much popularity as ever. Consider this as you search boat rentals near me. Despite the economic downturn that took place from 2008-2014, nearly half of all consumers still claim that they are in the market for a boat within the next three years. Consumers are not moving away from boating anytime soon, instead they’re finding inventive ways to make boating and boat ownership less costly. For example, most boat owners have taken to learning how to do repairs on their own, spending less on accessories, and doing regular maintenance to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Some statistics show that three in ten consumers are on the market for a pre-owned boat. The main reason why current boat owners are not on the market for a boat is that 66 percent of all boat owners are satisfied with what they already have.

Who’s most likely to boat?

Now that you know that boating is only growing in popularity, it’s time to find out who exactly is most likely to buy a boat. While you might think it’s serious anglers, it’s actually families who are most likely to purchase a boat and go boating on a regular basis. In fact, having family and friends who tend to go boating on a regular basis or are enthusiastic about boating is the strongest predictor of whether or not someone will buy a boat. People tend to make big purchases with family memories and recreation in mind. If they see the boat as a way to bond the family, spend time with friends, or make new memories, they’ll likely purchase the boat. The second biggest predictor of purchase intent on a boat is having an active and up to date fishing license. The third biggest predictor is participating in outdoor activities such as hunting, mountain biking, and camping. As you search boat rentals near me, consider if you’re reasons for buying a boat align with the national average. Do you think that family and friends are really the greatest predictor when it comes to intent to buy?

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