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Looking for a place to enjoy a nice Boba Tea? Looking for something to quench your thirst? Well, it is an extremely popular drink and can be found at many tea or specialty drink locations. In the Boba Tea Near You map below, you will find all of the locations near you, or the location you are looking at, that serve boba tea. Simply click on one destination to learn the name of the location, the address of the location and the telephone number.

You can also find the hours of operation and even get some reviews about it. With a few easy clicks you can also get the directions and website. Also on this page, you can learn some more about what Boba Tea is, its history and other interesting facts about this drink that has exploded in popularity across America over the last several years.

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What in the world is Boba Tea?

Boba Tea is a type of cold drink that has spread from Asia. It goes by several names, including, pearl tea and bubble tea. It is generally made from a sweet milk tea. The tea comes in a wide range of flavors. The name comes from the tapioca pearls that are in the bottom of the drink. To enjoy the drink properly, you need an extra-wide straw, big enough to suck up the pearls, which you get to chew on. There are a few different tapioca pearls, which each have their own flavor. The pearls normally are either made with sweet potato or caramel.

boba tea near me

Boba Tea comes in a wide range of flavors to enjoy.

How healthy is Boba Tea?

Well, tea generally has a number of positive health effects, the calorie count in Boba tea are not that great. A 16 Oz drink can range anywhere from 200 to 400 calories. A 16 Oz drink of Coca-Cola for comparison runs you at only 200 calories. If you are looking for a healthier Boba tea, you will want to stick to the green or black tea versions instead of the milk tea. The milk tea is where you get the higher calorie count, which mostly comes from fat. Regardless of which version you get, there is going to be a high amount of sugar content. There are also concerns about a chemical known as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and DEPH, which have shown to be dangerous in animals. Overall, the chemicals that have proven to be dangerous are already either banned in America or are not widely reported. The major issue is that it is not a healthy drink and should only be enjoyed as a treat and not expected to be healthy.

A Quick History of Boba Tea

Boba Tea was first created in Taiwan in 1988. The creator of the drink had observed cold coffee drinks in Japan during a trip in the early 1980s and applied it to tea back in Taiwan. During a meeting in 1988 cold tapioca pudding was added to one of these tea drinks and the popularity of the drink had it placed on the menu shortly after. The popularity of the drink took off quickly. During the 1990s, the drink spread in popularity throughout southeast Asia. From there, it spread to North America, in areas that had a particularly high Asian community at first. Today, there are hundred of locations that serve Boba tea in California alone.

Thanks to the extremely quick growth of popularity of Boba tea, you should be able to find it in any good sized city. Just simply check Boba Tea Near Me to find the nearest location wherever you are or plan to go. It is a great drink to enjoy on a hot summer day and there are even some hot variations for the cold winter months.

Boba Tea Near Me – Boba Tea Facts

Some Fun Facts about Boba Tea

There are some wonderful fun facts about Boba Tea that you can enjoy here.

1.There are over 100 locations in California alone to buy Boba Tea. The drink was instantaneously popular in the state, which isn’t overly surprising. It is warm, they love to try new things and there is a large Asian population there.

2.It was invented by a woman. Ms. Lin Hsiu Hui, the development manager at the Chun Shui Tang teahouse, as the story goes, was at a very boring meeting and decided to mix her tapioca yogurt with her iced tea and was surprised by the taste. After sharing it, the drink was adopted onto the menu shortly after.

3.You can buy it all over the world. In less than 30 years from its creation, the drink is available at over 800 locations in the United States and over 30 countries in the world. Talk about a successful product.

4.While school children are the biggest target group, there have been adult variations. One New York bar offered a spiked drink for its patrons.

5.As mentioned earlier, Boba tea, also goes by Bubble tea and pearl tea. It has many other names, depending on where you are. Here are just a few: milk tea, tapioca tea, boba nai cha, foam milk tea, momi milk tea, and Q (which means chewy in Chinese).

6.The Chinese characters used to make the name “boba” roughly translate to big bubble.

7.Unlike the classic martini that offers a shaken or stirred method. Boba tea is either shaken or blended. When the drink is made shaken, it is shaken with ice to chill it. When it is blended, it is made into a slushy version.

8.While the normal tapioca balls are really chewy, there is another version available. They pop in your mouth! Inside the balls, there is a nice juicy filling. Perfect to enjoy.

9.There is a hot version of the drink available. You can enjoy a hot Boba Tea, which is great on a cold winter day.

10.Your flavor choices are almost unlimited. You can have everything from a classic black tea, to a cookie dough tea. You can change the amount of sugar. Included in having the different types of tapioca, you can also order it without the pearls, which is a bit strange to do, but you can.

So, try out all the different choices and enjoy.
Well, there are other facts about Boba Tea, but the important thing is, to give it a try and see what flavor you want to enjoy the best. Be sure to search, Boba Tea Near Me to find a place near you to go and share the drink with your friends on a nice hot summer day or a hot version on a cold winter day.

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