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If you’ve been in accident or simply need to have a dent removed, visiting your local body shop is the best strategy for repairing and protecting your most precious investment. Sure, visiting a body shop may not be the most fun you could ever have, but it is a fantastic way to have all of your car repairs met in one convenient place.

Are you interested in finding a body shop near you? Simply browse body shop near me on the map below and find a list of body shops located in your area. Need a bit more information on body shops? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on body shops.

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Body Shop Near Me – Body Shop Trivia

When did body shops first emerge in the United States?

Driving down any American road in the modern age, typically means seeing several body shops and repair garages. At the beginning, this certainly wasn’t the case. Consider these facts as you search body shop near me. Body shops first began to emerge in the US around 1910. At this time, automobiles were finished and repaired after accidents using multiple coats of shellac. This was a highly labor intensive method that was very slow, time consuming, and not very durable whatsoever. In fact, the resin that was used in the shellac was made from a residue that an insect known as a lac beetle left upon tree branches. Not only was the shellac difficult to apply, but it often took days to dry in before coats. This meant for a very long repair process. Not only was the shellac difficult and time consuming, but the UV rays of the sun caused the resin to disintegrate, making the whole process pretty unnecessary.

body shop near me

Body shops repair cars to their original glory!

When did painting and repairing cars become more simple?

It took a long time for the process of painting and repairing a car to become more convenient, but in the 1920s great strides were made in refinishing and painting. Around this time, nitrocellulose lacquer was introduced. This was largely an offshoot of explosives manufacturing during World War I, when gun cotton was created by boiling cellulose fiber and nitric acid. It is also attributed to early motion pictures, where celluloid film was made by boiling plant fibers down into a sticky resin. These strides inc chemistry allowed for paint companies to develop a lacquer resin that dried quickly, and was much more durable than shellac. Not only did it not immediately deteriorate in the sunshine but manufacturers could create the paint in colors other than black. The major downside of the paint was that it dried so quickly that brushing it smooth was not an option, therefore it had to be sprayed. Luckily a doctor in Toledo, Ohio invented the first spray gun around this time. As you search body shop near me, consider just how far the process has come!

Body Shop Near Me – Body Shop Facts

Restoring Integrity

As you search body shop near me, you may be wondering just what body shops do. You may know the basics, but body shops are more than what meets the eye. Collision repair specialists can repair most damages accrued on your car from vehicle collisions. With their expertise and experience, they are able to make any vehicle look and drive like it did when you first took it off the lot. Body repair specialists are great at repairing cars after accidents, but they can also repair minor damages such as a cracked windshield, dings, and scuffs or scratches. They can also repair major issues such as door panels, fenders, and car frames. In other words, auto body repair shops are tasked with restoring the structural integrity of your vehicle back to manufacturer standards. When you make an investment as large as a car, this can mean everything. To do the job collision repair techs use various tools for a wide variety of jobs. In order to remove damaged parts such as bumpers and busted door panels, they use pneumatic tools, metal cutting guns, and something known as a plasma cutter. For major structural issues, repairmen are tasked with using heavy duty hydraulic jacks and hammers. Of course, common hand tools such as metal files, pliers, wrenches, and hammers are also used.

Selecting A Good Body Shop

While on the hunt for a body shop near me, you may be wondering how to choose a great body shop. The first thing you should do is read through online reviews to get a sense of the overall quality and customer experience. Most often it is a past customer who can dispense the greatest amount of insight on the quality of a particular shop’s work. Pay close attention as to if a review is well written and thorough. Disregard one word reviews that cite the shop as “poor” or “bad” without much of an explanation. The second most important thing you should do is consult with your insurance company on which shops are verified, approved, and have a good quality of work. In other words, the most important aspect of choosing the right body shop is doing your research!

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