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After an accident or fender bender, all that’s on the mind of any driver is having their vehicle prepared to it’s pristine condition. When it comes to auto repair, finding the right body shop is essential. While it might seem like all body shops are the same, experts will argue that no two body shops are to be created equal. You’ll have to do some research and know your rights in regards to insurance in order to find the body shop that will best meet your unique needs.

Are you interested in finding a body shop near you? Simply browse body shops near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of body shops located in your area. Need a bit more information on body shops? Read on for tips, facts, trivia, and insights on body shops. You might just learn something new!

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Who causes more car accidents: seniors or teens?

In recent years there has been a lot of debate over who causes more accidents: elderly senior drivers or novice teen drivers. So who exactly tends to cause the most collisions? Consider this as you search body shops near me. According to statistics collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are at least three times more likely to cause a crash than a driver over the age of 20. Novice drivers cause a significantly higher rate of car accidents than seniors for a variety of reasons, but none stand out more than a simple lack of experience and a tendency to speed, text, and be generally distracted. A whopping 12.12 percent of all car accidents are the responsibility of teen drivers, while only 7.5 percent of accidents are caused by drivers who are over the age of 65. This is why insurance rates tend to be higher for young drivers than they are for drivers who are over the age of 25.

body shops near me

Auto body shops can help restore your car to its pre accident condition!

After an accident, can you choose your body shop?

After you’ve been in an accident, there’s so much to think about in terms of car repairs and cost. One common misconception that many people have after an accident is that they will need to visit a repair shop that is selected by their insurance company or it might not be covered. While your insurance company will try to steer you in the direction of a shop of their choosing, it is your right to choose a repair shop on your own volition. In fact, many insurance companies will choose repair shops that suit their financial needs and not necessarily one that is best suited for the job. By taking matters into your own hands you can choose a repair shop that is highly rated and well suited for the specific job. Keep in mind, if you’re searching body shops near me after an accident, you will need to notify your insurance company of where you plan on having your repairs done. They might try to talk you into a different body shop, but you have the right to stand your ground and find an auto body shop that you trust.

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Always Bring a Written Estimate

In the modern day, customers too often have to deal with fraud, poor quality work, and mistakes after visiting an auto body shop. How does one avoid being taken advantage of in terms of price and quality of service? Consider this as you search body shops near me. Experts recommend that anyone who is visiting an auto body shop after an accident should always bring a written estimate that accurately describes the condition of the vehicle, what needs to be repaired, any affected vehicle parts, and the estimated labor charges. The estimate should also state that the chosen auto body repair shop will have to contact you for verbal approval before going about any work that might exceed expected costs or is not on the written estimate. By having a written estimate, you can avoid shady businesses practices or “sudden” issues that arise while the auto body shop is working on your car. This also ensures that hidden costs cannot be padded into the bill for extra profit. A good auto body shop will not even think twice about working with a written estimate and will welcome any questions you may have. They will also take the time to explain the entire process and what exactly will need to be done in order to turn your car back to its original condition. Remember, a car is a big investment, it is well within your rights to protect yourself and your pocket book when visiting a body shop.

After the Body Shop

Sometimes, no matter how much research you do before choosing a body shop, unexpected issues can arise after leaving the shop. How do you combat any potential problems that you may encounter after repairs have been finalized? Firstly, always keep written receipts and itemized list of all repairs that have been performed on your vehicle. For the most part, you probably won’t notice any problems with your car until a few months after the fact. For example, it might be something as simple as uneven tire wear on your car or total misalignment. This could possibly be the the result a front suspension system not being repaired proper. A good auto body shop will stand by their work, especially if you keep any and all receipts of the work that was done. Most body shops will fix the problem under the warranty and won’t give you any grief in having the car repaired once again. By keeping proper documentation, you can point out any issues later on and bring your vehicle back into the shop to assess any potential problems. As you search body shops near me, remember to keep good records of any and all repairs.

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