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Are you looking for delicious Southern style fast food at a reasonable price? Does chicken, biscuits and a slew of homestyle sides suit your fancy? If so, then Bojangles is the American fast food restaurant for you. With homestyle cooking that will take you right back to your childhood in Grandma’s kitchen, Bojangles is your one stop shop for all things comfort.

Are you interested in finding a Bojangles near you? Simply browse Bojangles near me on the map below and find a list of Bojangles restaurants located in a close proximity to your current location. Looking for some interesting information on Bojangles? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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True or false: The founders of Bojangles were fast food veterans.

The fast food industry upended the way we as a culture view food and in some ways comfort. Often times, the very site of a familiar fast food restaurant can induce hunger pangs unlike anything else. It makes sense that the founders of Bojangles didn’t get their feet wet right off the bat with Bojangles, instead co-founders Richard Thomas and Jack Fulk had years of fast food experience spread between them. Richard Thomas took on his fast food job at the age of 10, younger than is even legally allowed in the modern age. He stayed in fast food for the bulk of his youth, eventually going on to own several KFC franchises in Michigan before taking the ultimate job as the President of Operations of the Kentucky based chain. Jack Fulk perfected the art of making biscuits and gravy as a franchise owner of a Hardee’s in North Carolina. It was at Hardee’s that Jack got in trouble for tinkering around with the corporations recipes, hoping to build upon and perfect what the establishment had already created. Jack found that his personal biscuit recipe was so good, that sales numbers jumped 60% after he and Thomas founded Bojangles in 1977 and biscuits were added onto the menu. As you search Bojangles near me, consider how these two fast food veterans not only perfected homestyle fried chicken, but built upon the foundation of their fast food experience to bring the ultimate fast food chain.

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True or false: The Bojangles biscuit process is difficult to emulate.

One thing you’re probably craving as searching Bojangles near me are there delicious homestyle biscuits. While biscuits may seem pretty cut and dry, Bojangles take pride in the lengthy process they put into creating the perfect biscuits. While one might assume it is the simple ingredients that make the perfect biscuits, Bojangles is the first to admit that the kneading process is the actual key to a delicious biscuit. According to insiders, there is an exact way in which one must press down on the dough that makes for perfectly tender and flaky biscuits. Unfortunately, that exact method is a guarded Bojangles secret. Those at Bojangles even admit that the Bojangle’s biscuits are an art form. One must not only know how to make a biscuit, they must feel and understand the process in their bones. Now you know why Bojangle’s biscuits are so out of this world delicious!

Bojangles Near Me – Bojangles Facts

Made From Scratch Is Not a A Marketing Ploy

Many fast food chains claim that their food is made from scratch in the throes of fancy marketing campaigns or print advertisements. The phrase is thrown around so much, that many fast food lovers have become a bit confused as to what “made from scratch” even means in the modern age. As you search Bojangles near me, consider just how their concept of made from scratch is as true to form as a restaurant can be. When Bojangles exclaims that their food is “made from scratch” they mean all of it, all the time. It’s not just the biscuits or the chicken, it’s the whole lot of menu items. The chicken is delivered fresh to each Bojangle’s location each day. It’s never delivered frozen or in pre-breaded. Each location then undergoes a lengthy marination process that takes twelve hours. This is followed by an eight step hand done breading process. The chicken you’re ordering is not only fresh and handmade, but you know that the ingredients going into the chicken are actually real and pronounceable. No chemical fillers to be found here. The famous biscuits aren’t shipped out and ready to toss in the oven. Instead, employees make a fresh batch of biscuits every 20 minutes. It’s a lengthy process that requires dedicated and well trained employees, but both Bojangles and its customers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bojangles Gives Back

Anytime you search Bojangles near me or frequent a Bojangles restaurant, you are contributing to a company that truly values its employees and the communities they serve. In 2011, Bojangles set up a scholarship foundation to honor the memory of co-founder Jack Fulk who sadly passed away after decades of dedicated service. The scholarship hands out $1,000 academic scholarships to 10 employees or the family member of their choice each and every year. This helps employees not only advance their own futures, but Bojangles will also help to fund the future of an employee’s child, spouse, or relative. It is this commitment to making sure that they take care of their own that set Bojangles apart from the fast food pack.

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