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Diving head first into a brand new book can bring about a myriad of benefits. Add a bit of socialization into the mix and you can take your reading to a whole new level! Book clubs don’t just offer you a chance to delve into a piece of literature, it allows you to connect with fellow book lovers and garner new perspectives. Only through discussion can we truly learn something new!

Ready to find a great book club near you? Simply browse book club near me on the map below and find a list of the best book clubs in your local area. Need a bit more information on book clubs? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and so much more!

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Book Club Near Me – Book Club Trivia

How many books do you read per month in a book club?

Some people shy away from book clubs because they fear that keeping up with a reading schedule will feel impossible. Here’s the good news- there are different types of book clubs for every kind of reader! Some people love devouring a novel per week, others like to take their time and enjoy the ride. Just how many books do you read per month in the average book club? Most book clubs ask their members to read one book per month. Of course, you may meet up several times a month to discuss where you’re at in the book and where it is going.

book club near me

Joining a book club is a fulfilling way to read more books and connect with others.

Most book clubs meet up every other week or even every week. It all depends on the type of club! Some clubs will also read two novels a month, though those tend to be more fast paced and digestible novels rather than those that can be long or time consuming. One of the best parts of being in a book club is that you feel encouraged and inspired to read. Sometimes in regular life, it is easy to push reading aside for more pressing matters. Knowing you’re going to meet up with a few pals to discuss forces you to hold yourself accountable and dive into a book!
While searching book club near me, know that this is a great way to read more books.

True or false: Book clubs tend to only stick to one genre and one genre only.

As people, it is easy to get stuck in a rut or set in our ways. One of the best things about searching book club near me is you step out of your comfort zone and read things you may not have picked on your own. Book clubs do NOT stick to one genre and one genre only. That’s the beauty of a book club. Some months you may find yourself reading a murder mystery. Other months, a splashy romance. Since every member of the club will have different interests, you’ll get to explore a whole wealth of genres. You may even end up finding a book you never would have picked up on your own! Book clubs are all about diversity. In membership and in the books read. What could be better?

True or false: Book clubs can make you feel more connected.

In our digital and rapidly evolving world, it is easy to feel disconnected from our true selves and from others. Book clubs can help us to reconnect with who we are and those who share our passion for reading. Sure, digesting a novel on your own is fine, but getting to discuss and even debate that novel with a fellow reader makes the experience even more immersive. In short, book clubs make you feel more connected and as if you are a part of something greater than just yourself. If you’ve ever felt lonely or isolated, joining a book club is a fast and easy way to make some friends and read a few great books along the way.

Book Club Near Me – Book Club Facts

Eat Great Food

Book clubs may revolve around reading, but they’re also just as much about food! Most book clubs love to involve snacks and wine at every meeting. Whether it is a fancy cheese plate with a glass of red or some home baked treats with a splash of coffee, every book club loves to involve a bit of food. In this way, book clubs not only introduce you to new novels, but new foods and even new types of wine. It can be a totally immersive experience that dazzles the senses and gives you a new lease on life. As you search book club near me, consider what you’ll bring to your very first book club meeting!

Is It Always About The Book?

One thing that keeps people from searching book club near me is the fear that book clubs are too “serious” or “intellectual.” While some might be more serious than others, most book club members will be quick to remind you that not every book club meeting is always about the book. Sure, the book will always be involved, the centerpiece to the meeting, but there is also plenty of fun chit chat and conversation. No matter how serious a book club can be, there will always be idle chit-chat, fun stories, and lots of catching up between members. Whether someone is telling of a trip they just returned from or their day at work, every book club strives to make time for some totally non-book related chat. This is why book clubs are an excellent place to meet friends. You connect over the book itself but then also bond on a much more human level.

Some Books Deserve Discussion

Some novels are forgotten as soon as they’re put down and others are simply unforgettable, warranting an influx of feelings not quite known. The latter type of book deserves discussion! Book clubs make it easy for you to discuss that unputdownable book and the many moments that made it so special. Not only can this help you to process what you’ve read, but it may give you a whole new perspective or even change the way you saw a few of the characters. When we only see things through our own eyes, we are clouded by our assumptions, judgments and past experiences. When we see something like a book from the perspective of a fresh pair of eyes, we might just see things we missed on our own. This opens up a whole new world!

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