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There’s nothing better than a good book, so why not pick one out that suits your tastes? With fiction and nonfiction and over several different genres, it’s not hard to pick a good book and get really sucked into it.

What about where to find books? Book stores are all over the place, but there’s also Amazon, and other online book selling sites. There’s Kindle’s and tablets, and Nooks to read from too! There’s never a shortage of paperback, hard copy, or digital download at your finger tips. Want to find a place to browse? Try searching for book stores near me.

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Book Stores Near Me – Book Stores Trivia

Talking about books is fun, but knowing cool facts about literary classics couldn’t hurt either right? Below is a list of literary trivia questions to challenge your witty book friends to.

What book is considered the most sold book ever?

If you’re thinking The Hunger Games, your very much not even close to the right answer. The Bible is actually the book that is sold the most out of any book. The best selling novel however, is the Spanish classic, Don Quixote! 500 Million copies to be exact!


book stores near me

A large multi-floor Barnes & Nobles location


Which famous author and best friend of C.S. Lewis was inspiration for his character in, “Out of the Silent Planet”?

J.R.R Tolkien, author of the hobbit stories and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was very much like the character Dr. Elwin Ransom, although he may have had some of Lewis’ traits as well. Both men wrote stories at the same time, one wrote about space and the other about time travel.

The watching eyes on “The Great Gatsby” cover was not liked by Ernest Hemingway. He was going to read the book for his friend and author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, but was incredibly put off by the picture. Eventually he liked the book, but the eyes are a very key element in the story!

Frankenstein’s inspiration comes from a lot of real life sources to Mary Shelley. Prometheus is often seen in certain copy covers, possibly using the Greek titan as inspiration. She also references Frankenstein as Adam, who is obviously from the bible as Adam and Eve. There was even a rumor that the scientist and philosopher Johann Conrad Dippel was inspiration behind the character of Dr. Frankenstein.

J.D. Salinger was very much attached to his masterpiece of rebellion, “The Catcher in the Rye.” After he wrote the book, he hid away from everyone for a long time and some people say that Holden Caulfield is based loosely off the author himself. No one has yet been able to claim movie rights due to the attachment between author and story.

Who is Theodore Geisel?

Theodore is the famous author and genius popularly known as DR. Seuss! Looking for some awesome books for kids? Check out book stores near me.

Book Stores Near Me – Book Stores Facts

The advancement of technology has provided customers with the experience to get free sample reads through their tablets and e-readers, but the advancing in the digital copy of books has interestingly and in an ironic twist, increased the sales of traditional books.

There is something incredibly amazing about bookstores that true bibliophiles can’t resist. The hunting process involved in browsing, the smell of books, or even some of the coffee shops inside, Yum! There’s no denying that bookstores bring perks that an online platform can’t. Book store employees are also fans of books just like you! You can ask them for recommendations, chat about favorites, ask where things are, and even get to know them so well, that they might remember the types of books you end up purchasing!

Another cool perk is the awesome novelties! Some bookstores have a kid’s section with toys, there are cool canvas bags with book covers, and literary t shirts. Even calendars are a big one. There is always a cool gift to be bought at the bookstore for the one family member at reunions that is sitting away from everyone to read. Check them out! Go to book stores near me!

Sometimes authors showcase their new book at a bookstore, whether it be through readings or even setting up a table and signing books. Some publishers use the table in the front of the store to market their latest and greatest authors. They actually pay for the table so they can showcase their published books! Smart marketing you guys!

Barnes and Nobles is super business savvy. From dvds to selling music, B&N has everything. They also have a Starbucks and an incredible selection of toys and books for kids. In 2009 they launched the Nook e-reader and also sold millions of digital copies in that same year.

Many book stores did not manage to pass through to the digital age. We mourn the loss of the following stores: Borders, Atlantic Book Warehouse, Walden Books, Crown books, B. Dalton’s, Waverly Books, and a few others. Some companies say it was the browsing but not buying that ruined sales. Want to browse and hopefully buy? Check out Book Stores near me!

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